How to trim a baby? A few tips


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There has long been an opinion that the first hairs of a child should be cut to zero. Allegedly, only after that they begin to grow thick. This opinion has not been scientifically proven, but all parents are asking how to cut a baby's hair. There are some tips that help to carry out the procedure without a hitch.
how to trim a baby

Everything is like Dad, only longer

Children from the age of six months tend to imitate their parents in everything. Mom laughs – son smiles. Dad frowns – my daughter also collects eyebrows on the bridge of her nose. Therefore, it is also worth connecting an example to the issue of haircuts. In this particular case, Dad. Why him? Because you can cut it with a typewriter, but it's unlikely that your mother will. Ladies tenderly treat their hair. Before you cut the baby's hair, call him or sit him down in front of Dad. Turn on the typewriter and follow the reaction of the child. If he is not afraid, did not flinch and generally reacted phlegmatically to her, proceed to the second stage. Slowly remove the hair on the top of Dad's head. Reset so that they do not fall on the child. Dad is given the role of a smiling to trim a baby with a typewriter

After that, you can start with the baby's hair. The very first hair is thin, like fluff. If they grow by more than five centimeters, it is better to remove them first with scissors. Before cutting the child, prepare sharp scissors, but with rounded ends. Cut the hairs from the very bottom, gradually rising higher. If the child suddenly kicks up and refuses the procedure, do not insist. Your persistence will eventually lead to a stoic aversion to haircuts. Put it off until the evening or the next day.

If everything goes like clockwork, then after the scissors comes the time for the typewriter. Only it is possible to completely remove all the hair under zero, if that's what you intended. How to trim a baby with a straight machine? You need to start the same way from the back of the head, rising up, evenly from all sides. Very carefully. No need to scrape the skin, even if the machine is with a nozzle. She can hurt the baby. The process takes a long time for the first time. After that, children are usually calm about the procedure, only sometimes acting up. Be patient and cut it to the to trim a baby at home

Chorus girls and bunny boys

Girls rarely get a haircut for a typewriter. More often it is a neat haircut with or without bangs. Kindergarten boys are also rarely shaved to zero. How to trim a baby at home with scissors yourself, and even exactly? You will need well-sharpened scissors (fine if they are professional) and a fine comb. First, the parting is done - smooth, without zigzags. Then the bangs are cut. Hair can be sprinkled with water if they are electrified and attracted to the comb. After bangs, proceed to the tips. Here, cut it as it falls on your soul. Just remember that the child still has to walk with such a haircut. Creativity is not particularly appropriate under the age of 10. Only then you can do fashionable and unusual haircuts.

Before you cut the baby, you need to be patient. Sometimes children just indulge, turn their heads and do not want to sit still at all. Get them interested. Turn on at least cartoons for a couple of minutes. Beautiful haircuts for you!

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