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In the tropical Asian forests lives a wonderful animal, which is considered one of the oldest animals on the planet. For a long time this mammal was referred to as sloths, but since 1766 everything has changed. Then a famous naturalist from France, Buffon, called the lemur lori a half-monkey. This funny animal has been actively used as a pet by lovers of exotic creatures of nature.

lemur loriNow we know three types of such semi-monkeys. This is a thin, slow thick (large), as well as a small lemur lori. Each of them has different behavioral and character traits, but they all have common features. They are slow, rather cowardly and active at night. As a rule, at home they contain either a slow thick lori or a small lori. It is about these animals that we will talk today. We will also tell you what the animal looks like, how long the lemur lori lives, where to buy it, how to choose it, and give advice about the content.

Characteristics of a funny animal

This animal with its appearance causes only emotion. On a small muzzle, large sad eyes are visible from afar, the expressiveness of which is emphasized by dark rings. There are two types of loris: large and small. And how do they differ? Let's tell you now.

The first is the size. A small lori weighs no more than 700 g, and a large one – no more than 1.2 kg. That is, the difference in mass is almost two times. Color is the second difference. The little lori is beige, and the big one is light gray with a beige (or red) ass, with a stripe on the back. The third difference is the degree of biting. The small one bites less and does not hurt as much as the big one. The first gets used to the environment faster than the second, which is quite slow to adapt to a new home. The fourth is nutrition. Of course, the big lori eats more (several times) than the small one.


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How to choose the right pet

Of course, you need to choose a healthy animal. But how to determine the state of health by appearance? The healthy lemur lori has shiny eyes, fluffy clean coat and strong white teeth. A healthy animal hisses, escapes from his hands. Be sure to have documents for this animal: a veterinary passport, a pedigree, as well as a certificate of health.

how long does the lemur lori liveThe lori lemur is a very fearful animal. It will take a long time for it to get used to you. For the first few days, try not to touch the animal, then gradually accustom it to hand feeding. When your animal recognizes you as its master, it will become very sweet and affectionate.

Where to keep a pet

Before buying such an animal as a lemur lori, it is necessary to prepare a cozy place in the house for him, so that upon arrival he would have a place to stay. Either a large cage or a vertical aviary is suitable for keeping.

The dwelling should be located in a warm room, where there are no sudden temperature changes, drafts and high humidity. These animals can catch a cold very easily. It is also necessary to remember that loris are very curious animals. Therefore, do not place the cage next to any objects, as the animal can reach them. Remember that lori can get poisoned by indoor plants, injure her limbs with piercing things, get tangled in ropes or wires, or become a victim of other pets.

lemur lori photoLori leads an active nocturnal lifestyle, and sleeps during the day. Therefore, it is necessary to make a house in a cage or in an aviary higher so that the animal feels calm and can hide from prying eyes at any time. Wooden perches or branches should be tied to the walls. The animal will be happy to climb them. By the way, did you know that loris leave their marks on the branches? Thanks to them, the animals feel calmer.

Be sure to put a tray with fillers in the aviary. A smart animal will understand what it is needed for. Some, however, do not get used to the toilet well. Then you need, instead of a tray, to strew the entire floor of the cage or aviary with sawdust or a special wooden filler.

Another important note

Lori is not the owner of a long tail, with which it would be possible to cling to vertical perches. Therefore, the animal needs horizontal crossbars and shelves. Vertical branches should be of small diameter, otherwise the animal will not be able to cling to them firmly. Thick trunks can cause falls, injuries (fractures, etc. d.).


If you plan to have several loris, then remember that conflict situations may arise between the animals. Although males and females usually get along well, there may still be moments when one of the animals wants to retire. If you keep several individuals in one cell, then in any case a hierarchy will appear. The weaker ones will avoid the aggression of the dominant loris. Therefore, it is important that there are several cages (just in case), as well as places to hide if a conflict suddenly breaks out.

what to feed the lemur loriSince these animals are intelligent and curious, the door to their home must be equipped with a locking mechanism that Lori will not be able to open. An escaped animal is a problem, it can get into various scrapes in the apartment.

Lemur lori: care and maintenance

You should not have any difficulties in caring for your pet. After all, everything is quite simple here. You need to feed the animal once a day. It is necessary to clean the cage once every three weeks, and the tray – every four to five days. The litter in the house should be changed every day, since during sleep Lori can urinate on it, and sleeping on a wet animal is forbidden because of soreness.

Nutrition of wonderful animals

In their natural environment, these animals feed on insects and other small prey. They devour small reptiles and birds with great pleasure. In addition, such lemurs eat plant food.

lemur lori care and maintenanceSome loris specialize in a high-calorie diet, which consists of tree sap (gnawed from the bark of a tree) and flower nectar. By the way, it is likely that for this reason loris actively gnaw branches in their cage or aviary.

