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Usually parents scare young children who do not show diligence in their studies with the fate of a janitor in the future. However, every professional is important for the country, even if he is a doctor, even a shoemaker.

Professional holidays in Russia

Some dates are celebrated on a grand scale throughout the country, others are celebrated modestly, in a narrow circle of like-minded people, colleagues and family members. And there are days marked by the state, but known to units, even the perpetrators themselves sometimes do not know when their work can be officially glorified.

professional holidays in Russia

Oh, somewhere, and in Mother Russia, people like to take a walk. So why not hit yourself in the chest at least once a year, boasting of knowledge, experience and self-importance?! So smart men have compiled a calendar of professional holidays in Russia. Let's be curious when employees of which industries are supposed to walk.


02.12. Congratulations to those lucky people who work in the bank.

03.12. Praise the lawyers!

04.12. Congratulations to computer science specialists.

07.12. Our favorite networkers offering easy income without investments are your date!

08.12. Holiday of the treasurers of Russia.

10.12. Employees of the communication service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, accept congratulations.

17.12. To the couriers of the Russian state and the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) vivat!

18.12. We honor the employees of the Internal Security service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And congratulations to the registry office workers.

20.12. Holiday of the FSB and realtors.

22.12. How important it is to protect it now - energy. Happy Energy Day!

23.12. We honor the long-range aviation of the Air Force.

27.12. Holiday of rescuers. Low bow!

12.01. Professional holidays in Russia in the new year begin honoring the Prosecutor's office.

14.01. Pipeline troops are walking. Did you know about such?

15.01. Investigators mark the date of foundation of their (investigative) committee.

21.01. Well, you should know about the engineering troops - this is their holiday.

25.01. Students' holiday? Yes! But not only that. We honor the navigators of the Russian Navy!

31.01. A very significant date is "The Day of the drunken Jeweler". That is, the Day of Russian vodka and the Day of the Jeweler.

08.02. Praise to the military topographers. And scientists of all stripes should be congratulated.

09.02. Civil aviation salute!

10.02. Intrigues, adventures, treaties, other countries... Diplomats are walking!

18.02. The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Transport also got a date for itself.

calendar of professional holidays in russia


We remember professional holidays in Russia further, the mood is already more cheerful - spring after all. And the first day is immediately very rich in reasons, but we are talking only about professions.

01.03. Firstly, forensic experts, and secondly, Internet service providers (and everyone whose work is connected with the Internet) accept congratulations.

03.03. You will never guess! Theater cashier's Day. Who would have thought!

09.03. Cartographers again, but already civilians, and also surveyors. Glory!

10.03. Unofficially - the Day of archives, and of course, their employees.

11.03. Drug control is walking and private security guards!

12.03. This day is probably well known to those behind the barbed wire. We praise the employees of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

16.03. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who monitor economic security, also need to be distracted from business.

19.03. Do you like the movie "Military Diver"? Here. Day of the submariner.

23.03. Oh, this hydrometeorological center... But its employees also have their own holiday.

24.03. Navigators of the Russian Air Force, hooray!

25.03. You can relax a little and remember the beautiful. We honor cultural workers.

27.03. Congratulations to the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

29.03. The Day of a lawyer, but a military one, is celebrated.

06.04. And now this is a legitimate Day of investigators!

08.04. Oh, and these men are harsh - employees of military commissariats!

12.04. Everyone knows this date. Many people have a father who is an astronaut!

13.04. It doesn't seem to be a profession, but how much good is done in the world by the hands of patrons and benefactors. And there is nothing to say about the air defense troops!

15.04. The Day of the Electronic Warfare Specialist was established by the President of the Russian Federation.

18.04. The holiday of radio amateurs, agree, echoes the previous one.

19.04. These people hardly know about their holiday - it is very dangerous to be distracted in the scrap processing industry.

21.04. Glavbukhi! We waited!

27.04. On the street of notaries and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, protecting science and engaged in it, a holiday.

30.04. Wake up, firefighters!

05.05. Unite cryptographers and divers! It's more fun to walk together.

07.05. Just - Radio Day.

08.05. Do you know that there is a Federal Service for military-technical cooperation of Russia? That's it! And also the penal enforcement system and its operatives!

13.05. Day of the escort of the Russian Federation.

14.05. Freelancers, you can take a walk.

18.05. Day of museums in general and their employees in particular.

21.05. I really want such professions to become a thing of the past - the Day of the military interpreter. And let the BTI workers stay.

24.05. Personnel Worker's Day.

25.05. Not kindred spirits, of course, but people of science - philologists and chemists. Congratulations!

26.05. Salute to desperate, clever, just crazy - Russian entrepreneurs!

27.05. Not of this world, or rather not in this world, - librarians.

28.05. Congratulations to the valiant border guards and SEO optimizers.

29.05. Day of the military motorist. And don't forget about customs veterans.

30.05. Where are we without them! Welders, strong arc!

31.05. But it is better not to get acquainted with these citizens out of necessity, but to have friends is good. Dear lawyers, congratulations!


