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Physical activity is of no small importance at any age. But special attention should be paid to the sports training of our children. The sooner we start physical education of a child, the more likely it is to raise healthy, intelligent and comprehensively developed people. Because along with the loads on the muscles, we begin to monitor proper nutrition, regime, teach to set goals and achieve them, thereby making a huge contribution to the happy future of our children.

how to teach a child to skate

The choice in favor of ice skating

When the question arises which sport to give preference to, many factors should be taken into account. This is the place of residence, and the natural features of your area or the location of the nearest stadiums, playgrounds with certain directions in sports, and the presence of children's sports organizations, and so on.

But we can safely call lucky those who live next to an ice rink or who have an open section near the house where children are taught to skate. Even the simplest ice platform is enough to stand on the ice and start sliding on it. How to teach a child to skate? You can safely think about it from the first years of the baby.

We attract children to sports

Believe me, children will get an unforgettable experience, and taking into account the physical load when sliding and performing different figures, skating becomes simply an invaluable sport. 

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who can attract your child to figure skating, hockey or just the ability to skate, then you do not have to postpone it for a long time and wait until the child grows up a little, because each parent has their own threshold of understanding in the readiness and maturity of children for sports.


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Early life - not a hindrance, but an advantage

teach a child to skate

Do not be afraid of the baby's too early age, many parents have been thinking about how to teach a child to skate since the age of one and a half. This is not extravagance, but an understandable desire of parents at an early age to be able to strengthen the baby's muscles, teach him to keep his balance. 

When is it worth teaching a child

It is all the more important to teach your child to skate on ice as early as possible if you plan to send him to the sports section. It can be like hockey, figure skating, speed skating and the like. Kids are accepted into sports groups from the age of 3-4, but after 8-9 many doors of sports clubs can be closed in front of your children.

If winter sports are very popular in your city, it is worth looking for information about where and how to teach a child to skate. To begin with, you should be able to objectively assess the physical condition of your child, how firmly he stands on his feet, how he walks, how the abdominal and back muscles are developed.

teaching a child to skate

First preparation at home

If the baby is weak, do not despair and thereby give up sports loads. Try to do simple exercises at home first, gradually mastering them and gaining strength. The basic exercises will be squats, springy jumps, goose walking, moving sideways from foot to foot. Then these exercises are done with skates on their feet and on ice. You can give the child an inverted stool to rest on, so that he feels the full charm of sliding on ice. You can also start to tow it.

It is also advisable for parents to consult with children's coaches on how to teach a child to skate independently. After all, it is loving parents who will be able to patiently and unobtrusively teach a child to any kind of sport, and then you can give a grown-up baby who adapts well among his peers to the sports section.

how to skate fast

Training to fall

Parents, do not forget that with all your care and foresight, children will still fall on the ice. Therefore, your main task will be to teach the child to fall correctly and be able to group when falling. Even at home, do a series of exercises to teach the baby to keep the correct forward tilt, thereby preventing a fall on his back or on his side. Lay a blanket or a thick training mat, provide for all possible cases and practice so that the child is not afraid of his instability on the ice, and the unpleasant sensation of falling does not discourage the desire to skate.

We pay attention to training

Do not focus your attention on how to skate fast. All in good time, let the kid slowly master the basic movements to properly slide on the ice, learn to push off with one foot and brake. With constant training and moral support from parents, the result will appear very soon. And the joy of the baby, when he shows the learned figures, compensates for all the experiences and the time spent on them.

But do not overdo it with training, stick to a certain time interval. First, let it be 10 minutes, then gradually increase the time. Of course, the first time a child realizes that everything is working out for him, he will slide on the ice until he has no strength left. But the next day, muscle pain can discourage further desire to learn the basics of skating. The child will understand how to skate quickly during training, depending on how he gets forward movement, the correct entry into the turn and the ability to brake in time.

how to skate backwards

How to skate backwards

Now your child can successfully skate on ice, make different movements, show interesting figures. Now he can show you how to skate backwards. It's not difficult if he knows all the rules of movement on the ice. Everything is exactly the same as forward, only the little skater slides backwards. Pushing off with one foot, the second slides, respectively, moves to the other leg. It is worth starting the backward movement from the leg with which the child is used to pushing off, so as not to confuse him in the movement. You should move a little in an arc, but when moving, the baby will understand and choose the most convenient slide.

But if such a movement does not work out right away, you should pay a little more attention to how to skate backwards, later such a skill can be useful in sports. Again, if the baby already knows how to slide forward with ease, correctly moving his legs and pushing off, then there will be no difficulties when sliding back, only habit and constant training are needed.

Choosing the right skates

If you have undertaken to teach your child to skate, then seriously approach the choice of skates themselves. The success of your event will depend on it. Let's start with the simplest two-pole skates. They consist of two metal platforms that are attached directly to the upper shoe. They are stable and easy to use, but they are not quite suitable for more professional sliding. But for young beginners, they will be just right, since they are the most stable on ice.

how to skate

The main skates used on ice rinks are single–skates. They can be curly and hockey. Figure skates have small teeth that help to easily push off on the ice and brake. Hockey have no notches, they are absolutely smooth. It will not be very convenient for beginners to keep their balance, since they have to push off with the edge of the blade of the skates.

Suitable material for skating shoes

You should also take into account the material of shoes on children's skates. A lot depends on how intensively children are engaged in ice skating. If on a permanent basis in the sports section, then skates are chosen with leather shoes. They give the greatest opportunity to breathe to your child's legs. But it should also be taken into account that they are the coldest, so try to insulate the baby's legs with wool socks. Be sure to take this fact into account when choosing the size of skates. It is also advisable not to buy skates for growth. 

You can buy skates with leatherette boots. They are always insulated with artificial fur, but if we teach a child to skate, and training is delayed for a long time, it is better to make a choice in favor of natural materials.

how to skate fast

Plastic skates have also gained popularity today. The boots themselves are made of light plastic, and there are boots inside, which makes these skates the warmest. Fastened with clips. Additionally, such skates can be sliding, which means that they increase by two or three sizes with the growth of the baby's leg. The only disadvantage is that the foot is too loose in the shoe, because it prevents comfortable skating on ice and can lead to injuries.

Any of the proposed options provide for all methods of performing exercises on ice (including you can easily skate backwards). Hockey skates will also be good, especially if you are going to give the baby to the hockey section. In other cases, give preference to figure skates, since your baby will learn to perform various tasks faster on them.

Where can I skate

It may be that there will not be a skating rink specialized for winter sports in your city. And then the question arises about where you can skate. In this case, do not despair, with the arrival of winter, improvised outdoor skating rinks are necessarily formed, which can be successfully used both for training and just for entertainment. Although it should be noted that street skating rinks are not very convenient, since there are necessarily various kinds of impurities in the ice that prevent easy sliding. But with a strong desire to ride, this will not be a hindrance.

where can I skate

If your child does not attend sports clubs yet, where they teach all the basics of ice skating, and you cannot teach him yourself, then it is better to hire a coach who can correctly explain all the subtleties of this art and show how to skate figure skating to your kid. These lessons will be simply invaluable in further sports, they will bring real benefits to the child not only in terms of health, but also give a lot of emotions.

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