The weight of children at the time of 2 years. Normal weight of a child at 2 years


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For every young mother, her child is an object for learning and cognition. With the birth of a baby every day she spends in search of answers to a large number of questions. She is interested in everything: what diapers to choose, what to feed, how to care for the baby, what the child needs, how many kilograms gained, when he goes and speaks.

Development in the first year is considered the most turbulent in the life of the baby. He learns to do a lot of action, play, fall asleep and so on. The next year (second) is also important for the child. The kid improves the skills acquired earlier, learns to express his desires with suggestions, learns the world around him, without the help of adults gets to the most intimate corners of the house. The age features of children 2 years for parents make this period the most difficult, as any thing a child can "repair", apply for their game, make it unsafe. Parents require a lot of attention and care to protect their child from danger and promote its growth and development. Important in the development of the child is its weight. That's what we're going to talk about.

Normal weight of children at 2 years old

Often there are such situations: the child seems to be healthy and joyful, but the mother constantly has some anxiety about his weight. It seems to her that he is thin and pale, then afraid to overfeed. To do this, experts have determined the weight range at which the baby will feel great, and all internal organs will develop and work without failure. The child's weight rate (2 years) is from 10.5 to 13 kg. Much depends on the genetic data, mobility of the baby, his appetite. But about everything in order.

Why does a child lag behind in weight?

Nutrition in a child's life performs one of the most important functions. Filling with nutrients, oxygen and water, the child's body grows, he has new skills and skills, the baby pleases his parents. But some children do not meet the generally accepted norms, is it necessary to sound the alarm about this parents?

Almost all children at an early age repeat the constitution and behavior of parents. If you were tenacious and thin at the age of 2, don't be surprised at the sight of your skinny child. Conversely, if the parent was chubby, the same likely would be a child.


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The weight of children at 2 years may be below the norm for any diseases, or if born earlier than the due date. Parents should think about the state of health of the child, if his low weight is accompanied by diarrhea or severe constipation, dermatitis, frequent diseases and their complications, excessive excitability or lethargy. In the case of similar conditions, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as weight in this case - only an indicator of disadvantage.

Another reason for a baby's reduced weight may be a failure in his hormonal system. It is very rare, but still has a place in the lives of children. With hormonal insufficiency, the child stops growing, although there were no psycho-traumatic situations or severe physical diseases.

Obese child at 2 years old, causes

Children (2 years), photos of which every parent tries to make a memory, reach no more than 90 cm and 13 kg in normal. But there are kids who look too chubby, which is not typical for their age. Reasons for a child's heavy weight:

  • Changes in attitudes towards nutrition. Humanity has recently preferred fatty, sweet and processed food. Especially small residents tend to be subjected to sweet temptation, especially as advertising every now and then calls "to eat" and "enjoy." Giving preference to such food, watching parents who intercept what will fall under the arm in breaks, children pay for modern trends with extra pounds and their health.
  • The weight of children at the end of 2 years may go beyond the norm due to the computerization of the population and reduced mobility. Children used to play in the streets, in houses until late in the evening in fast games. But with the development of the latest technologies in the technical field there was a lot of talking toys, gadgets and other that attracts the attention of the child and does not allow him to develop physically, wasting the energy accumulated with food.
  • Imitation. Each child is a certain prototype of their parents. If mom and dad are full, it means that the child will be inclined to accumulate extra pounds.

Parents on guard of kilograms

Taking care of how the child develops (2 years), height, weight keeping it under control, parents should pay special attention to his diet. Mom and Dad are the people who should stand guard and not allow extra pounds. But it should be done very carefully and unobtrusively. Noticing signs of obesity, in any case it is not necessary to forbid babies all sweet and a little fatty. Complete absence in the diet of such products will form only the opposite result - all the child's thoughts will be directed to their prey and begging for sick grandmothers. It should be gradually reduced the dose of junk food.

Psychological subtext of pathological weight

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Food culture

Both the rules of behavior and the culture of nutrition the baby assimilates, first of all, in the family. Parents have the responsibility of forming a diet, developing the child's taste preferences. Here it is important not to overfeed, but also to saturate with useful products growing organism, then the weight of children in 2 years will not go beyond the norm. Remember, the child repeats not what the parent says, but what he does, so the baby will eat just like you.

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