We continue the list of professional holidays in Russia. Spring was rich in military professions, let's see what summer will bring us.

01.06. Being a child, of course, is a difficult profession, but it is not easy to be a meliorator either.

05.06. Unfortunately, representatives of this profession are becoming more and more necessary - environmentalists.

08.06. Who doesn't like the movie "Office Romance"? Here it is - a holiday of textile and light industry. And also congratulate people with a big heart - social workers.

14.06. Migration service workers, brewers and furniture makers!

15.06. Everyone knows this day - the Day of a medical worker.

20.06. Specialists of the mine and torpedo service of the Russian Navy, vivat!

21.06. Congratulations to the dog handlers in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

23.06. Folk musicians, happy holiday.

28.06. Salute to those who move progress - inventors and innovators!

03.07. Day of the traffic police officer.

06.07. We honor the workers of the river and sea fleet.

11.07. The light operator's holiday.

13.07. Guys, remember, here it is - the Day of the fisherman. And the postal workers, too.

19.07. Congratulations to the lawyers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

20.07. They know all about blast furnaces - metallurgists!

25.07. Congratulations are received by one of the most important office employees - the system administrator.

26.07. Beautiful, but dangerous - to jump with a parachute. Parachutists, fair wind!

27.07. A holiday for employees of two giant (by many indicators and properties) systems - the Navy of the Russian Federation and trade.

28.07. PR specialists are gaining strength and popularity. Keep it up!

01.08. Congratulations to the collectors, employees of the special communication service.

02.08. In its destructive power, it is equal to the Last call - the Day of the Airborne Forces!

03.08. Railway workers' Day in general.

06.08. Railway Troops Day in particular.

07.08. Congratulations to the employees of the special communications and information service at the FSB of the Russian Federation.

09.08. Everything is simple here, fizkult-hello! Day of the worker of physical culture.

10.08. Hello to the builders!

12.08. We honor the workers of the Russian Air Force.

15.08. That's who is not afraid of old age - archaeologists.

17.08. Winged holiday - Aviation Day.

27.08. This is a fairy-tale world, and it is made by wizards - cinema workers.

31.08. Miner's Day.

list of professional holidays in Russia


Professional holidays in Russia are not over yet. We continue!

02.09. Day for those in the PPS and Guards service. Salute!

04.09. Congratulations to the nuclear support specialists.

07.09. They keep their finger on the pulse of our economy - workers in the oil, gas and fuel industries.

08.09. A very capacious, but pleasant profession is a financier.

09.09. Day of the tester. There used to be graphic designers, and now graphic designers.

11.09. Educators are walking today, but not in gardens, but in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

13.09. Programmers of Russia, congratulations! And we will not forget about hairdressers!

14.09. Happy Tankman's Day!

17.09. This is a holiday not just for HR specialists, but for HR managers!

19.09. Gunsmiths and secretaries, good health to you!

20.09. Congratulate your recruiter!

21.09. They breathe deeply - forest workers. Happy holidays!

27.09. The most stress-resistant are preschool workers. A low bow.

28.09. Look for employees of the nuclear industry, machine builders and general directors among your friends. Found it? Feel free to go congratulate!

01.10. Congratulations to the land soldiers of the Russian Federation.

03.10. Everyone on the floor! Riot police are working! And he also rests sometimes...

04.10. Holiday at the rescue (Ministry of Emergency Situations) and space troops.

05.10. The day of the teacher and the criminal investigation officer. Isn't it great?

06.10. Congratulations to the insurers!

08.10. Holiday of commanders of all types of ships (surface, underwater and even air).

12.10. Another HR Day.

19.10. We honor the workers of the food industry and road facilities.

20.10. Day of the military signalman.

23.10. Advertisers! Relax, celebrate.

25.10. Holiday of cable industry and customs workers.

26.10. This is a classic - the Day of the motorist.

29.10. Employees of non-departmental security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, light service!

30.10. Congratulations to the mechanical engineers.

31.10. All attention to the employees of the pre-trial detention center, prisons, as well as sign language interpreters.

01.11. Bailiff's day. Are there many people wishing to congratulate?

05.11. Glory to the scouts of Russia!

10.11. Holiday of the police officer.

12.11. Congratulations to Sberbank employees and everyone who cares about our safety.

13.11. Day of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

15.11. Congratulations to the fighters against organized crime.

16.11. Congratulations are accepted by designers.

17.11. Day of the precinct.

19.11. Glaziers, rocket men, and gunners, hooray!

21.11. Congratulations to accountants and tax specialists together!

22.11. Psychologist's holiday.

27.11. Day of the Marine. Appraisers should also be congratulated.

Well, the janitor's Day was never found... A pity.

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