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The anniversary of 55 years is a special holiday. Therefore, the gift should be suitable. To find a good present, you need to think carefully. We will tell you what to give to a man for the 55th anniversary. You may be interested in some ideas.

Traditional presents for the jubiljara

First, consider the gifts that can be presented to the anniversary as a brother, father, and friend. All these things will certainly be useful to a person. So, what to give a man for 55 years?

  • A beautiful t-shirt;
  • Clothing folding;
  • Gift set of cufflinks and tie;
  • Branded corkscrew;
  • A cup with a commemorative inscription;
  • Set (male) for shoe care;
  • A set of useful tools
  • Bath set;
  • Perfume (it can be as toilet water, and perfume);
  • Glass under alcohol or a beer glass engraved;
  • Original flask;
  • Branded skewers;
  • Chess;
  • Stylish lighter (certainly that such a gift for 55 years of age to a man only if he smokes);
  • Automatic heating mug;
  • Barbecue set;
  • Original businesswoman;
  • Pedometer;
  • Shirt in the original packaging (just make no mistake with the size);
  • Checkers.

Gifts for a business person: what is the best choice?

A solid man needs to choose the same gift. You can give it to him:

  • The businesswoman;
  • Leather purse;
  • The badge;
  • Hourglass;
  • A chair, for example, with a massage effect;
  • Desktop hours
  • Diplomat;
  • Leather folder
  • Branded notebook
  • Wall clocks;
  • Exclusive diary
  • Bag.

Presents for a motorist

A lot of men love cars. Some people don't even have tea in their swallow. If the person to whom you choose a gift is also a driver, he has a car, then present it to him:

  • Universal car holder
  • Car mats;
  • Gauge
  • High-quality tape recorder;
  • Car brush (electric) with moisturizer;
  • Automotive compressor;
  • Organizer-fridge. It would be especially appropriate if a man travels frequently;
  • Auto-glass with massage effects;
  • Speakers or a buffer for the machine (it's a good gift for a 55-year-old man, especially if he likes to listen to music);
  • A shovel demining folding;
  • Car vacuum cleaner for cleaning (wet and dry);
  • A set of auto cosmetics;
  • Protective cape in the trunk;
  • Jack (useful for every motorist);
  • The organizer for the machine;
  • A set of automotive tools
  • Silver keychain engraved - name.

Gift to an active man

It is very good when in adulthood a person does not lie on the couch, and is engaged in active activity. His choice should be encouraged by a good presentation. What kind of gift to a 55-year-old man? An active person will be suitable:


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  • Travel kit
  • Inflatable boat;
  • Kayak;
  • Rare book of hunter or fisherman;
  • A set of hiking devices;
  • Tent;
  • Hiking thermos with a strap;
  • Smokehouse;
  • Shoes for hunting;
  • Warm jacket;
  • Bicycle
  • Hunter's camping kit;
  • Officer's knife;
  • Sleeping bag
  • A quality bowler;
  • Camouflage clothing;
  • Fishing shoes, etc.

Original presentations for the jubiljara on a significant day

If you are thinking about what to give for 55 years, now we will list some interesting ideas. It's possible that you'll like one of them. So, what to please the jubiljara?

You can give him a themed cake made to order. For example, in the form of a suitcase with money, a gift, etc. Of course, such a present will leave a mark on the memory of the jubiljara.

What to give a man for 55 years to like the present? You can order a picture from the photo. Of course, such a gift will remain for a long memory. In addition, it will be able to decorate, for example, the interior of the living room or bedroom.

What to give a man for 55 years? A bouquet of chocolates can be a wonderful gift for a jubiljara. You just need to choose the right composition. You can, for example, give a bouquet of chocolates in the form of weights, car, steering wheel or ship. In this case, it all depends on what kind of activity the jubiljar is engaged in and what he is interested in. If he is a driver with experience, the bouquet in the form of a car - this is just the best option.

Gifts-impressions - a great alternative to ordinary presentations

What to give, in order to cause the culprit of the celebration a lot of impressions? Now we will share with you very interesting ideas on this issue. So, you can give a jubiljara:

  • Weekend tour is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with the family (of course, this gift will only suit a relative's jubiljara);
  • Diving dive;
  • A lesson in pool playing;
  • Professional photo shoot is a good present for both a relative and a colleague
  • Ticket to the cinema
  • Certificate for shooting in the dash;
  • A week in a sanatorium - such a gift is suitable for someone who works a lot;
  • Bowling lesson;
  • Ticket to the concert of your favorite artist or band;
  • Horse walk - it is not only useful, but also very interesting (only you need to know if a man has problems with his back, otherwise such skating can do not benefit);
  • Master class in archery or crossbow;
  • Ticket to the theatre
  • Flying in a hot air balloon;
  • Visiting the planetarium
  • Going to the bath (if there are no contraindications for health reasons);
  • Master class of fishing under the guidance of an experienced fisherman.
  • A small conclusion

    Now you know what to give a man for 55 years. On the birthday you can present not only a useful, but also an original thing. In addition, you can give the jubiljara impressions that will be remembered for him for a long time. Good choice!

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