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The birth of a child is not only a great joy for parents, but also an even greater responsibility. Often newly-minted dads and moms ask questions about when it's time for the baby to hold his head, turn over, whoop, smile, sit, get up on all fours… Parents of little princesses often think about when they can seat a girl. After all, there is still a widespread opinion among the people that if you put the baby too early, she will face trouble in the future on the female side, in particular, the bend of the uterus. But about everything in order...

when you can seat a girl

When can I seat a girl?

Firstly, it is worth noting that it is impossible to provoke the bending of the uterus by early sittings, this is no more than another myth and grandmother's "horror stories". Some parents believe that by seating the baby, they work out the necessary skill in this way and contribute to the rapid physical development of their daughter, but they are mistaken. The loads on the still weak back and weak spine, and early sitting can be characterized exactly like this, may come back in the future, so it is absolutely not worth rushing! Let the baby first strengthen her muscles and grow up to this important stage! To do this, it should be laid out more often on the tummy, stimulated to overturn and rise on all fours, and then to crawl. In addition, the simplest massage and gymnastics should not be neglected. And then the question of when the girl can be seated will simply not arise – she will sit down herself when the time comes. Most often this happens at the age of 6-7 months.


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is it possible to seat girls

Is it possible to seat girls who don't know how to sit themselves yet?

Until the baby turns six months old, this should not be done. But from 6 months, if necessary, the crumb can be planted for a short time. It is not necessary to cover the child with pillows and force him to sit for a long time, especially if he actively protests. You can seat the baby in a special child seat, slightly tilting its back, or lift the head end of the stroller (in the "half-sitting" position), thereby increasing the view. However, you should not get carried away.

At how old can girls be seated, it is best to ask a pediatrician who watches the baby from birth and knows all her features (for example, whether there was hyper- or hypotension, complications in childbirth, neurological problems, dysplasia, etc. And if there is no such possibility, because, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky with a doctor, you should always remember that it is simply impossible to be late in this case. Many pediatricians and orthopedists say that the option when the baby first crawls and then sits down is the most optimal. Of course, I really want to brag to my family and friends about the early development of my daughter and, in particular, the ability to sit, but it is necessary to moderate parental ambitions and first of all think about the health of the crumbs.

what time can girls be seated

When can a girl be seated if she develops faster than other children?

This also happens – the baby is not even 6 months old yet, and she has already sat down herself. In this case, you don't have to worry, it means that the muscles of the crumbs are already strong enough. However, it is not necessary to leave her in a sitting position for a long time, let the girl crawl and move more.

If the child does not sit on his own at either 6 or 7 months, you should not panic. The baby has the right to its own pace of development, perhaps the child needs a little more time to master this difficult skill. However, if this has not happened before 9 months (provided that the baby is full-term and she has no visible health problems), it is necessary to consult a good pediatrician.

What to do if the baby is not in a hurry?

Generally accepted norms are average indicators, so do not panic if the baby is 7-8 months old. doesn't want to sit down. Everything should happen naturally. If she does not show desire, it means that the muscles are not yet strong enough and the sitting position causes discomfort. In case of prolonged refusal, you need to visit a pediatrician and discuss with him the child's unwillingness to sit. In this case, the doctor will examine the baby and, in the absence of pathology, will tell you what procedures to take to speed up the process of muscle and spine formation.

There are certain signs that indicate that the neck and chest muscles are quite strong, which means they are ready to hold the body in an upright position.

The baby can begin to sit down with the following skills:

  • Lying on her stomach, she raises her head effortlessly;
  • Mastered turns in different directions without difficulty;
  • Lying on his back, he pulls himself up behind the toy.

These signs allow parents to determine that the spine is quite strong and able to withstand more intense loads.

And how can I sit down? Initially, it is worth doing this in a special chair or stroller, where it is possible to fix the backrest at an angle of 30 degrees, to create the desired angle, you can use a pillow. Attempts to plant vertically during this period are directly related to the development of scoliosis in the future.

When does the child start sitting on his own?

The time when the child begins to sit is eagerly awaited by all mothers, because this is the next stage in the "growing up" of the baby.

  • If the child wants to sit down at 4 months
  • How to understand that the child is ready to sit
  • Who used to be: boys or girls?
  • How to teach a child to sit
  • Lifestyle

How to teach a child to sit? Wanting the child to master this skill as soon as possible, mothers are looking for an answer to this question in various sources. The right way is with a pediatrician, questionable on mom's forums and quite risky in the family circle, with grandmothers and their methods from the series "put him in pillows". Let's define the main postulates of this most important period in the baby's life.

The answer to the question "At how many months the child begins to sit " cannot be completely unambiguous. After all, the pace of development of each baby is very individual. In addition, you need to clearly understand what lies under the term "the child is sitting". Sitting on mom's arms, with her back support, frequent change of position from sitting to reclining? Or is he sitting on the couch or on the floor, reaching out from this position to the toy and returning back without any problems? Let's figure it out.

Who sits down first boys or girls

There is an opinion that boys master this skill somewhat earlier than girls. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this theory to date.

The fact is that the strengthening of the spinal column goes through several stages. The first of them is the formation of a neck bend, when a baby learns to hold his head without support from an adult. The second stage is mastering the skill of turning over and crawling. The final stage is lumbar (here the baby can already sit and walk independently).

The formation of physiological bends of the spine is a rather complex and intensive process. For example, if you compare the posture of a newborn baby and a one-year-old baby, the difference will be obvious. The sex of the child does not affect the speed of mastering the skill of sitting. The decisive factor is the level of development of the muscular system, the child's need for motor activity.

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