How to develop a child in 2 months? The child is 2 months old. Educational games for a child under one year old


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Every mother should understand that it is necessary to develop a baby from birth, and not only from the moment when he begins to talk or actively take an interest in surrounding things. So, in this article I want to tell you how to develop a child in 2 months.

how to develop a child in 2 months


A two-month-old baby remains very young and not yet fully strengthened (this happens around the beginning-middle of the third month of the baby's life), but he is already actively mastering the movements of his arms and legs, developing a muscular system and controlling his strokes a little. A child at 2 months old can raise his head a little in the "lying on his stomach" position, but he is still lying on the back asymmetrically, bending alternately one or the other leg. The situation will change towards the end of the second month of life. As for the fingers, they will be clenched into a fist almost all the time, if an adult puts a finger there, the child will squeeze it hard. The baby already knows how to raise his hands up to his head and hold them along the upper part of his torso. It is also important for mothers to remember that at this age the cry of a child is the main means of communication with others. This is how he signals if he is cold, he wants to eat, or his mother urgently needs to change the baby's diaper. Also, the child can "talk" with screams about various pain sensations that he can feel at this moment. At the same time, the baby begins to talk, or rather, babble, pronouncing various sounds. Such vowels as a, e, u o, her will prevail. The baby can also pronounce the letter "x" together with the vowels – "ho", "he", "ha". It is important to say that at this time the mother can see the first smile of the baby, who will thus thank her for her care and warmth. Well, it's time to start working with the toddler, developing it in various directions.


If a woman wants to know how to develop a child at 2 months, she needs to remember that the first rule is: pay as much attention to your baby as possible. In most cases, the child does not care what he will do or what manipulations will be carried out with him, he needs his mother to be there. It is necessary to take the child in your arms as often as possible, practice skin-to-skin contact, tell the baby a lot, even just pronouncing your actions. So it will be more interesting for the kid to observe others, plus he will always hear human speech and thus learn to understand the world. At this time, it is important that not only mom, but also dad is near the child. Thus, the child will perceive the world from different sides and identify himself somewhat differently than when he stays exclusively in the female, mother's company.


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massage baby 2 months


What is the regime of a child in 2 months? Here is also an important question. It is important to say that there are no special instructions, as a rule, everything is individual, and at this time the baby himself regulates his time of games and rest. However, in general, we can say that it already takes much more time to be awake than in the first month of life, and this period is gradually increasing. So, the baby sleeps about 3-4 times a day for one and a half to two hours, in total it is about 8 hours in the afternoon and 16-18 per day. During this period, it is already possible to distinguish a certain feature of the crumbs – he will be an "owl" or a "lark". So, some children are more active in the morning, and someone is a lover of walking at night and getting enough sleep in the morning. At this time, it will be almost impossible to change this situation, because the baby so far uses only the signals of his own biorhythms. The child's regime becomes important (at 2 months). Here mom should understand that, for example, you need to bathe a baby at the same time. It is also better to do with walks, so that the child can navigate during the day, and in the late afternoon understand that soon you need to go to bed for a long night's sleep. As for a night's sleep, if nothing bothers the child, for example colic, he can sleep soundly for about 6 hours without waking up even for a snack. However, if there are any problems, you need to respond to the baby's call at the first cry: just approach or put it to your chest. This is how babies at this age calm down best.


Mothers often have a question about how to develop a child at 2 months. It's simple, you can do it with the help of various toys. What could it be? It is clear that various rattles. They should be bright, make a variety of sounds. However, not too big and heavy, because it is still difficult for the crumbs to hold objects. Rattles can be hung over the child, and he will just touch them with his legs or handles. It is also good to stock up on various drawings, which will depict large monochrome objects. So it will be easier for the baby to perceive the drawing. It is also good to buy a mobile - a rotating carousel, which will also be interesting to the crumbs at this time.

baby is 2 months old

Development: mastering movements

So, how to develop a child in 2 months? You need to do this competently, not dumping everything in a heap, but working with the child alternately with one thing, then with another. So, now we will talk about how to help the baby master the movements.

Turns: at this time, you can help the baby learn to master the flips from the tummy to the back and back. First, it is better to see how older children do it and already help their child by their example. First: you need to put the baby on his stomach and help him turn over on his back with your hands – it's a little easier than turning over from his back to his tummy. But you need to train both options. You also need to put the child on the back, wrap your arms around the sides and, as it were, swing it from side to side, showing that this is how it will turn over later. After a while, you need to give the crumbs to try to repeat all the movements yourself. It doesn't matter if it didn't work out the first time, you need to practice every day without giving up this class. An important point: it is better if the baby turns to his mother all the time, rather than turning away from her, this will be an additional incentive to perform the tasks perfectly.

On the handles: it is also important to take the baby in your arms as often as possible, but not in the same position, but in different ways. Then you can wear it lying on your hands on the back or on your stomach, then hold it a little in a column. A child can also twist and turn, there is no need to be afraid of this. Especially since the kids most often like it.

Head: if the child is 2 months old, you need to help him work with the neck muscles, teach him to hold the head. To do this, the toddler should be placed on his stomach so that when he raises his head, he is right in front of his mother's face. You can attract a child by various methods: showing toys, pictures, just talking to him. You need to do what the toddler likes, and then he will slowly begin to learn to raise his head on his own in order to better see his mother or what she shows.

Muscles: if the child is 2 months old, it can already be lifted by the hands. How to do it? When the baby is lying on his back, the mother gives him two of her fingers, which the child grabs, and slowly lifts the child. If everything goes well, you can raise the child further, to a standing position. And if the child's hands are quite strong, and the baby does not throw his mother's finger, you can also try to understand it over the mattress in this way over time. You don't have to be afraid to do it, especially since the kids really like it. Another exercise that will help the baby in the future: in the "lying on his stomach" position, you need to squeeze his legs under his tummy. And if he doesn't do it himself yet, these trainings will come in handy in the future.

Development: pens

We study subjects. What can be classes with a child (2 months)? It's simple, you can start exploring by touch all the objects that are at home. To do this, for a short period, take the crumb on the handles in the "column" position and carry it around the house, holding it with the palm of your hand on various objects. The baby will feel that they all differ from each other not only in colors, but also by touch: some are cool and hard (furniture), some are soft and warm (pillows or plush toys). It is important to say that everything that the baby sees needs to be commented on, to tell him what it is and why it is needed. It is also necessary to start developing small and large motor skills of the child's fingers (this will be needed, especially for the development of the baby's speech center). So, you need to put various objects in his palm and tell him what it is and what it is for. One time, for example, it may be a thick knitting thread with a knot at the end, another time – a felt-tip pen, and so on. Also, for the development of fine motor skills, you can make toys at home. To do this, you need to sew a small bag of dense bright fabric, which is filled with beads or, for example, millet. Everything is sewn up properly so that nothing falls out and is put into the baby's hands. Touching such a pad, the toddler massages his fingers and promotes his own development in such a simple way.

baby mode at 2 months

Development: speech

It is at this time that the baby begins to "hum", i.e. to talk to the outside world in his own way. There is no need to be afraid to speak to the baby in his language. So he will understand that everything said can be repeated, and he will try to do it. In the 2nd month of a child's life, communicating with him, you need to exclude various pronouns from your speech. It is better not to say "I", but "mom", not "he" or "she", but "dad" or "grandma". Also, the baby should be called by name as often as possible so that he gets used to it: "Sashenka has woken up!" or "Sashenka is going to eat now." When you want to say something to a child, you need to call him by name so that he understands when and how to address him correctly. However, the baby will begin to consciously react to his name only by the half-year of his life.

Hand massage

It is also very important to do a daily massage for a child. 2 months of crumbs is the time when it needs to be actively developed. There are situations when massages are prescribed by a doctor for one reason or another, but a mother should also stretch her child at home on her own. It can be a simple hand massage. You need to put the baby on the back and stand at his feet. Then the mother needs to put her finger in the baby's hand and stroke the child's hand first, and then the whole hand. The movements should be light, smooth, there is no need to press anywhere or anything. This is done with one hand and with the second. Next, the handles bend a little-unbend, and mom can easily massage the palm of the crumbs.

Foot massage

According to the same principle as hand massage, foot massage is performed. You need to put the baby on the back, stand at his feet, take one leg in your hand first, stroking it from the foot to the hip, but bypassing the knee area and the front of the shin. Then everything is done with the other leg. You can also massage your foot.

educational games for a child under one year old

Back massage

How else can I massage a child (2 months old baby)? So, it can be a light back massage. First, you need to lightly hold the back of your hand from the buttocks along the back to the head, back massage stroking movements are already done with the palm. So you need to repeat 4-5 times. It is also good to develop the spine of crumbs. To do this, you need to put it on the side, fix the legs with one hand, and run the other along the spine from below, from the sacrum, upwards. According to the reflex, the child will arch his back. Having done such manipulations on one side, the baby needs to be turned over on the second and repeat the same thing.

Belly massage

Belly massage of crumbs is also important. This is especially necessary for children who suffer from colic. So, first of all it is necessary to stroke the baby's tummy clockwise, this is done about 5 times. Next, the mother puts her hands one after the other on the tummy and alternately strokes the baby with downward movements, doing so five times. It is important that these movements coincide with the work of the intestines, helping the child to more easily tolerate the processes of digesting food. It is also good to stroke the oblique abdominal muscles of the crumbs, holding the palms from the sides to the center of the tummy.

2 month of baby's life

Games: ball

There are also educational games for a child up to a year old. In such a situation, it is good to use various auxiliary items. One of them is a big ball, a fitball. It is necessary to put the child on it (if the baby is naked, it is better to cover the ball with a cloth) on his stomach and roll it a little in one direction or the other. This not only develops the muscles of the child, but also makes a small abdominal massage, which is very useful for such a baby.

Games: view

What are the educational exercises for children? So, why not train your baby's eyesight? To do this, you need to take some bright object, you can use a flashlight, and drive it in front of the child's eyes first from one side to the other. When the kid will confidently follow the subject, you can continue the game further, leading them from top to bottom. When this is already confidently obtained, you can move the object in a circle. However, it is worth remembering that if the baby quickly got tired of this activity, it is better to stop it and move on to something else.

Games: poems

The development of the child (2-3 months) already allows the baby to clearly hear everything that adults say. This is the most appropriate time to introduce a toddler to rhymes, because almost all children really like rhyming lines. You can recite children's (and not only) poems, or you can just improvise, rhyming everything that happens around and communicate with a toddler in this way.

child development 2 3 months

Noisy games

How to develop an infant? To do this, simply attach bells to the booties. And with every movement of the legs, the baby will hear a distinct sound. And if the baby likes it, the child will move as much as possible, thus training his muscles.

The game "Where am I?"

To develop the hearing and vision of the crumbs, you can play with him in a simple game called "Where am I?" For this mom just needs to move around the room at the moment when the baby is, say, on the crib. So, the child will try to look for his mother, training at the same time. It's worth saying that this is a great game, because along the way you can do a lot of useful things.

The game "What is it?"

In order to develop the child's sense of touch, he can be given to touch various objects. They can be hard and soft, warm and cold, smooth and rough. You can also pick up different patches so that the child understands that everything in the world is different not only in appearance, but also in touch.

Neck muscle Development Game

For this game, mom must lie on her back and put the baby on her tummy down. When the baby is comfortably settled, you need to call him by name and try to ensure that he at least raises his head a little and looks at his mother's face. Do this until the baby refuses to lift his head.


It is worth noting that today there is a huge amount of various literature on the topic "Developing a child at home". There you can find advice of various kinds, which, by the way, may even contradict each other. So, some experts will say that at this age the child needs to be slowed down as little as possible, while others, on the contrary, will recommend elements of dynamic gymnastics for newborns. Therefore, parents need to competently approach the choice of those classes and exercises with which they want to develop their own child, focusing on the recommendations of the pediatrician and their own experience and opinion.

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