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In recent years, many dog owners have been feeding their pets dry industrial food. It is recommended by most veterinarians and dog handlers. This is convenient, especially if the owner has little time to prepare special food for dogs, because it is impossible to feed animals from a common table. Dog food is balanced in vitamins and minerals and includes everything your pet needs.

dog foodBut many owners are wary of such food and continue to feed pets with natural food. Indeed, there are mixtures that contain many harmful ingredients and preservatives, cause allergies or stomach diseases. And that's why disputes do not subside: which dog food is better?

Many manufacturers, in pursuit of profit, add useless and even harmful components to the food. And then they advertise it as the best and healthiest food. Therefore, before buying dog food for your pet, study its composition so that in pursuit of a small price you do not harm your pet.

Useless for animals, but a cheap filler is corn or soy flour, which can cause allergies, and also chicken flour, for the preparation of which entrails, heads and even feathers are used.
royal canin dog food

A rather harmful component is meat and bone meal, which is made from sick, crippled and dead wild animals. Dangerous ingredients also include preservatives, flavorings and sweeteners that can cause tooth decay, pancreatic diseases and allergies.

If you decide to transfer your pet to dry dog food, then you should choose only well-known manufacturers who really care about the health of animals and make high-quality feed.

One of the most famous brands is the Royal Canin dog food. Both dog owners and veterinarians speak well of this product. The food is nutritious, contains many vitamins and minerals important for the health of pets. Special feeds have been developed for puppies, for dogs of different breeds, which help animals to grow and develop properly. But although this food is usually well tolerated by dogs, some animals still do not accept it. After all, it, like all dry food, includes poultry meat, corn and soy. This food contains a lot of cereals and vegetable fiber, as well as artificial vitamins and minerals.

dog food proplanYou can use "Proplan" dog food to feed your pet. He also deserved a lot of good reviews, not only because of the composition, but also because of the small price. This product consists mainly of poultry meat and rice, as well as corn flour and vegetable protein. Some types of it contain fish oil, yeast, oat fiber and taurine.

Dog food of different brands contains most often the same ingredients. Its usefulness depends on the quality of the product and the substances that manufacturers add. Different dogs react differently to food. What went well for one can cause severe allergies in the other. The most famous and delicious foods that are popular, your dog may just not want to. Therefore, try, buy feeds from well-known companies and monitor the condition of the pet.

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