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In childhood, a child should be able to move freely. Modern children spend too much time playing computer games while sitting at the table. Therefore, it is very important to encourage children to move outside the house. Sports corners in the kindergarten should be equipped accordingly. What are the main requirements for their design? This article helps to figure it out.

Where to place a sports corner in a kindergarten?

A standard kindergarten usually has a music hall. In more modern projects, there is often a room for physical education classes. In addition, sports corners in the kindergarten can be located in the groups themselves. The management of the preschool institution should provide the necessary stationary equipment.

Design of a sports corner

The classic version, suitable for any kindergarten, should include a Swedish wall, baskets with balls, mats, stands with flags, hoops, ribbons, etc. Many modern preschool institutions have simulators. They are usually intended for children from senior and preparatory groups.

Design of the sports cornerPeriodically, sports corners in kindergarten should be refreshed by changing attributes. They should be suitable for children by age. For example, for kids in the younger group, you should pick up light medium–sized balls - they are easy to roll or throw at each other. You can make a small gate made of plywood or plastic for rolling balls.

For children in older groups, it is necessary to have several different types of balls. The big ones will be used to perform gymnastic exercises, and the small ones will be suitable for throwing at the target. You can make a target out of plywood and hang it on the wall at the level of the eyebrows and eyes of children.

Sports corners in kindergarten are a place where you can store those items with which children perform daily exercises during this period. It is desirable that there are several more attributes than children in groups. During morning exercises, you can use flags, balls, flowers, cubes, hoops, gymnastic sticks. At other times there may be fewer of them in the corner.

Sports corners in the kindergarten can serve as a storage place for many items for hardening. For example, there may be massage paths here. Such inventory is sold in stores. The prickly plastic track will be successfully replaced by a track with buttons, which can be easily made with your own hands. For proper movements while walking, you can make special "tracks".

And who is the performer?

A beautiful and functional sports corner is not too difficult to make, but you still have to tinker. If the management of a preschool institution, educators in groups and, of course, parents of children take up the case together, then such efforts will not be in vain. A corner for sports and games will turn out to be fun and practical.

Inventory for children is usually ordered centrally. It should be fastened in compliance with all safety regulations. For example, the Swedish walls should be checked after installation.

Sports corner in kindergartenIt is advisable to order equipment at the same time, such as pendants, stands for various attributes. It should be selected so that it is not only useful. Children love everything beautiful and bright. Therefore, sports corners of saturated colors will become especially favorite among children. A cockerel can be an excellent solution, with handkerchiefs and flowers on its wings and in its pockets, and all kinds of colorful hoops hanging around its neck.

Sports corners in kindergartenMany parents help to make or purchase special physical education complexes, which are often installed in apartments. Also, moms and dads can make some attributes, such as gates, targets, a massage path with buttons, etc.


As you can see, the construction of a sports corner is a simple procedure. A little money and labor - and your children will have the opportunity to grow, strengthening their health.

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