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In recent years, there has been an interest in the Estonian hound among hunting enthusiasts. What is the reason for this? What is this dog interested in hunters?

From the history of the breed

estonian houndWork on breeding this breed began in Estonia in the mid-thirties of the last century. The reason for its creation was the law adopted in the country, which prohibited hunting with dogs above 45 cm at the withers. The fact is that larger animals could become dangerous for roe deer. Due to the decrease in the number of livestock, hunting for them was prohibited.

To create the necessary breed, several beagle hounds were discharged from England. They became the progenitors of a new breed. They began to be crossed with hounds, common at that time in Estonia. Then the blood of Swiss foxhounds and small Russian individuals was added to them.

The Estonian hound received recognition in 1954. Five years later, the first standard was adopted. Now this breed is used in hunting foxes and hares. Until quite recently, this dog was well known only to a narrow circle of specialists, but today it is very popular not only in Estonia, but also in Russia.

External data

where to buy an Estonian hound

The Estonian hound is a short animal of a strong dry type. Height at the withers – from 45 to 52 cm . The front part of the trunk is higher than the back by 1.5 cm.

The head has a regular rounded shape. The transition from the muzzle to the forehead is smooth. The muzzle is straight and long. Lips are tight and dry, not saggy. The ears are hanging, not thick, long enough. They are planted low, fit snugly to the head. They have rounded ends that are covered with wool. Slightly obliquely set eyes, usually dark brown. Muscular and strong neck, without skin folds. The forelimbs are muscular, dry, bony. The forearms are oval. Wide, vertically set metacarpals. Muscular and bony hind limbs, straight and strong. The coat is smooth, short, shiny and tough. The undercoat is practically absent. The most common black-piebald color. Brown-piebald, crimson-piebald and cheprachny are allowed.


estonian hound puppies photoThis dog is good-natured and sociable. He is somewhat wary of strangers. But she recognizes her master implicitly. The Estonian hound, whose owners' reviews are simply enthusiastic, is distinguished by an even and calm character, easy to learn.


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A well-behaved dog in the house is no less loved than its decorative counterparts. This is an executive and very obedient animal, infinitely devoted to its owner. The hunter's instinct is highly developed. After seeing the prey, the Estonian hound experiences a characteristic malice, thanks to which it has established itself as a good hunter. It should be noted that this aggression never applies to a person. It's just a professional quality that she never shows towards people. In a word, it is a good companion that is suitable for active people. A dog can be kept in an apartment, although it is happy only when hunting.

Care and maintenance

These are great loyal dogs. The Estonian hound does not require complex care. Two walks a day is enough for her. If the animal is kept in a city apartment, then walks should be long, with physical exertion.estonian hound price

It is necessary to know that if the dog is not trained, then it should be released from the leash strictly in walking areas where nothing can distract its attention.

It is enough to comb the wool occasionally with a special glove with bristles. Bathe the animal as needed, in case of severe pollution.


The Estonian hound eats a little. It is characterized by unpretentiousness to food. For her, eating is an additional training of the skill of coming to the sound of the hunter's horn. Call your pet with any horn. Start feeding after he comes running.

In feeding, it is important to adhere to two rules – do not overfeed and try to give food at a certain time. The animal's diet may consist of natural products or dry food for active quadrupeds.

Pros and cons of the breed

Estonian hound reviewsThe Estonian hound, whose photo you see in the article, is distinguished by its unpretentiousness in content, friendly character, accuracy and excellent hunting qualities. In addition, she is a kind and affectionate companion.

You should think carefully about whether you need such a dog if you do not plan to go hunting with it. Undoubtedly, these animals are excellent companions, but at the same time they lose their hunting abilities while in the apartment.

Raising a good hunting dog will require some effort from you, but it will pay off handsomely. Sensitive and attentive, hardy and diligent, she will become a faithful assistant who will share your hobby with you.

Secrets of the popularity of the "Estonian"

Dogs are distinguished by excellent flair. They are extremely persistent and are able to find prey in a short time, after which they chase their trophy for a long time, solving its tricks. This gambling hunter has a beautiful and sonorous voice. With proper upbringing and training, the dog starts working at 5-7 months.estonian hound reviews

The small growth of the animal is an advantage during hunting in the forest. It easily makes its way under the spruce forest and climbs into the deadwood, where the beast most often hides.

