Tips for young moms: how to put a newborn to bed?


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how to put a newborn to bed

How to put a newborn to bed if he is able to bring you to a nervous breakdown almost every time you try to send him to bed. You constantly feel as if you could easily be the main character of a zombie in any horror movie, since your baby does not sleep at night and is naughty all the time. Be patient, pull yourself together, this is the feeling experienced by all young parents in the world. But, fortunately, there are some fairly simple and very easy things that can help you solve this problem. There are also unusual, very creative ideas.

A few simple ways to properly put a newborn to sleep.

  • Massage. This is one of the most common methods that is suitable for all children. He is the best way to calm tiny babies so that they can sleep perfectly all night. The most ordinary, gentle and affectionate stroking will quickly calm down your child and help him to doze sweetly. Just do not try to give your children a real massage, this is the lot of professionals. Only gentle touches and patting of the skin in a calm environment can to properly put a newborn to sleep
  • Pleasant sounds. This is the oldest way to put a newborn to bed. It helps in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Light music, which the child will not focus on, can provide you with a quick laying. Special toys on ribbons, rattles that reproduce pleasant sounds are in many cases the ideal and only possible solution.
  • Washer. Many parents have no choice but to put the newborn to sleep on top of this unit. He can be laid on it in a car seat. Gentle vibration and monotonous noise can help children fall asleep very well.
  • Warm diapers. Babies don't like the cold. Do not put the child on an unheated surface, do not take it with icy hands, keep the temperature in the room above twenty-two degrees. Put a diaper ironed with a hot iron on your stomach.
  • Music. How can a newborn be put to bed, if not with the help of lullabies? Sometimes the kid prefers something louder. Especially often this can be found if mom and dad liked to listen to this when the baby was still in the tummy. The main thing is to make sure that the sounds will not damage the child's eardrums.
  • Swaddling. This is the oldest, time-tested "grandmother's way" that can work wonders. How to put a newborn baby to sleep if, without keeping the temperature for him and without fixing his arms and legs, with which he constantly wakes himself up, and sometimes he can get hurt? It also calms the baby when he is naughty and to put a newborn baby to sleep

Helping your child during sleep, it is not necessary to follow these methods at all, use creativity, since each baby needs an individual approach. Some techniques may suit your baby, but they will be absolutely unacceptable for another, so you need to find your own approach to motion sickness.

We teach the child to the daily routine

In a newborn, the first weeks consist of feeding and sleeping. The alternation of these procedures goes like this: after feeding, the baby sleeps for 2-3 hours and then wakes up to eat. According to the norm, infants need to sleep for 16-18 hours a day. The older the kids get, the less time is given to sleep in the daytime.

Over time, night feeding is removed. Therefore, the baby should eat well before going to bed at night. This will help to establish the correct mode of the day in the future, teach the child to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day with two, and then with one "quiet hour".

They begin to prepare for the correct routine even in the prenatal state. Already from 7 months of development in the mother's abdomen, the fetus develops the habit of sleeping at night. The woman prepares the unborn baby for the routine, observing the rules of the daily routine herself. It will then be preserved after the birth of the baby.

A young mother who was not nervous during the whole pregnancy, slept fully for 8 hours, rested during the day, the child will be calm, and it will not be necessary to force the baby to sleep.

There are several reasons why a child cannot fall asleep:

  • The baby wakes up most often at night because he has something that hurts or he is hungry.
  • The reasons for the baby's anxiety include the fact that teeth are being cut. The eruption is accompanied by pain, fever, so the child will not sleep peacefully all night.
  • If the baby is overexcited in the evening, it will be difficult for him to fall asleep.
  • An uncomfortable atmosphere in the nursery, an uncomfortable bed will not allow you to rest in peace.
  • Deviations in the development of the nervous system will lead to the fact that it is difficult for the child to fall asleep. During the night, he is capricious, sleeps little.

Parents themselves can find out the cause of sleep disorders in a newborn. With constant excitement and crying of the baby, a specialist consultation is necessary.

Rules for healthy baby sleep

The children's room is prepared for bed in advance. It is necessary that it be ventilated. The air temperature should be at the level of 18 degrees Celsius. Dry air will cause the baby's mucous membranes to dry out. Therefore, in winter it is necessary to put special humidifiers or a container with water near the heating battery. Humidity should be at the level of 50-70%.

A newborn should sleep in his crib, not with his parents. The mattress and pillow in children of the first year of life are dense, rigid. Instead of a pillow, you can put a flannel diaper rolled up several times under your head. The diaper is selected at night from breathable fabrics so that the baby is comfortable.

If the diaper is wet, the baby will not sleep. Before going to bed, for 2-3 hours, they walk with the baby. Then he takes a bath, and after feeding, he quickly falls asleep. But it is not necessary to overfeed at the same time, otherwise the baby will have abdominal pain, and then sleep as if nothing had happened.

