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Food for fish living in an aquarium is divided into two types: live and canned. Of course, live food is the most nutritious, but canned food is more convenient to store. Some owners of live aquariums believe that if fish eat little, and they can be fed once a day, it is not necessary to bother with the right selection of nutrition for them. This opinion is certainly erroneous.

Fish should constantly receive high-quality food and not be hungry. The most complete food for them is live food. Even the highest quality dry food for fish will not contribute to a successful result in their breeding.

Do not forget that fish mainly feed on living organisms, and there are few species among them that are considered "vegetarians". Therefore, the right choice is a variety of fish food.

fish food

If in natural conditions the number of inhabitants depends on the availability of food, then in the aquarium such chain links are broken. Fish quickly get used to new feeds and their varieties. In addition, their diet also changes with age.

So that you can admire your pets for a long time, you need to make the right menu and choose the right fish food. First of all, it is necessary to take into account their age in order to calculate the correct dosage. From an excess of food in the aquarium there will never be clean water, which, of course, will cause a lack of oxygen. In case of a shortage of food, fish are always sluggish, which also negatively affects their existence.

daphnia fish food

Adult aquarium fish and the younger generation feed mainly on bloodworms, coretra, large cyclops, etc. The most common food for fish is daphnia, which fish are happy to eat both live and frozen or dry.


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Adults are fed twice a day, at the same time. If the fish food has not been eaten for five minutes, it is necessary to reduce the dosage. You can not replace feeding with a double volume, if you did not have time to feed them in time. If fish overfeed quite often, they lose the ability to fertilize. Some species lead an active nocturnal lifestyle, so they are given part of the prescribed diet before turning off the light.

Do not forget to monitor the condition of the feed. It should be different and not spoiled. You can not feed the same food, especially enchitreus and dry food. Even a person, eating mainly bread or pasta, will feel a constant feeling of hunger and, even worse, will not receive useful substances from other products, so necessary for health and a full life.

At the caring owner of the aquarium, the fish are always on the move, they are not hungry, but during feeding they rush to eat. Pay special attention to this, because if the inhabitants of the aquarium have become indifferent to food, it is urgent to sound the alarm. There may be several reasons for such passive behavior: they are sick, overfed, obese.

Currently, it is not difficult to choose fish food, and you can pick it up according to need, even to enhance the decorativeness of your pets.

When buying the necessary goods for your aquarium inhabitants, pay attention to the manufacturer. A well-established company will never add dyes or other artificial components to fish food.

Types of food for aquarium fish

To choose food for fish in the aquarium qualitatively, and most importantly, the right food for them, you need to understand the assortment:

Dry food for aquarium fish and its types

They are inexpensive, cost-effective, and convenient to store.

Types of dry food for aquarium fish:

  • Tablets with plant or animal components are immediately lowered to the depth under their own weight. Suitable for bottom fish (catfish of various species);
  • Flakes are suitable for all breeds, but due to their low nutritional value, they are used as an additive. