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Despite the fact that frequent hugs help people understand each other since time immemorial, the day when you can do it just like that was invented quite recently. In the last century, Americans decided to perpetuate this gesture. The national holiday Hug Day was founded on December 4, back in 1986. It was on this day that another holiday of love and goodwill appeared.

A little bit about the history of Hug Day

Hug Day

The history of the celebration is very vague and mysterious. Some sources say that it was not invented by Americans at all. It is believed that it was invented by cheerful European students. So they decided to celebrate the long-awaited end of the grueling session. Or is it just an excuse to embrace the girl you like with impunity and for no reason on the Day of hugs.

Another of the many legends says that for the first time the tradition of hugging strangers appeared in the recognized kangaroo country. One day a young man flew into one of the Australian airports. But no one was waiting for him there and did not meet him. Looking at the happy and joyful faces of those around him, who were hugging after a long separation, he found a kind of way out of the situation. On a large, thick piece of paper, the guy wrote: "Hugs for free." Together with the sign, he stood right next to the airport. At first, the emotional outburst caused only bewilderment and laughter. But soon lonely and tired people reached out to the young man. Sincere hugs helped to feel needed and loved. Soon such an action was supported throughout the country, and then in the world. So, on January 21, we all celebrate World Hug Day. And this holiday is becoming more and more popular.


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So what is the best date to celebrate Hug Day? Americans were a little more lucky in this regard. After all, they officially celebrate both the national and the world holiday of hugs. But why shouldn't the rest of the world follow this infectious and pleasant example? After all, hugs are also considered very useful.

What is the date of the hug day?

Why is Hug Day so loved and advertised by doctors?

For us, hugs are an exchange of warmth and love. Doctors and scientists consider Hugging Day to be very useful not only for psychological, but also for optimal physical health.

From the point of view of the state of mind, hugs give a feeling of complete security, as in childhood. When Mom hugged, and there were no more fears or troubles. Hugs significantly strengthen trust in others, and also contribute to universal unity. Hugging, we feel warm and relaxed. Numerous studies have proven that frequent hugs affect mental and creative development.

The benefits of this gesture

The benefits of hugs have also been proven for the physical health of every person. The facts already recognized in the modern scientific world are the following:

  • The benefits of hugs

    During this process, blood pressure is normalized pressure. In addition, there is a positive effect on the contraction of the heart muscle. At the same time, the risk of various cardiovascular diseases is significantly reduced.
  • Hugs increase overall immunity. The body copes better with any infection and diseases.
  • Hugs contribute to the production of hormones of joy, which are so necessary in our depressive world. The work of the shattered nervous system is normalized.
  • Recent scientific research has also proved that this gesture is able to block the feeling of pain. For a while, it just dulls or goes away altogether.

Hug Day traditions

Hug Day

Of course, the only and most revered tradition of this day is to hug all relatives, friends and acquaintances more often. But everywhere on the Day of Hugs, numerous actions, flash mobs and festivals are held, which force ordinary passers-by on the streets to hug each other.

As a rule, numerous youth organizations are engaged in this all over the world. Positive and cheerful young people give positive emotions to everyone, both on the streets of the world's megacities and in provincial towns. With the help of posters "Free hugs" or "Don't be lonely", guys and girls offer passers-by to cuddle and recharge with cheerfulness and festive mood.

Let's hug?


Also on this day, various competitions and marathons are held under the slogan "Let's hug!". It is on this cheerful and emotional day that representatives of the Guinness Book of Records register the most peculiar, interesting and unique achievements. For example, Teresa Kerr and Ron O'Neill did not let each other out of a close cordial embrace for 24 hours and 33 minutes. And the pride of Canadians is the record of a group hug, recorded in 2010. Then 10,000 couples participated. Such achievements can be listed for a very long time. In addition, there are more and more of them every year.

Hug Day is a time when it's worth remembering about others. This is an occasion to share a piece of love, warmth and positivity for everyone. Maybe soon people won't need a special day to stop and hug a stranger. And then there will be much more joy and happiness in the eyes of others.

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