Despite the fact that the dog feels quite comfortable in an ordinary city apartment, it feels best in a country house, where it has the opportunity to run around to its heart's content.

Hunters often ask the question of where to buy an Estonian hound. Naturally, it is better to do this in Estonian nurseries. Although now there are quite respectable establishments in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The Estonian hound, whose price ranges from $100 to $250, will become your good friend.


dogs estonian houndIt is better to buy an animal through a society of hunters, where they will advise you where it is better to do it, and give you the addresses of good breeders. It is important to get a puppy from purebred animals with good hunting instincts. The best age for bitches is 3-6 years, for males – 3-8 years.

You should buy a puppy at the age of 1-2 months. He should be healthy, physically developed in accordance with his age, have a good appetite. Pay attention to the wool. In a healthy animal, it is shiny and elastic. A dog at this age has all the baby teeth. The puppy should not have signs of rickets (swelling on the wrist joints, curvature of the limbs, thickening at the ends of the ribs). When choosing an animal, pay special attention to its color. Estonian hound puppies (you can see the photo in our article) are the so–called semi-finished hunting dog. To raise a full-fledged hound, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into raising and raising a puppy.

As soon as a young dog begins to work confidently, it must be put on field tests. This is necessary to obtain a diploma and determine the breeding class.estonian hound puppies

The dog needs to be vaccinated against the plague annually. In addition, rabies vaccinations are needed. A dog that does not have such vaccinations is not allowed to hunt.


The Estonian hound is smart and quick-witted. At the same time, the puppy must be trained from an early age. The main rule is that in no case should he be pampered. Don't let this cute tomboy climb on the bed or sofa. Even in games, you have to be strict and domineering. All family members should pronounce commands exactly the same, preferably with similar intonations. If you want to raise a good hound, you should be prepared for the fact that this process will take a lot of time and effort. At the most tender age, you should introduce your pet to other pets, immediately teaching him to treat them indifferently.

It is very important to teach the puppy to the horn. This will greatly facilitate the communication of the hunter with the dog in the forest. Every time an animal resorts to the sound of a horn, it should be petted a little.

It is important to teach the puppy to treat strangers with distrust. Do not let your friends and relatives caress the dog, give her different goodies.

Breed problems

Today, representatives of the Estonian Hound breed in Russia are increasingly being acquired as a companion dog. On the one hand, this has a positive effect on breeding, the number of livestock increases. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of non-working dogs. A lot of sofa "Estonians" have appeared in large cities, and this cannot but worry fans of the breed.


After the general training course, the dog should be nagged – trained in professional skills. This is usually done at the age of four to five months. This usually occurs in special hunting grounds in April-May or at the end of summer. They are nagging animals that are physically formed, accustomed to unquestioning obedience. The Estonian hound should be well-fed, but not have excess fat and not be excessively thin. Otherwise, it simply will not withstand the loads.

estonian hound photoThe animal should be nagged specifically, and not during hunting – the desire of the hunter to speed up the process leads to serious mistakes in the preparation of the animal. The first outings in the field last no more than four hours. Gradually, the time can be increased. It is much better if the scolding will take place in the neighborhood of an old and experienced dog, if she has no vices and shortcomings.

It is unacceptable for a hound to bark at squirrels, drive moose. As soon as you see that the young dog began to drive itself, take it out to work alone. It is necessary to catch a hound in those places where there are hares, but there are not many of them. They usually come out at dawn. After releasing the dog and giving her the command "Go ahead!", "Look!", the hunter slowly moves in the right direction, helping the animal, examining with him difficult places where the beast can hide. Do not worry if the dog does not immediately pick up the trail, patiently continue training.

Where the hound is used

Most of all, this breed is used in the Baltic States, in the south-west of Russia, in Ukraine and Belarus. It is allowed to be kept in Siberia and in the North. However, the difficult climatic conditions of these regions can complicate the maintenance.

Hunting with such a dog is good for both blacktrope and powder. Be sure: with such a four-legged friend, you will experience many joyful moments both on the hunt and at home.

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