Useful styling tips

You can teach a child to fall asleep without problems:

  • Under the voice of mom or dad;
  • Laying at the same time;
  • Accustomed to the nipple;
  • After bathing;
  • Sitting next to the crib.

Motion sickness allows some children to fall asleep quickly, but it's not worth getting used to it. Otherwise, you will have to constantly take the child in your arms. If the baby is breastfeeding, then he will fall asleep soundly, pressed to the mother's breast. Now we need to carefully put him to bed. But it is not necessary to use the chest to shut up the mouth of the awakened baby at night. It is possible that he is not sleeping because of hunger.

Which sleeping positions are better

In order to properly put a newborn to sleep, you need to know in which position he falls asleep faster. The most common position for a baby is on his back with his arms and legs slightly bent and spread apart. At the same time, the head should be turned on its side so that the baby does not choke during regurgitation.

It is possible to exclude the development of a neck curve by regularly changing the rotation of the head. Do not put children with increased muscle tone on their backs. Involuntary movements of the limbs can frighten the baby. It is worth turning the newborn over on his tummy when he has colic or the hip joint develops incorrectly.

Every day it is necessary to put the child on his stomach, as it is convenient for him to raise and support his head. This will help you navigate better in space, and the back muscles will strengthen. But it is necessary to put it correctly on the tummy so that the mattress in the crib is smooth and hard, and there are no toys lying next to it.

Children sleep well on their sides. By pressing the legs to the tummy, the child will free himself from the accumulation of gases in the intestines. It is necessary to put a roller under the back so that the child does not turn over in his sleep. It is supposed to be put on the side only from 3 months.

Ways to put the baby down quickly

There are many problems with children under one year old, but one of them is that the child does not always fall asleep easily. Some people need to play instead of sleeping, others start crying. If daytime sleep is upset, it's still half the trouble. But if the baby does not sleep at night, then the whole family suffers.

It is necessary to use all available methods to ensure that the child sleeps the prescribed time. But whether it can be done calmly, without stress and tantrums, depends on the situation in the family, the nervous system of the mother. A stroller is suitable for daytime sleep. The baby feels comfortable in it, and fresh air will do him good.

But at the same time it is necessary to choose places for walks in the park or in the yard, where there is less noise, shouting. But the weather is not always favorable for walking, so you can put a stroller on the loggia or balcony. At night, the question of falling asleep is more acute. How much to put the baby depends on the chosen mode of the day. Usually the period of motion sickness falls on 20-21 hours.

Before that, it is necessary to go through a mandatory ritual. It consists of:

  • Evening walk;
  • Water procedures;
  • Feeding;
  • Motion sickness.

Each mother has her own techniques, because she knows the habits of the baby, at what time he falls asleep, what he prefers to do before going to bed. A woman needs to learn not to be led by a child. If you constantly take a baby in your arms, then over time it will be difficult to do this because of the increase in the weight of the newborn.

It is necessary to do without motion sickness. The child falls asleep well to a lullaby song or calm music. You can just sit next to the crib, holding the baby's hand. Only in some cases, put the child next to you in bed when he is unwell. But you can't make it a habit. It will have to be weaned through shouting and loud crying.

One of the problems of a family with a newborn is putting him to bed. Everything depends on the upbringing of the parents themselves, their observance of sleep and wakefulness. But for the health of the baby, it is important to be able to properly prepare the child for bed, give him the opportunity to fully rest at night and during the day.

Author's methods

The Harvey Karp Method

Its essence is to perform certain actions.

  • Swaddling. Before each laying, the baby should be wrapped in a thin diaper or blanket. It is not necessary to swaddle tightly, but make sure that the child cannot release the handles. He should be able to bend and unbend his legs. Harvey Karp does not recommend using swaddling throughout the day, and after 4–5 months, diapers should be abandoned altogether.
  • Position on the side. If the baby is naughty, you need to put it on the side and hold it in your arms. This position will seem natural to him, so the baby will calm down faster and fall asleep.
  • Familiar sounds. Harvey Karp claims that in order to feel protected, the baby needs to hear the same sounds that he caught while in his mother's stomach. He suggests pronouncing the sound "shhh" in the child's ear and gently rocking. You can also use the recording of the so-called "white noise", which can be found on the Internet. You need to turn it on every time you put your child to bed.
  • Rocking. The author of the technique advises rocking the baby in a crib or rocking chair in the arms of his mother. If the baby burst into tears, the swaying should be rhythmic, reminiscent of fluttering. The usual rocking back and forth does not give such an effect. Light shaking, on the contrary, imitates the sensations that the child experiences while in the mother's stomach.
  • DummyIf the child is nervous, you can give him a pacifier and thereby satisfy the sucking reflex. Many babies calm down after applying to the breast, even if they are not hungry. The author of the technique believes that the combination of all the previous points and sucking a pacifier should calm the baby and help him fall asleep.

