Dachshund: description of the breed and reviews of dog breeders


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The dachshund is one of the most interesting and amazing hunting dogs. Small stature and elongated body make this dog an ideal hunter. Even a large fighting dog will envy the power of the dachshund's fangs, as well as the dexterous paws. It is safe to say that these dogs are extremely popular all over the world, but they are most widespread in Germany. Let's talk in detail about what kind of animal is a dachshund. Description of the breed, reviews of dog breeders and much more, we will consider in this article.


Today it is difficult to say exactly when this breed was discovered. However, according to some sources, it is believed that a dachshund was bred in Egypt. The description of the breed on paper is first found in German. After crossing German, French, and English dogs, it was possible to breed a purebred dachshund. Translated from the German Dachshund means "badger dog". The fact is that at first the breed was used exclusively for hunting badgers. There are currently three varieties of dachshunds: standard, dwarf, and rabbit. In addition, dogs are classified by the length of their coat: long-haired, short-haired and hard-haired. The dachshund, whose breed description was first made in the 1700s, was originally somewhat larger. For the purpose of cultivation is always selected small specimens that would be suited for hunting in burrows. Few people can think that the dachshund is suitable not only for hunting badgers and hares - it was often released on wild boar and even wolverine.


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Standard dachshund: breed description

The dog's paws are very short, but quite powerful. The body is elongated, and the weight is quite large for such a size. Despite the length, the paws are not clumsy and are well balanced, so the dachshund runs quickly and does not experience any difficulties during the hunt. The dog's head is somewhat elongated, as indicated by a flat skull. All individuals have a fairly long, but at the same time strong neck, which harmoniously passes into the shoulders. The bite is of the "scissors" type, the number of teeth is 42. By the way, the dachshund's fangs are very strong and strong. It is noteworthy that the length of the ears in dachshunds developed intentionally. This is due to the fact that during hunting in the burrows, they were heavily polluted and various diseases appeared. Well, now let's talk about how smart dachshunds are, as well as about what behavior is inherent in them.

Intelligence and character

It does not matter what class of animal, whether it is a mini-dachshund (we will consider the description of the breed later) or a standard one, they behave approximately the same. All dogs are very active, intelligent, and sociable. However, changes are possible depending on the individual. Despite its small size, the dachshund is almost not afraid of anything. It can throw itself at an opponent whose size is several times larger. In addition, a large amount of energy makes dogs of this breed almost ideal hunters. But any dachshund, hunting or just domestic, loves attention. If you do not spend time playing games, then soon the animal will become more aggressive. If you want a less angry dog, the ideal choice is a mini-dachshund. The description of the breed is given below. I must say, this animal has several interesting features.

Dwarf rock

Such a dog is usually no higher than 21 centimeters in height and weighs no more than 4 kilograms. The color of the mini-dachshund is very diverse: starting from shades of red and ending with brown with white spots on the paws. Otherwise, they are all the same friendly family pets. Many do not recommend releasing the animal from the leash. This is due to the fact that such dogs are very fond of hunting small animals or birds. They often get carried away and run very far away from home.

Rabbit dachshund: description of the breed, character

The need for this breed came about in the 19th century when the Norn hunting has gained a lot of popularity. The albino ferrets needed to be replaced, and the mini-dachshund was replaced with a rabbit one, which was usually used for hunting rabbits and hares. But in the future, the breed became almost completely decorative and was not used for other purposes. Despite the fact that these animals are not used as workers, any dog breeder will be able to develop hunting skills with the proper desire. It should be noted that the rabbit dachshund has the most harmonious physique. The description of the breed is not significantly different from that of the larger dachshunds. This is still the same playful, intelligent dog that loves its owner very much.

Wool cover

As already noted, all dachshunds are usually classified according to the length of the coat.

Smooth-haired individuals have a short and smooth coat. With proper care, the coat should shine. Experts note that it should not be too thick and long. The dog's tail is covered with a short coat of wool and tapers to the end.

What is a wire-haired dachshund? The description of the breed should begin with the fact that such a dog has a hard, as well as a uniform rough coat. At the same time, the undercoat is somewhat softer than that of a smooth-haired dachshund. These representatives are notable for having eyebrows and a beard, making them easy to distinguish from others.

Long-haired dachshunds have a smooth, wavy coat. The greatest length of the coat reaches on the chest, as well as under the neck and in the lower part of the body of the dog. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the cover should not be equally long throughout the body, in addition, excessive undulation indicates the marriage of an individual. Among all the varieties described above, these dachshunds have the thickest and longest cover.

Health problems

This breed of dog, like, in fact, any other, has a tendency to certain diseases. So, because of the long length, a disease of the dorsal discs can develop, which can lead to complete paralysis of the animal. Back problems are most often hereditary, so it is necessary to solve this issue with a breeder. Each dachshund, the description of the breed, the nature of which we have considered, can become obese with age. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to keep the animal in good shape, constantly allow it to run, play enough, etc.

There are also colorful dachshunds. They most often become blind. For this reason, it is very difficult to buy a motley dachshund, because breeders refuse to breed them.

Dog training and development of necessary qualities

It is not necessary to say once again that dachshunds are very active animals. This is especially true for young individuals. But if you do not pay proper attention, then any dog with age will become lazy and obese. To maintain a healthy shape and appearance with your pet, you need to play often and perform some exercises. For example, outdoor games of catch-up or hide-and-seek. In addition, do not forget to take the animal for a walk. For example, the dwarf dachshund, whose breed description we gave above, often takes part in various competitions. Still quite often arrange running, which has a beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state of the animal.

Reviews of dog breeders

Almost all dog breeders claim that this breed of dog does not need special care. Timely vaccination, combed with a brush wool will be the key to success. In addition, it is advisable to periodically trim the claws. Do not forget that the dachshund must be kept at home. As dog breeders say, since the pet is very compact, with proper training, it does not bring any inconvenience. Reviews of most owners indicate that these are very kind and playful animals. The dachshund will be a good friend for the child, because it is friendly to children of any age.

In conclusion

If you want a friendly, active pet, then your choice is a dachshund. Description of the breed, reviews we have reviewed. When buying from a breeder, pay attention to all the qualities of the dog.

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