What can be built from Lego? Ideas and options


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Nowadays, children have a lot of toys. One of the most common development games is the designer. With the purchase of this entertainment for the child, parents have a new concern. After all, so often the baby turns to his father or mother with the question: "What can be built from "Lego"? You just need to show imagination and maybe a little "to fall into childhood." We learn what can be built from "Lego" together with the baby.

Option One: Home

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is to build a room. It can be an apartment building or an apartment, an office or an office, a garage for a car or a car depot.

To build the building you will need inserted windows, doors, elements from the roof and other additional accessories. The more parts you have, the higher and wider the room will be made. Think ahead of the color scheme of the walls and facade. You may want to build tall and beautiful columns in front of the entrance.

In front of the building you can place trees and various plants, people and machines, which are also built from this designer.

Option two: Lego tanks

Naughty boys love to play in the war. To do this, they will need barricades and tanks. It is quite easy to build a wall from the designer. It is enough to fix one cube on another. Do it until you get the height you need.

The tank is a little more difficult to build. To do this, it is better to involve adult or older siblings. The basis of the tracked machine is formed quite simply. The size is determined by the amount of material available. In order to make caterpillars, you need to put the cubes the other way around. That is, so that the convex parts were outside. You start building the blank from the inside out. When one part of the tank is made, it is necessary to form the second part symmetrically. In the same way, construct the required number of tracked machines.


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How to build a car from Lego?

Perhaps, after the construction of buildings, this option is the most popular. In order to make transport, you will need wheels. First, think about the size of the car. Build a multi-part base with wheels.

After that, make the cab for the driver of the necessary size and body. If the car should be a passenger car, harmoniously secure the cubes and make the hood, roof and trunk. If desired, you can leave large holes in the form of windows. Through them you can put in the cabin driver and passengers.


So, what else can you build from Lego? There can be a lot of options. With a lot of details, you can collect a giant robot or a tree. Girls will surely appreciate the following ideas: fruits and vegetables, cakes and other products. You can also make a doll or a castle for a little princess. All furniture can be created from small parts of the designer.

In addition, you can collect a real computer or phone. Many children like to build farms and paddocks for animals, which are also created from the Lego designer.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer offers to buy goods of different sizes and shapes. Small details are more suitable for older children. Whereas large parts will appreciate the kids.

If you have no idea what you can build from Lego, then pay attention to the packaging in which the designer was sold. Always the manufacturer offers several ideas of buildings that are drawn on the box. Most likely, you will be able to choose the most suitable option for your children.

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