What does the animal eat in captivity

In captivity, the main food is vegetable. Loris eat bananas, kiwis, grapes and tomatoes with great pleasure. These lemurs also consume other vegetables and fruits. Note the fact that each lori is an individual person who has his own preferences in food. In addition, insects such as locusts, crickets or zoophobes should be included in the animal's diet every day. Sometimes you can give your pet chicken meat (boiled) and raw eggs (preferably not chicken, but quail). What to feed the lemur lori, besides what we have already listed? The animal's diet should also include dairy products: baby porridge, cottage cheese.

where to buy a lori lemurIn order to establish contact with the animal, use his favorite food (feed with your hands). Most of all, loris love insects such as zoophobas. For the sake of this delicacy, even the most grumpy animal will be ready to leave its hiding place. Remember that the lemur lori is not as easy to tame as it seems at first glance, this animal has quite sharp teeth and bites painfully.

Health problems

To avoid many problems, do not feed your pet sausage, yoghurts, sweets and other goodies from the table. Lori will eat all this, but then various diseases of the digestive system may occur. If you feed only soft food, then the animal will have plaque on its teeth. It can also lead to the formation of tartar.

Lemur lori at home should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals with food, as health problems will appear due to lack. If there is a shortage of coarse food in the pet's diet, then constipation, flatulence and so on are not excluded. By the way, bloating is dangerous for lori, since the intestinal walls are very thin, as a result of which there is a high probability of their rupture. With flatulence, you need to give your pet activated charcoal or dill tea. It is also advisable to stroke his tummy clockwise.

If constipated, give Lori vaseline oil (1 teaspoon). If the chair is still missing, then you should contact a specialist. He will tell you exactly what to do to make the lemur lori recover.

How to take care of the fur of the animal? Many people do not know the answer to this question, and this is very bad. Since these animals, like cats, lick themselves, the wool can get into the digestive tract, as a result of which the normal functioning of the stomach is disrupted. To remove it, you need to give your pet the drug "Kittimalt" 1/3 teaspoon 1 time a week. And how many times a week it needs to be combed, do you know? A couple of times will be enough. Note that lori wool does not cause allergies, as it is similar in structure to human hair.

An unbalanced diet is the cause of many metabolic diseases, for example, urolithiasis, obesity or, conversely, exhaustion, rickets. Loris are also very susceptible to colds. Similar diseases begin in these animals with sneezing and nasal discharge. As soon as you see the first signs, immediately take action, otherwise a common cold can turn into pneumonia.

lemur lori at home

Otitis media are often found in such animals. The sick lori behaves restlessly, does not allow to touch the ear, refuses to feed. After a while, discharge from the auricle appears. At the first suspicion of otitis media, you should immediately contact a veterinarian.


Loris do not reproduce very actively even in nature, not to mention home breeding. Although now there are people who build a business on such animals. The duration of pregnancy in a female is a little more than six months. After the birth of the babies, the lemur mother feeds them milk for another five months. You can sell loris no earlier than when they are ten months old - before this period, the cubs must be with their mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Lori swim? No, he can't. This is an arboreal beast, so give up such experiments.
  • How long does the lemur lori live? In captivity, under good conditions, these animals can live up to 25 years.
  • Do I need to cut my claws? No, you don't need to. Their claws look like children's depressed nails, that is, they are not there as such, which means there is nothing to cut.
  • What vaccinations are given to these animals? None. Vaccination against Lori rabies is prohibited. The only thing that needs to be done is to carry out deworming every six months, and even then it is better to do a stool analysis to identify the presence of worms. If there are none, then you should not poison the animal's body with drugs once again.
  • Is the lemur Lori smart?Yes, he knows where his bowl, house, and so on are, but he doesn't play ball and doesn't follow any commands. This animal likes to ride on vines and climb branches.
  • Is there a smell from Lori? No, the excrement of this animal does not stink, as does the beast itself.
  • Can I change his lifestyle? No, you can't. Night mode is an instinctive behavior, which, of course, cannot be eliminated. You can only move it slightly if you put a cage with an animal in a dark corner of the apartment.

How much does such a lemur cost

A home lori will cost you $1,000. Where to buy a lori lemur? It is best to buy an animal from breeders who have been breeding such exotic animals for a long time. So the risk of buying a sick animal is close to zero. Very often, by the way, such animals are caught by poachers, so when buying, check all the documents for lori. We also note the fact that the business on lemurs, as you understand, is quite profitable.

Good advice for last

As soon as the animal gets to you, be sure to contact a veterinary clinic where they specialize in such animals, as it happens that lemurs get to the owners already sick or weakened by long transportation from their homeland. Sometimes after the purchase they need to be nursed.

lemur lori reviews

Owner Reviews

Those who have acquired a funny animal can no longer imagine life without it. People are amazed at the touching and tenderness of such an animal as the lemur lori. The owners' reviews are only positive. With proper care and maintenance, pets give only positive emotions!

In conclusion

Now you know who the lemur lori is! The photos presented in the article will help you remember his appearance. If you want to get such an animal, then think carefully before deciding on this step. Of course, you will have difficulties, but if the necessary conditions are available, Lori can become a wonderful family friend and deliver a lot of positive emotions.

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