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It is difficult to determine who likes to wear bracelets made of natural stones more: men or women, teenagers or children, fully grown people or young people.

Elegance, beauty, grace… And what else?

For a long time, almost magical qualities have been attributed to natural minerals:

  • Protective and therapeutic;
  • Protecting from evil forces;
  • Attracting love and luck;
  • Increasing the energy of the owner.

That, those who seek wisdom wear rings or bracelets made of serpentine. Do you want to attract happiness into your life? Turquoise and rose quartz will help. Agate will attract success and give a calm flow to thoughts.

Made of precious metals, gold and silver, even on the basis of ordinary leather or silk cord, bracelets made of natural stones always look elegant on the owner's hand.

Buy or make yourself?

The properties of the stone are transmitted to a person through its direct contact with the skin, providing therapeutic and energetic effects. It is not necessary to buy ready-made jewelry for hands. It is enough to choose round or oval stone beads and string them on a thread.

Bracelets made of natural stones can lift your mood or protect you from the "evil eye", relieve pain and normalize blood pressure. Unfortunately, the photo cannot convey all the beauty and variety of color shades of minerals. You need to hold them in your hands, feel them. Only in reality it is possible to enjoy the brightness, depth of color and uniqueness of texture that natural stones possess. Beads for bracelets in the right amount are strung on a silk cord or a stretchable special fishing line. Having tied the ends of the cord with a special knot - lock, you can put the product on your hand and rejoice at the result.

A homemade bracelet is cool!

As you know, when working on absolutely any product, the master, regardless of qualification, transfers a particle of his energy to the finished work. And it does not matter at all what kind of product is obtained in the end: rings or earrings, clothes or shoes, souvenirs or bracelets made of natural stones. With your own hands, you can do a completely unusual thing, unlike any other.


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The simplest option is stringing beads on a strong stretching thread. By the way, if suddenly the pebbles in the process of wearing fly off your hand, it means that they have taken on some negative impact and diverted trouble from the "owner". The beads can be reassembled into the product after holding them in the sun for a while or for a few seconds under running water. The stone will be cleared of "dirt" and will again be ready to protect its owner.

About classic shambhala bracelets

It is believed that bracelets made of natural stones, woven using a special technology, help their owner to find inner harmony, feel calm, peace. Initially, such thread bracelets were made by Buddhist monks who believed that they were protecting themselves from evil spirits and various demons. Tying nine special knots, they recited mantras on strings. Subsequently, beads and plates with magical symbols began to be woven into laces with knots. Such bracelets got their name from the name of a mystical place in Tibet called Shambhala.

Shamans of India used the properties of precious and ornamental stones known to them, weaving 9 beads (corresponding to celestial planets) between the nodes. This is how the shambhala bracelet made of natural stones appeared.

The monks claim that a talisman made according to all the rules attracts the positive influence of the planets to its owner, which has a beneficial effect on his life. The energy of the bracelet balances the impact of the heavenly planets on human health, finances and luck.

Manufacturing rules

It is enough just to make bracelets from natural stones with your own hands. Many people are familiar with the techniques of macrame weaving, when flat straight knots are tied on two threads. In the product "shambhala" alternate knots with beads (9 + 9) and use the following stones: ruby and pearl, coral and emerald, yellow sapphire and diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat's eye. Each of these stones corresponds to its own planet: the Sun and Moon, Mars and Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, two "shadow planets" Rahu and Ketu.

The weaving ends with a so-called "sliding lock", which allows you to put the product on your hand of any size. In modern simplified versions of bracelets, different numbers of beads are used: from 3 to 9 pieces.

How to wear a talisman and take care of it

Bracelets made of natural stones are not just and not only talismans. They are mainly worn for a beautiful and stylish wrist decoration. And, of course, I want to preserve both the appearance of the product and the radiance of the stone for a long time. Adhering to the elementary rules, you can delight yourself with your favorite jewelry for a long time. What are these rules?

  • Precious and semi-precious stones are not the most durable material. Therefore, they should be protected from mechanical shocks and falls on hard or concrete surfaces. Otherwise, the beads may crack or break.
  • Bracelets made of natural stones cannot be treated with chemical agents and subjected to thermal effects.
  • To keep jewelry in proper condition, you should remove them before visiting saunas and spa treatments, swimming pools and solariums.
  • To preserve the energy power of the stone, you need to periodically give it a "rest": remove it from your hand before going to bed, once a week, rinse with a jet of water for a few seconds.

Bracelets with natural stones woven into the base have become popular in many countries since the end of the 20th century. And it does not matter at all whether the stones have the magical properties that are attributed to them. If a person believes in a miracle, it will definitely happen.

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