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Work is an integral part of our life, and relationships with colleagues significantly affect the mood of each person. A quiet working day in a friendly team will allow you to relax in the evening and think only about your loved ones. The most difficult thing is to build the right relationship with the manager, because the peace of mind of each employee directly depends on him. It is especially difficult for the team if you need to congratulate the boss on his birthday. No one wants to take on such responsibility alone, so congratulations are usually prepared together. The whole process can be divided into several stages.

happy birthday to the boss


Options for congratulating the boss on his birthday need to be discussed with all employees in advance. Do not wait for the last week before the holiday, it threatens with an ill-conceived scenario and a spoiled mood of the hero of the occasion.

First you need to decide how large-scale the greeting should be. Some people believe that it is better not to congratulate a manager who does not focus the attention of subordinates on the date of his birth and avoids talking about this topic. In most cases, such an opinion is erroneous, and general silence can be regarded as simple disrespect. Congratulations are better organized in any case, the main thing is to decide whether it will be a solemn event with a cheerful scenario or a modest wish from the whole team with a symbolic gift.

happy birthday card to the boss

Congratulations to the strict boss

What kind of congratulations will be depends on the specific team, the relationships in it and the role of the boss in the life of employees. If the head visits subordinates extremely rarely, mainly in order to reprimand the guilty, then, most likely, there is no need to prepare a magnificent holiday. The boss may not come to the office at all on his birthday. In this case, a small business gift and a postcard to the boss will be appropriate. His deputy can congratulate the head on his birthday and hand over souvenirs prepared by the team.


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If the boss is the soul of the company

If the boss is the soul of the company, participates in the life of each employee, helps in personal matters, then his subordinates can organize a fun holiday with a suitable scenario for the occasion. If the manager shares his concerns with his subordinates, then they will surely know how he himself plans to celebrate the solemn date. After all, the preparation of the scenario largely depends on the venue of the event. Congratulating the boss on his birthday can be organized in the office, some entertainment institution or in nature. This moment is usually determined by the manager himself.

happy birthday to the boss

Distribution of roles

Whatever the scenario of congratulating the boss on his birthday, colleagues need to discuss questions about who is responsible for what. It is better to think about the scenario itself together. If there is a person among the employees who knows the manager better than others, freedom for creativity can be given to him. At the same time, the team should not be detached from what is happening, because together you can come up with a very original scenario. When allocating responsibilities, it is necessary to take into account the abilities of each individual employee. An employee who performs the duties of a manager and communicates daily with a large number of people, it is better to make happy birthday wishes to the boss than a mechanic working in the same department.

Writing a script

Regardless of where the celebration will take place, the boss's birthday scenario includes the following points:

  1. The introductory part. This may be a brief congratulation of the deputy or someone from the staff. You can prepare poems or wishes in prose and read them to the whole team. The main thing is to pre-rehearse this moment so that there are no hitches.boss's birthday scenario
  2. The entertainment part. This stage provides the most extensive field for creativity. When choosing interesting entertainment and contests, you need to focus on the hobbies of the boss, as well as the strengths of employees. For example, if the manager is a big fan of fishing, you can arrange various contests with catching "fish" from large basins with tied hands. If someone sings well in the team, you can include a musical greeting in the script. You can use strangers in the congratulations, if it is appropriate. For example, the manager loves dancing very much. And one of the employees attends choreography lessons. She is unlikely to perform alone, and such a spectacle will not bring the desired effect. But if you invite her colleagues from the dance school to perform together with an employee, you will get an original and unforgettable greeting.
  3. Presentation of a gift. This stage can be combined with the entertainment part. It all depends on the holiday scenario. Usually a gift is given to the manager by the whole team. His choice is based on the preferences of the boss. If it is difficult to decide, you can buy some valuable business souvenir. The main thing is not to make everything too formal. If the boss loves extreme sports, it is better to give him a coupon for a parachute jump as a gift than an expensive diary.

words to the boss on his birthday

Office holiday

If it is known that the team will congratulate the boss on his birthday in the office, it is better to bet on surprise. Such an event is usually held at the end of the day. Employees can come to work in the morning and modestly congratulate their supervisor, without giving away the upcoming surprise. It is better to take festive clothes with you, because the chic outfits of the employees will immediately expose the upcoming action. The decoration of the office needs to be prepared in advance, so that it remains only to hang balls and ribbons. To set the table will help specialized companies for the service of celebrations, whose specialists can be invited for a certain time. They will deliver all the agreed dishes and the table is served. At the end of the working day, you need to take the head away from the room where the holiday will be, under some pretext, and when he returns, everything should already be ready.

Event in a cafe or restaurant

If the celebration is planned in a cafe or restaurant, it is better to invite a professional presenter. You can organize contests yourself, but it is quite difficult to do this in an unfamiliar room. And the atmosphere of the restaurant obliges to a larger-scale congratulations than, for example, fun in an office space. The main thing is, in the conditions of universal fun and a clear program of the presenter, do not forget to say warm words to the boss on his birthday.

happy birthday wishes to the boss

Congratulations in nature

There is nothing better than kebabs and songs around the campfire on a warm summer evening! If your boss is of the same opinion, feel free to organize a trip to nature. However, it is better to discuss this option with the head in advance, because a certain amount of time is needed for the trip, which he could devote to his loved ones. After all, a birthday is a family holiday, there is no need to put the boss in front of an inconvenient choice, which, most likely, will not be in favor of the team.

Celebrating the birthday of the boss in nature, you can arrange team competitions. If the action takes place at a campsite where there is another company of vacationers, you can invite them to participate in the entertainment. Such competitions will not only cheer everyone up, but also help the team to unite in the fight against a common enemy.

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