The Estiville method

It is suitable for children over one and a half to two years old. It is important that the baby understands the meaning of the words spoken. During the day, the mother explains to the child several times that from that day on, he must learn to fall asleep on his own. In the evening, after reading the fairy tale, the parents repeat once again that he falls asleep himself today, and go out for exactly one minute. Even if the baby cries and calls you, Eduard Estivil does not recommend entering the room. After a minute, go back to the child and explain again that he should fall asleep himself, and go out for another minute. Gradually, the time intervals should be increased. This technique is quite controversial, and it has both supporters and ardent opponents.

The Nathan Dilo Method

This funny and slightly strange method has found a lot of responses from Internet users. Australian Nathan Dilo and his wife Seth have shown the world that a baby can be put to bed in just 40 seconds with a regular napkin. Mom first gently strokes the baby's face with the edge of a soft cloth. At first, the baby remains cheerful, but after a few seconds relaxes and falls asleep. Psychologists say that it's all about the rhythmic repetition of monotonous movements. The baby involuntarily focuses his gaze on the subject and gradually calms down.

10 rules from Dr. Komarovsky

The famous pediatrician gives detailed recommendations that will help to adjust the baby's sleep.

  1. Get enough sleep yourself. Every child needs a happy, rested mom, so find an opportunity to take a break.
  2. Stick to the mode.Your daily routine should be convenient for both parents and the baby. Once and for all, set the ideal bedtime and stick to it.
  3. Together or apart? Komarovsky recommends putting the baby in his own crib from the first days.
  4. Wake up the dormouse.If the child sleeps too long during the day, you will not be able to put him to bed in time in the evening.
  5. Feed wisely.Pay attention to how the baby behaves after feeding. Some children fall asleep right away, others on the contrary want to play. Depending on this, adjust the time of the last feeding before going to bed.
  6. Let the baby get tired.The child will fall asleep without effort on the part of the mother if he walks a lot, breathes fresh air and actively plays during the day.
  7. Ventilate the room.Komarovsky recommends carefully monitoring the air indicators in the apartment: the temperature should not be higher than +18 …+22 °C, and humidity within 50–70%.
  8. Water treatments.The famous TV doctor advises bathing the baby in slightly cool water so that he spends more energy, relieves nervous tension and falls asleep faster. Do not forget about gymnastics and massage before visiting the bathroom.
  9. Prepare the right bed.Choose a dense and even mattress, linen made of natural fabrics and forget about any pillows for up to two years.
  10. Use diapers.Dry skin will allow the child and parents to sleep more peacefully. At normal air temperature, disposable diapers for sleeping will not harm your baby.

How to arrange a place to sleep?

Crib. Ideally, it should be made of natural wood. This material is safe and environmentally friendly. Make sure that all the details are carefully sanded and could not damage the baby's delicate skin. Choose a model with two or more bottom levels. While the child is very small, the mother will not have to strain her back once again to put him to bed. When the baby starts to sit down and get up, lower the bottom level for safety reasons.

Mattress. The standard mattress has a size of 120 x 60 cm. It should be made of natural material to allow the skin to breathe. Choose a model with a removable cover that can be washed in a typewriter. It is not so important which mattress you buy: spring or latex, the main thing is that it is elastic enough, smooth and moderately rigid. Two-sided models can be used for a long time. The hard side is designed for newborns, and the softer side is for older children. We do not recommend mattresses made entirely of foam rubber or batting, they cannot provide optimal support for the spine, which is only developing.

Bed linen. The standard set usually includes a pillowcase, a duvet cover and a sheet. They should be sewn from a natural soft material. Sheets with elastic bands are very comfortable: they do not get lost when the baby turns over in his sleep. The kit must be washed and ironed before the first use.

Blanket. It should be light and warm enough. Cotton and down may be too heavy for the baby. It is better to choose two blankets: flannelette for the warm season and wool or bamboo for winter. A good blanket should be made of natural or modern materials in order to freely pass air and prevent overheating.

Accessories. Musical mobiles will help to distract the baby for a while while mom is busy with household chores. There shouldn't be too many toys in the newborn's bed, and when the baby starts to get up and sit down, it's better to remove them altogether.

Soft bumpers An optional accessory that you can easily do without. They prevent the free movement of air and accumulate dust. If you still use them, choose low sides made of fairly dense fabric.

When the child grows up a little and his teeth begin to cut, a silicone pad on the side of the crib will become a useful accessory. It is quite inexpensive and is sold in most pharmacies and children's stores. Such pads will give the baby to try the crib "by the tooth" without harm to health.

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