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Both griffons and petit brabancons belong to decorative dogs. Both of these breeds have the same roots, in fact, they are closely related species. Small obedient creatures with a funny face quickly won the love of many people. We will now tell you more about their individual characteristics, character and standards.

griffons and petit brabancons

The history of the origin of the breed

Already from the names of these two breeds it becomes clear that Griffon and Petit Brabanson come from Belgium. To be more precise, they are part of the group of small Belgian dogs. Their ancestors were especially popular in the 17th century with local peasants. They were larger than modern griffons, but had the same patchy-looking red, stiff fur. And smooth-haired individuals eventually gave rise to the small brabanson, better known as petit brabanson. Reviews of both that and another representative of this breed can be heard mostly positive. Now experts and dog handlers are inclined to believe that there is a lot mixed up in the blood of these dogs. So, it was not without an affen-pinscher, due to which the animals we are considering have such a "monkey" snub-nosed muzzle. You can also see the features of a King Charles spaniel, a Pekingese and even a Yorkshire terrier in a dog. Such mixing took place during the formation of a new breed in order to consolidate certain characteristics.

griffons and petit brabancons reviewsEven at the very beginning of the formation of petit brabancons as a separate the type of dogs they were used to protect utility rooms – stables, sheds, warehouses – from rodent raids. Dexterity combined with the tenacity and resourcefulness of these dogs was also used in the case of protecting homes. Thanks to the lively character and cute appearance of small smooth-haired griffons (the second name is Petit brabanson), they later began to be kept as decorative pets. As a separate breed, the Brussels Griffon was introduced only in 1880 at a local dog show. And the first male producer was Garson Waterloo Bridge, whose mother was a Yorkshire terrier bitch.


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As a result of mixing several breed lines, the modern image of Petit Brabanson, which we know today, has turned out. He owes his short snub–nosed muzzle to Pekingese, his hair to pugs, and his short stature to Yorks and toy terriers (this breed, as a rule, does not grow at the withers above 25 cm).

The appearance of the smooth-haired small Griffon in Russia

The official breed standard was adopted in 1904. And the first Petit Brabonson was imported to Russia much later – in 1993, he arrived from the USA. This event gave rise to the creation of the first Russian breeding nursery (Nevsky Hobbit in St. Petersburg). Later, the breed appeared in the capital, from where it began to spread across Russia.

petit brabanson dog

What are the Petit Brabancons like? Character and habits

This little dog has won the sympathy of millions of people not only by its miniature size, but also by its behavior. Despite the fact that the weight of your pet will not exceed 6 kg, be prepared for manifestations of a truly strong, strong-willed character. Griffon is able to surprise many with this quality. First of all, Petit Brabancons behave very intelligently - both in the family, and in the company of strangers, and when meeting other dogs. At the same time, arrogance is alien to them, the dog will simply try to maintain a well-deserved authority. They will treat their owners in the most dignified way. The breed in question is characterized by remarkable courage and the ability to become the main topic of conversation. Cute Petit brabancons have very developed facial expressions, and their look resembles a human one to many. You can easily guess what your pet is feeling at the moment, just by looking at his pose and expression of his face. True canine joy, thoughtful reflections, and sadness will be reflected there.

petit brabanson breed


There are 2 types of modern griffons: smooth-haired and stiff-haired individuals. Belgian and Brussels belong to the second type, and Petit Brabanson is the only smooth–haired variety of this breed. In some European countries, each of the listed breeds is considered a separate, independent species, but still their crossing with each other is allowed. According to the accepted standard, the petit brabanson dog should have a square format, that is, its height at the withers is equal to the length of the body. Assessing the physique, it should be noted that it is not devoid of elegance with a strong backbone. The head of the smooth-haired griffon is large, round, the jaws protrude forward in a peculiar way. A fairly short hairy coat (about two centimeters) is characterized by sufficient tightness and shine. black petit brabanson

Acceptable colors: red (in this case, the mask on the muzzle should be black), black, black–red, black with tan. Light hair in most cases will be considered a vice, and dogs will not be allowed to reproduce. But regardless of whether the red or black Petit brabanson is in front of you, his muzzle will be devoid of a mustache and the characteristic "beard" inherent in the wire-haired varieties. The pads on the paws should have a dark color and not be "loose" (widely spaced). Previously, the tail of these dogs was docked by two-thirds, leaving a small tip, but modern exhibition requirements allow for the participation of animals with an uncapped tail. Adults reach 16-25 cm at the withers, and their weight should be within 3-6 kilograms.

