The birth is at 38 weeks. Harbingers of childbirth at the 38th week


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Childbirth at 38 weeks often happens. All because the baby is already ready to be born or is beginning to prepare. During this period, the child's lungs can already function independently. Also, the child moves to the pelvic area of the mother. During this period, you need to be very careful, do not lift weights and do not do heavy physical work. Because the body of the expectant mother can get stressed - and labor activity will begin. At 38 weeks, the baby can already relax sometimes, especially when his mother is not nervous and is resting. At this time, the woman should take a urine test, weigh herself, measure blood pressure, and also do an ultrasound and listen to the baby's heartbeat.

How to give birth earlier

There are women who wish to induce labor at 38 weeks. How to call them early, we will describe in this article. The first way is a long and active walk. If you walk a lot every day, then perhaps the baby will be born earlier. The second way is sex. Couples who often have sex in the last weeks of pregnancy are always at risk of giving birth prematurely, because men's sperm contains prostaglandins. They contain substances that provoke childbirth. Another way is nipple massage. This stimulates the release of oxytocin into the blood, which will cause the uterus to contract and give birth at 38 weeks. You can also speed up the process of having a baby if you eat a lot of those foods that contain fiber: fruits, vegetables and cereals. You can try aromatherapy. Jasmine or rose oils are suitable for this. There are no problems with stimulation of labor activity in the maternity hospital. In the modern world, there are many remedies in the form of injections or pills that can cause childbirth at 38 weeks or earlier. Especially if the doctor saw a problem that can only be solved in this way. Therefore, it will always be possible to speed up this process, especially if you have waited 38 weeks. How to cause childbirth is up to you.

Harbingers of childbirth

The harbingers of childbirth at 38 weeks are no different from later ones. The first thing worth noting is that the stomach has dropped. You can also feel contractions, expectant mothers often call them "sweatpants". During this period, the woman seems to lose weight, because a lot of fluid comes out of the body. The future mother's mood is changing. She also often goes to the toilet due to the fact that the uterus presses on the bladder, and the cork begins to move away. It can come out immediately or gradually. It all depends on the woman's body. During this period, many admit that they have no appetite. The harbingers of childbirth at 38 weeks may be different. Some of them are even missing. Everything is very individual. But if you have waited 38 weeks, the signs of childbirth have most likely already appeared. If you feel pulling pains, as if you have a period, or notice blood, then most likely you will meet the baby soon.


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Second birth

Every woman is waiting for the baby to be born and is a little worried. And it does not matter at all whether she has already given birth or not, fear is still present. It is especially intensified if it is already 38 weeks pregnant. The second birth is usually easier and a little faster. But this is not always the case. It all depends on the characteristics of your body. Usually childbirth is divided into two types. The first of them is called rapid childbirth. In this case, a woman can give birth within two hours. If the expectant mother gives birth for more than two hours, then the birth is normal. With them, the birth canal is already prepared for the changes that are needed for the birth of a child. But this is relevant only if the first birth was no more than five years ago. Therefore, if a woman is ready to give birth, and she is 38 weeks pregnant, the second birth may be the same as the first.

What do women from other countries think about giving birth at 38 weeks

After the survey, it was revealed that women from England are afraid to give birth, it doesn't matter if it's 38-39 weeks or later. Most of all, they are afraid of the pain that they will experience during this process. Women from Germany, Spain, Italy and France have the same opinion about childbirth. Surprisingly, those mothers who have already gone through childbirth took part in this survey, and they all said that there is nothing more painful than this. Some complained about the preparatory classes, which did not help them, while others complained about the attitude of doctors. They also experienced inconveniences during pregnancy due to the fact that they were not given a place in transport, or they did not have special privileges at work. But despite all these statements, almost 99 percent said that it was a great happiness for them to feel like a mother, which cannot be compared with anything.

How to improve well-being in the last weeks of pregnancy

So that the last weeks of pregnancy do not become a terrible time for you, we will give you some simple tips. Many women can't sleep for a long time. In order to make it easier to fall asleep, you can drink hot milk. Also, go to bed on your left side so that the blood circulates better. Try to open the window at night. Let someone be with you all the time – this will help you to be sure that in case of childbirth you will be called an ambulance or taxi.


Contractions can usually be felt at week 30, but as we wrote above, these are training contractions. They differ from the real ones in that they are irregular and can last only a few hours. Real contractions gradually intensify and continue until childbirth. Also, training fights can last up to 20 seconds, while the real ones are getting longer every hour. If you were able to fall asleep, then the contractions were most likely training. To stop the false contractions, you can take a warm shower, but this does not apply to the real ones. If you notice spotting, then you have prenatal contractions - you need to go to give birth. To be sure that they are real, you can take a notebook and write down how long the pains last and after how long they resume.

How women feel contractions

Women feel contractions differently. Some claim that their uterus turns to stone and pains like during menstruation. Others say they have lower back pain, which sometimes goes to the stomach. Everything is very individual. At the beginning of childbirth, a woman feels mild pain and after a long period of time. But a little later they become stronger, and the time between contractions is shortened. There are three types of contractions: initial, active and transitional. Initial contractions last 8 hours, active ones - up to 5 hours, transitional ones can last quite a bit of time.

How to relieve pain during contractions

Childbirth at 38 weeks is not so terrible, because the fetus has already formed, and the woman's body has prepared for this crucial moment. In order for the contractions not to be so painful, you need to breathe properly during them. Proper breathing will allow you to relax and release the pain through exhalation. But it is best to learn to breathe properly in advance and train a lot, because in stress you can forget all the rules. You can also ask someone close to you to get a back massage. This will help the expectant mother to relax and ease the pain. It is very important to have a positive attitude. Think about the fact that you will meet your baby soon. Do not panic, because childbirth is a natural process and it is perfectly normal to feel pain. There are many changes in your body that help the baby to be born. If you have positive thoughts, then it will become easier to endure pain. In the modern world, there are many medicines that can remove pain for a while. But you should not abuse them, because they often have a bad effect on the condition of the mother and child.

Duration of labor

If you have waited 37, 38 weeks of pregnancy, childbirth can begin at any time. How long they will last depends on your body. They all proceed in different ways. There are several factors that determine how long you will be in labor: the presentation of the fetus, whether you have had an epidural anesthesia, the intensity of contractions, how quickly the cervix opens, whether you move freely during labor, have you given birth before and how long ago it was. Labor activity can be intensified and vice versa. In this case, the cervix may open by 10 cm. When this happens, it is considered that the woman is ready to give birth. If you have the first birth, then this process can last up to eight hours. But it also happens that a woman gives birth before 18 hours. Even if the cervix has opened by 10 cm, the baby may appear in 2 hours. If the birth is not the first, then they can proceed much faster. The woman will give birth for about 5 hours. And after the opening of the uterus, the baby will appear in a maximum of 15 minutes. Sometimes childbirth is very fast, they are called rapid. After them, the placenta usually comes out. It takes up to 15 minutes. Always monitor your feelings and ask questions to the doctor. Then it will be easier for you to go through the whole process. Think about the fact that you will meet your child soon. This will give you strength, and you will easily cope with childbirth.

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