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More recently, it was fashionable and prestigious to wear warm clothes made of natural materials. Leather jackets, sheepskin coats, fur coats, down jackets filled with bird down... Gradually people began to switch to synthetic materials. No one will be surprised by such names as sintepon, holofiber, fibertek. And more recently, tinsulate appeared. What is it?

Production of tinsulate

The manufacturer of this type of insulation - the 3M company - has been on the synthetic materials market for more than 30 years. Initially, equipment designed for heating and kneading the mass for scotch was used for the production of tinsulate. tinsulate - what is itAs a result, we received a new material made of microfibres - light and at the same time very warm. It was named "tinsulate". Insulation was originally planned to be used for clothing and shoes of astronauts. For the first time in this capacity, it was tested in 1973. Tests continued for about 5 years, the material improved, new modifications appeared. And in 1978, the company "3M" registered the trademark "Tinsulate". What it is, soon found out all over the world. The name of the material combines two words: "thin" and "insulation".

Tinsulate properties

According to its energy-saving properties, the insulation for clothing tinsulate is one of the best today. Its finest fibers (about fifty times thinner than a human hair!) they will be able to protect you from any cold.

Tinsulate is a heater that does not absorb moisture, so that clothes, even in wet rainy weather, will perfectly warm you.tinsulate insulation

Products with this material are plastic, which allows it to be used for both sports and model clothing.

Another important advantage of tinsulate is its weightlessness. It has all the best properties of the lightest natural insulation – bird fluff. But, unlike him, the tinsulate does not crumple after washing or getting wet. It practically does not deform.


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Also, people who are allergic to natural wool or down, this material will help solve the problem with winter clothing.

Naturally, all of these properties are inherent only in the real insulation tinsulate. That this is really a certified material, you need to make sure when buying, by requiring the appropriate manufacturer's document.

Perhaps the only drawback of tinsulate is its high price.

Tinsulate's competitors

There are a large number of different synthetic insulation materials. Let's look at some of them.

Sintepon refers to the simplest and most affordable materials. It consists of polyester fibers that are bonded together with glue or thermal bonding. Sintepon wears out pretty quickly, loses its shape.tinsulate photo Has been used very rarely in clothing production lately. More often they are filled with inexpensive blankets.

Holofiber is essentially one of the varieties of sintepon, but its quality is much higher. It has a higher thermal protection, a small density, so that things with a holofiber have a small weight. It is environmentally safe, even used for blankets and clothes for newborns. There are more than a dozen varieties of holofiber, different in thickness and quality.

Isosoft is a complete analog of holofiber. But it is made in Belgium, so it has a higher price. Do not forget that the price of any product is affected by the cost of delivery and customs clearance.

Types of insulation tinsulate

Depending on what kind of weather and temperature you are going to use clothes for, you should choose one or another type of insulation tinsulate. What does this mean? The fact is that there are several varieties of tinsulate.

  • Flex is used in clothing for outdoor activities and work - where increased extensibility and flexibility are required.tinsulate clothing insulation
  • Classic Comfort is intended for sports uniforms, as well as for warming gloves.
  • LiteLoft, thanks to its compression resistance, is ideal for hiking equipment.
  • Ultra is used in outerwear, ski suits.
  • Ultra Extreme Perfomance for Footwear - the thickest of all the varieties of tinsulate, designed for extreme equipment, with maximum heat-saving effect.

In general, there are three main modifications of the tinsulate: without a shell, with a shell on one side and with a double-sided shell. The first type is mainly used when sewing outerwear such as jackets, trousers. The fibers are bonded with glue. A tinsulate with a one-sided shell is recommended to be quilted every 15-20 cm. The side that has a cover in the products is facing the lining.

The insulation with a double-sided shell has a stitch in 15 cm increments. It is convenient when working, used when sewing coats, winter jackets. Moreover, no additional stitches are required to the product, the material is attached to the seams of the product.

Tinsulate coat: features

To date, manufacturers offer a huge selection of coats that differ in design, quality, and materials used.coat on tinsulate Modern winter clothing designers are literally fascinated by the opportunity to create coats with a form-fitting silhouette. This was made possible thanks to a thin layer of insulation tinsulate. The photo shows how elegant winter clothes can be on this lining. Even with a thickness of only 3-6 mm, they protect in severe frosts no worse than a natural sheepskin coat. Models can be chosen for every taste: with or without a hood, long and cropped, with extravagant trim and classic. Thanks to the tinsulate, winter clothes are now not only warm, but also elegant and practical.

Children's clothes with tinsulate

Due to its remarkable properties, this insulation is one of the best for children's clothing and shoes. There is a layer of air around each of the microfibers. The smaller the thickness of the fibers, the higher the thermal insulation properties. Tinsulate fibers are the thinnest, which makes it a leader among a variety of materials designed to protect against cold. And since children in winter like to play outside for a long time, ride slides and ice rinks, then clothes with this insulation, like no other, will protect your baby even from the most severe frosts. how to erase a tinsulateTinsulate is hypoallergenic, so it is used even for babies' clothes.

How to wash things on a tinsulate

How to wash tinsulate? Things based on this insulation can be washed both manually and in a typewriter. However, when choosing machine washing, it is better to use a gentle mode: the number of revolutions is no more than 600 per minute, the water temperature is no higher than 40 °C, a gentle spin. The detergent should be used soft. Things with tinsulate insulation do not lose their qualities even with repeated washing.

He is not afraid of chemical treatment either. Manufacturers guarantee the preservation of the quality of products after washing and dry cleaning by 98%. The tinsulate dries quite quickly. The time it will take for this will largely depend on the material from which the lining and the top of the product are made. Things should be dried in a straightened state (not suspended, but spread out).

Ironing and storage

Things with tinsulate insulation can be ironed without steam with a not very heated iron (no more than 60 °C). Therefore, when choosing clothes, pay attention to the material of the upper layer, so that it does not require careful ironing with steaming after washing.

Things with tinsulate insulation should be stored in the summer in a straightened form on a hanger in the closet. It is advisable to put on a special cover for clothes on top or wrap it in a plastic bag. This will allow you to avoid the penetration of various odors into your wardrobe items.

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