Petit brabanson: hair care

The short coat of these pretty dogs does not take much time to put it in order. The small brabonson needs to be combed daily with a soft brush and bathed as it gets dirty. Only special pet shampoos can be used in this case, human ones are not suitable for dogs due to the strong difference in the pH level of the skin. Soap, too, will not work on the pet's covers in the best way, so we do not consider it as a means for bathing the animal. Since this dog does not have a mustache and beard, trimming is not necessary. But widely spaced bulging eyes from time to time need to be cleaned with a special veterinary liquid.

petit brabanson reviews

Ear care

The ears are regularly wiped with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide once every 7 days. Be careful when doing this, do not try to get deep into the ear to avoid accidental injury to the eardrum. If you notice that the dog's ear is polluted faster than usual, crusts appear on it, a dark plaque with a bad smell, show the pet to the veterinarian. These may be the first signs of the disease, and the sooner you notice the symptoms, the faster you will stop its consequences.


Like any other dog, the smooth-haired griffon is recommended to trim the overgrown claws from time to time. For these purposes, purchase a special claw cutter at a pet store. Before removing the excess, look at the location of the vessel in the claw at the lumen, so as not to injure the animal. If you still carelessly cut it off, attach a tampon soaked in any hemostatic solution (hydrogen peroxide, for example) to the wound. In addition, equalize the wool between the pads on the paws with nail scissors.

Dog needs

Petit brabancons have a stable psyche, which facilitates their training and increases the learning ability of the pet. This breed is not prone to aggression. Small dogs very quickly "merge" into the family and become attached to people. For them, the owner becomes God. Animals are very difficult to tolerate any stressful situation, whether it is mistreatment, separation, illness, change of owner or relocation. It is good that the compact size of such a pet allows it, in most cases, to take it with you everywhere. But still, do not forget that this is a dog, not an interior item. Of course, your petit brabanson can learn to walk in the tray like a cat, being in a city apartment, but you should not deprive the animal of a daily promenade and walks in the fresh air. Moreover, dogs of this breed like to communicate with their own kind, and in the company of friends of the owner will not feel constrained. Along with this, they tend to be wary of the world around them, which sometimes looks touching. They get along well with children and other pets, and their quiet barking will not serve as a reason for neighbors' complaints. Petit brabanson is easy to train and does not lose the ability to learn with age. On the contrary, they love to bring joy to their owner!

petit brabanson care

To the exhibition with griffon

I must say that griffons and Petit brabancons receive the best reviews, both as pets and exhibition pride. Surely you will want to show off in public, as soon as such a cute snub-nosed pet appears in your life. We have already told you how a Petit Brabanson dog should look like. You can get a more complete consultation by contacting a kennel or a breed expert. We will list the traits that representatives of this species consider to be flaws or vices. These include:

  • Tendency to aggression or, conversely, cowardice;
  • Light unpigmented nose;
  • The tip of the tongue is visible in the dog with the mouth closed;
  • Curvature of the lower jaw;
  • Color different from the one proposed in the standard;
  • The presence of white spots on the coat;
  • Deviations of a physical and mental nature.

black petit brabanson


So, what is the good of the Petit Brabanson breed? Summarizing all the above, it is easy to understand that the little griffon, first of all, is an active, cheerful and intelligent companion dog. She will not give her owners much trouble. Such animals are very convenient to keep in the apartment. They are extremely good-natured and at the same time brave. If, due to any circumstances, you cannot get a large dog, pay attention to such cute creatures as griffons and Petit brabancons. Reviews about these pets are extremely positive! And if there are children in the family, there will be no limit to their delight at the sight of a funny animal, which, despite its small size, keeps with a great sense of self-esteem.

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