Lichen appeared in children. How to treat it? We'll find out!


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Young children get sick often, and their illnesses progress rapidly. Therefore, parents should be alarmed by all unusual formations on their skin. Most often, skin diseases appear in the warm season, because all fungi and microorganisms love warmth and moisture. A very common skin disease is lichen in children. How to treat it? Many parents are interested in this.

Lichen is a very contagious disease caused by fungi. A child can lichen in children how to treatGet infected by touching stray animals or communicating closely with a sick person. Lichen is manifested by small spots on the skin that have different colors. If you do not apply a suitable remedy for lichen in children in time, the spots will grow and darken.

The skin at the site of the appearance of lichen flakes and itches. This disease does not cause any more unpleasant sensations to the child. Therefore, parents often do not immediately notice lichen in children. Only a doctor can determine how to treat it, because there are several types of it.

Ringworm is most common. It is so called because it appears on the scalp, and bald patches form in this place. There is also a multicolored lichen, manifested in the form of red, yellow and brown flaking spots. Much less common is shingles, which is caused by the herpes virus, or pink, which manifests itself in the form of pale spots.

At any age, lichen can appear in children. How to treat it, you need to find out from a dermatologist. He will advise an antifungal remedy for the treatment of spots and an anti-allergic one if the child has itching. Medications are often prescribed for oral administration, but mostly the disease is treated with ointments. But the most important thing is not medications, but concomitant treatment.

remedy for shingles in childrenIt is important for parents to know how to remove lichen from a child, because without treatment, it can spread throughout the body. It is necessary to limit the patient's stay in the sun and in the water, so as not to provoke the appearance of new rashes. Clothes need to be washed more often and ironed well from the inside. It is also necessary to disinfect the child's personal hygiene items. It is advisable to remove all soft toys and carpets, because of which re-infection may occur. Teach the child to wash his hands more often and not to touch the affected areas.

It is important to monitor the baby's nutrition. It is necessary to give him more vegetables, fruits and other products that increase immunity. Try to bathe the child less, and with excessive sweating, wipe his skin with a weak saline solution.

how to remove lichen from a child

It is very difficult to remove lichen in children. How to treat it with folk remedies? You can make lotions from decoctions of plantain, burdock or hop cones. Lubricate the affected areas with sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil several times a day. You can lubricate the spots of lichen with iodine or green paint. It also helps to constantly lubricate them with cranberry juice.

Lichen in a child is easier to prevent than to treat. Teach your baby to observe hygiene rules, not to touch stray animals. Wear it only in cotton, breathable clothing. Do not allow him to be in wet clothes for a long time, hypothermia or sweating. Only if you follow the rules of hygiene, you will be able to protect your child from depriving.

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