What are the breeds of gray cats?


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Are you wondering what breeds of gray cats exist? Now we will tell about these beautiful purrs.

Usually gray color is called blue. Such color is both dark and light. Smoky is another type of gray color. How does it form? The roots of the lint are white, and the upper half of them are gray.

Usually beautiful cats with a silvery color gene are attributed to aguti varieties. This also includes purrs, whose coat is gray with a pattern, for example, with a stripe. There is another variety called "silver tabby." At such purrs on a white background is a picture, while several zones are divided by the color of hair - from light to dark.


As a rule, cats with a gray fur coat have a compliant, soft, even character. They are distinguished by devotion to the owner.

Now let's talk specifically about what breeds of gray cats are now, let's consider each variety. It's likely that some of their names you even heard, but didn't know that this species has a blue color. So, what are the breeds of gray cats?

British shorthair

The most famous member of this group is a British shorthaired cat. Just at this purr the most polar colors - solid gray, tabby and silver Tabby. All members of the breed have bright yellow, blue-green or green eyes. The coat of cats is soft, very thick. The head is round. The body is strong, round. The chest is wide, the paws and hips are short. The tail is plush, the pads are round.


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These cats are very loyal and loving. Need to communicate, not attached, playful.

Britons need to communicate with people, but they also need space for privacy. They don't like tenderness, like kissing. The British breed is contacted, but not tame. If you take in your hands such a, it will break out and push. This cat more like to lie next to the owner, curled up.

Russian Blue

What is the name of the breed of gray cat? Russian blue. This smart, devoted cat with a quiet voice. She's got a medium elongated physique. Long neck and tail. The color is evenly blue with a silvery tinge.

At first, the Russian blue is distrustful of strangers. He likes to play with the owners, affectionate.

Siberian grey cat

This breed is very beautiful, its representatives have a thick, soft hair and fluffy tail. The head of a Siberian cat is trapezoidal, with rounded contours. The body is medium-length, muscular, strong. Colors are different, including gray (smoky, silver and others).

In nature affectionate, playful. They have good mental abilities and flexibility. They like to jump to great heights and distances. They are friends with all the family members, even the four-legged.

Persian cat

The distinctive feature of the breed is a wide, snub-nosed spout. The body is of medium length in a Persian cat, squat. The head is proportional, round, massive. The colors are different. You can see a gray Persian cat.

Such purrs are loyal, love to play with the owner, but do not require attention if the owner is busy.

Angora cat

It is a small cat with a wedge-shaped snout. The coat is long, usually without a undercoat. The colors are different, including gray. The Angora cat is active, affectionate and devoted, however, only one member of the family, not all. He does not like to sit on his hands, likes to play with fur mice, toss them, hide and attack them.

Angora cats have the power of will, determination. Many members of the breed love to swim. Need to communicate, do not like to be alone for a long time.

Secrets of grey cats

Now you know what kind of breed of cats are gray color. But, in addition to their amazing color wool, these purrs have a lot of unusual abilities. It is believed that their coloring affects the character, giving the purr a mass of hidden qualities. Grey cat (breed in this case does not matter, color is important) is considered no less popular than a magical black murlet. People think that blue tailed beauties can give their owner not only external, but also internal beauty, as well as harmony.

There is also an assumption that gray cats protect the house from the brownie. To see a blue purr in a dream - says that the sleeper is in danger. As the sleepers testify, the gray cat is not a symbol of trouble, it only helps to prepare for them and adequately overcome them.

It is believed that the blue murmur has healing abilities. For example, it can contribute to the normal pregnancy in a girl. There is an opinion that gray-green cats are able to treat owners at night, using lunar energy.


Now you know what breeds of gray cats exist nowadays. As you can see, there are not many of them, but there is a choice. Anyone who wants a small gray "carcass" in his house will be able to choose a kitten. Good luck!


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