What should children at the time of 4 years of life know? What should a child be able to do when he is 4 years old?


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When a child reaches the age of four, it is time for parents to think about the level of their intellectual development. To properly assess the situation, moms and dads should learn about what children should know at the time of 4 years. This is very important, as today's baby tomorrow will be a first-grader. However, before entering school preschool will have to pass a difficult test, developed by teachers together with psychologists. This article will help to understand what a child at the 4th year of FGT should know.

Features of the physical development of four-year-olds

The height of girls and boys of four years ranges from 96 to 106 cm. Their weight is 14-17 kg, and the circumference of the chest varies from 50 to 55 cm. In the fifth year of life, children continue to grow actively and constantly gain muscle mass. They are increasingly interested in what is happening around them. They are attracted by everything new and unknown. Four-year-olds are so absorbed in the knowledge of the world around them that sometimes they can not be dodging to dinner or dinner.

During this period, kids have a great desire to be like their parents. They try to imitate them in everything. That is why girls are happy to help moms with house cleaning, and boys are ready to spend hours with their fathers in the garage. Now children's physical labor does not cause, as before, negative emotions. They are hard-working, agile and more confident in their abilities. In addition, hard household chores are an excellent exercise, developing coordination of movements.

At the 4th year the child is already running fast enough and at the same time almost does not fall. He has a great command of his body and knows how to keep his balance. It is at this age that your beloved child can begin to teach to ride a two-wheeled bike. Moreover, four-year-olds can easily run without stopping quite long distances for them. They are good to jump back and forth, but playing with a rope for them is still problematic.


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Features of psychological development of four-year-olds

Children of four years more and more are trying to get rid of excessive parental care and become more independent. By this time, they have already acquired enough physical skills to avoid the help of adults during the game. They can come up with an occupation, set certain rules and strictly follow them. On how much parents support a particular initiative of their precious child, depends in many respects the formation of traits of his character. Children, which moms and dads from early childhood provide the opportunity to choose a hobby (running, drawing, wrestling, swimming, music, etc.), grow up enterprising, not afraid to take justified risk people.

The child should not be discouraged by the fact that he is too small and simply cannot properly assess the situation. If you do not prevent the baby from fantasizing, he will acquire such valuable qualities in life as purposefulness and perseverance. If adults, on the contrary, make it clear to the child that his games are meaningless, his actions are stupid or stupid, he is likely to become locked in himself, become secretive and distrustful. In addition, he will be afraid of everything new and unknown. His indecision will be a hindrance to success and prosperity in the future.

Knowledge about the world around us

What should children as young as 4 know about the world around them? What skills should they have? Answering these questions, experts say that at this age preschoolers can give their name and name, as well as list the names of immediate family and friends. It is not difficult for them to say how old they are, and to show it on their fingers. In addition, kids should not get lost if they are asked about what country and city they live in. Children begin to realize the difference between different seasons: in winter it snows, in spring it melts and starts to grow grass, in summer it is hot, birds sing, flowers bloom, fruits grow on trees, and in autumn foliage falls and very often on the yard cloudy and rainy weather. Moreover, four-year-olds can list several names of trees and plants, they distinguish wild animals from domestic, fruits from vegetables.

How developed is the thinking of a four-year-old child?

To answer the question of what a child should know at the time of 4, pay attention to how he thinks. To do this, carefully observe the baby during his daily games and try to note the following points:

  • Can he assemble a pyramid consisting of 7 rings without asking for help from an adult?
  • Is a child able to find an extra item from any group presented to him?
  • Does he find it difficult to find a pair of objects?
  • Is the baby correctly answering the questions: "What is the door in the apartment for?" "How many hands does a man have?" "How many paws does a puppy have?"
  • Is a child lost if he is asked to find opposite words, such as a tree high and a bush... (low); The stone is heavy, and the leaf... (light); Brick solid, and blanket... (soft)?
  • Is it not difficult for him to find 3-4 inconsistencies in the pictures?

If the preschooler performs playfully and withWith interest in these simple actions, he copes with what the child should know at 4 years old, and the development of his thinking corresponds to age. That is, there is no reason to worry.

How attentive are four-year-olds?

Four-year-olds still find it difficult to sit in one place and concentrate on one task for more than 15 minutes. Therefore, even if parents know that children should know at the time of 4 years, testing them can be problematic. At this age preschoolers are restless and are in constant motion. However, it would be wrong to say that they are inattentive and simply impossible to deal with. Four-year-olds can masterfully simulate the movements of an adult: raise their hands up, let them go down, clap their hands, etc. They are interested to find differences and similarities between toys, play a game, according to the rules of which you need to detect and show the same items, fold puzzles of 3-4 large parts. Each individual task should be performed without distraction for 5-7 minutes.

What can a four-year-old remember?

Before you ask what children should know when they are 4 years old, you need to find out how much information they are able to remember. Moreover, what the child is invited to remember, he must understand. Otherwise, the information will be useless, as the baby will not be able to use it in everyday life. To check how much memory of your child is, ask them to do the following:

  • Exactly repeat the syllables you have uttered: ka-sa-mi; pi-sa-sa-nu-ki, etc.
  • Unmistakably perform a task that consists of several successive commands: go to the room, open the closet, take the toy from the bottom shelf and bring it to you.
  • Remember the 5 items offered to him for 2-3 minutes. After that, removing one of these items, ask the child to name the one that is missing.
  • Repeat in a certain sequence a few numbers: four - two - five; three to one to four.
  • Know by heart and be able to tell a few short stylences and riddles.
  • To be able to retell a simple fairy tale.
  • To be able to tell and describe recent events with him.

In addition, you can ask the psychologist what the child should know at 4 years old. In kindergarten, visited by your unsightly child, surely there is an experienced specialist. It will be useful to address it.

What should children in 4 years of mathematics know?

When the child barely starts talking, some caring parents immediately try to teach him the bill. They do not care that at such an early age the baby first of all needs affection and care of relatives. Excessive desire of parents to teach the child everything and at once sometimes leads to very unpleasant consequences. However, four-year-olds have grown up enough, their speech in most cases sounds clear and understandable, they listen carefully to what they are told by adults, and very easily amenable to learning. It's a pleasure to work with them.

So, what should a 4-year-old maths kid know? A preschooler should be able to do the following:

  • Show the single items in the room, as well as those that are several pieces.
  • Make a distinction between simple geometric shapes.
  • Distinguish the right hand from the left hand.
  • To be able to explain in words which subjects are more, and which - less.
  • Be able to compare 2-3 subjects by their size.

What should four-year-olds be able to do under the Childhood Program?

Parents who are very sensitive to the preparation of their precious child for school, probably know the educational program called "Childhood." It is a software and methodological product developed by the country's leading specialists for the comprehensive development of preschoolers. Here's what a 4-year-old child should know about Childhood:

  • To be inquisitive, to express your opinion without fear, to share the impression of what he saw.
  • With joy and interest to explore everything new, to ask a lot of questions.
  • Try to be as attentive as possible and notice every change that takes place in his environment.
  • Understand the meaning of words that denote certain properties of objects.
  • Being sociable, it is easy to enter into a dialogue with people.
  • Know the main types of professions: doctor, policeman, firefighter, teacher, engineer, designer.

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