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Do not confuse the analogues of "Lego" with a fake or cheap, but poor-quality Chinese copy of the product. In order to compete, the Lego analogue must meet the functionality of the original, have a set of parts to assemble different designs and meet established quality standards. The market for children's toys has now reached the level when the falsification has a hard time.

The seemingly harmless children's designer, the analogue of Lego, can hide many dangers for the child. And it's not just damage to the tender leg when the child steps on the part. Classic components that do not have a negative impact on the body, negligent manufacturers replace toxic.

In order not to get into trouble, experts advise to choose the products of the proven manufacturer. To understand the range will help laboratory research and advice of professionals.

Options on the market

It is only necessary to go to the store of children's toys, as the eyes immediately begin to run away from the abundance of options offered. Classical behavior is expressed in two versions: "why pay more, if it is all so the same" and "quality product will not be cheap." In part, both statements are true, but the third is given. It's called the golden middle.

To make an objective picture, five of the most common Lego analogues are taken for analysis:

  • BRICK (China, 144 parts).

  • 1 TOY (China, 105 parts).

  • LIGAO (China, 170 parts).

  • COBI (Poland, 51 parts).

  • "City of Masters" (China, 190 parts).

The Russian Institute of Consumer Tests began testing the designer, an analogue of Lego. The specialists went through the main parameters affecting the overall quality: the safety of chemical compounds, the quality of the assembly of parts from the set and their compliance with the instructions.

The cost of each set is about the same, but significantly (5-7 times) lower than the Lego itself.


The first thing to pay attention to, if you decided to buy a Polish or Chinese analogue "Lego" - the presence of snubs and chipping.

COBI, LEGO and LIGAO pleased with the appearance. Defects are not noticed during external inspection. "City of Masters" had a few little snous. Brick and 1 TOY did not distinguish themselves with a smooth surface. A large number of rough edges are located at the junction of parts of the part. It is unrealistic to break them out, as they are thin. It is necessary to carefully trim with sharp scissors, as there is a risk of damage to the surface - after the sing is pulled off most of the coating.


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In laboratory studies, the presence of toxic substances in the designers of all manufacturers is not detectable. The smell of the products is also normal. All toys are in accordance with the GOST and are allowed for use.

The toxicity index does not exceed the 15 per cent barrier, which is compliant.

Fight check

Patiently examine the details. To do this, the same parts are put in a row. All except 1 TOY cube are the same in height and size. It is much longer, and the mount is different. Thus, 1 TOY is incompatible with "Lego."

Let's try to collect. Do not forget that the designer is designed primarily for children. Therefore, not only adults, but also teenagers were invited for testing.

The instruction is filed in images and written descriptions to all instances.

The analogue "Lego" BRICK is as close as possible to the original. Build quality is good, but you sometimes have to make an effort to connect parts. It is uncritical, but a small child can not do without the help of an adult. It's easy to figure out a toy, too. Difficulties arise when small parts are disconnected.

COBI manufacturers have changed their comers with the instructions. It has a lot of errors, and the description itself is difficult to make out. The details are disconnected from each other hard. Some objects are designed to be moving, but do not move.

LIGAO did not disappoint expectations. The instruction is simple and clear. The details hold up well.

"City of Masters" is the worst analogue of Lego. There are not enough parts, the fastening is fragile in some, while others are difficult to combine.

Let's sum it up

Fortunately, all samples do not contain toxic substances. Each analogue has its drawbacks, but the undisputed leader of the anti-rating was the "City of Masters." The appearance of the parts, poor attachment, complex and incorrect instructions leave an unpleasant impression of the purchase.

The cost of sets is about the same, but the "City of Masters" is cheaper, which affected the quality.

1 TOY differs inconsistency of parts, but this company has an analogue "Lego" for girls, which is not the case with other manufacturers.

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