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With the onset of the fourth month of life, the physiological and mental development of the child goes to a new level. Now the baby begins to grow up in front of his eyes.

Weight and height standards

At the moment, two types of physiological standards vary. Differences are only in the range of acceptable values to which a child (4 months) must correspond: height, weight and other parameters. This also applies to the circumference of both the head and the chest.

According to domestic experts, the weight of children in 4 months should be in the range of 5.4 to 7.6 kg. The minimum threshold for boys and girls is uniform, and the maximum varies by 0.5 kg in favor of the first. Allow deviations of up to 700 g, if the child was not born on time. Boys can be between 58.7 and 64.5 cm tall, with girls ranged from 58.4 to 64 cm. Head circumference rates range from 39 to 43.5 cm, breasts range from 38.6 to 44.6 cm. By international standards, the weight of children in 4 months can be in the range of 5 to 8.7 kg. The height of babies at this age can be from 57.8 to 68 cm. Head circumference - from 38.1 to 44 cm, and breasts - 37.3-45.2 cm.

Deviations from the norm of weight and height

The baby's body weight depends directly on its physiological development, nutrition, heredity and pregnancy. If the birth has passed much earlier than the term, the weight of the child in 4 months may be much lower than the norm, as well as the growth rate. The situation is similar with adopted children, when their physiological parameters exceed the generally accepted standards. In both cases, the baby can develop normally, so fixate on the error is not worth it.

At this stage, it is important to monitor the overall condition of the baby. It should be understood that a more adult child (1 year 4 months) may be exposed to such deviations. The weight and height of premature babies are often less than the norm up to 2-3 years. That is why the development of such babies is closely watched by the attending physician. If the weight of a child in 4 months exceeds the norm of more than 1 kg, then there is a possibility of early obesity. In this case, you need to change the regimen and dosage of food, switch to another lure. If the weight of children in 4 months is below the generally accepted standards of 1 kg or more, then it is urgent to consult a pediatrician. Otherwise, this tendency of deviation may soon cause rickets and oxygen starvation.


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Physiological development

At 4 months in kids much faster begin to grow hair and nails. From now on, the child needs additional care. Children are no longer wearing scratches, so it is important to cut nails on their hands in a timely manner, otherwise soon on the body of the baby there will be not only microtrauma, but also subcutaneous itch.

At this age, the main thing for the baby is its development: weight, height, head shape, spine elasticity, muscle mass, etc. In other words, all physiological indicators should be normal. With height and weight gain should strengthen muscle mass, spine, cervical discs, round the shape of the skull. At this stage of development, the baby should be proportional. The main problem faced by every parent during this term is teeth. At 4 months they are just beginning to cut through, so the child from the itch and pain can not find a place: capricious, crying, refuses to feed, constantly wakes up at night. This is the order of things, but if necessary, it is possible to alleviate suffering with special freezing gels or medicines. Any medication is recommended to be taken only after consultation with a doctor.

Fortunately, by 4 months almost disappears another headache parents - intestinal colic. At this age, the gastrointestinal tract was finally formed and cleansed, so you can happily forget about this problem.

Mental development

Four-month-old children are already beginning to establish contacts with the outside world. Familiar people, especially mom and dad, they smile more, showing that they are very happy to see them. At this age, the child tends to communicate, reacting to conversations, games and bright objects. The expression of emotions occurs in the form of separate incoherent sounds or even simple syllables. Also, the crumb perfectly understands the intonation of the appeal. It is at this point that the development of the speech apparatus takes place, so the baby needs to communicate more, teach him to make separate sounds. By the end of 4 months the child will begin to entertain himself, to walk for a long time, something loud to babble. If your face and head blush, do not worry. Children like the process of playing sounds, so they are often overextended. This is how the vocal cords develop.

Even now the baby begins to react to his name - transfixed, listening, turning, smiling. However, the emotional background remains unstable due to age. Children continue to react violently to any event. If they are concerned, then begin whims and crying, if they feel good, the mood is high (smiles, exclamations of admiration, laughter).

At this stage, the child's feelings develop. Now heexperiencing not only fear and hunger, but also surprise, resentment, curiosity, disappointment.

Optimal mode

At 4 months the baby should have a clear and balanced schedule of day and night. For up to six months it is important to walk daily in the fresh air from an hour to three, depending on the weather conditions. There is also a need for daily limb massage and bathing in the bath. The more active and diverse the child will spend the period of waking, the better in the end will sleep. Between day feedings must be sleep (about an hour and a half).

Before bedtime should take the baby as much as possible, so that he is more tired, but not overdo it. In this case, the night will pass quietly, without awakening and crying.

Proper diet

For a four-month-old child it is important to organize the optimal regime and menu of food. It's time to switch to 5-time feeding (the last - no later than 8 p.m.).

If the baby still eats breast milk, the diet to expand this month is not yet worth it. Otherwise, you should introduce the lure. Liquid vegetable puree is ideal for this purpose. If the baby does not want to perceive feeding with a spoon, you can go to the mixture for the bottle.

At this age, it is important that the carapace receives the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. If the child (4 months), whose development, weight and height are normal, eats only one type of mixture, then by the year he may develop anemia and rickets.

There should be 4 hours between feedings. Deviation is allowed for 20-30 minutes, but no more.

If the weight of children at 4 months is much lower than the norm, it is allowed to return the sixth feeding.

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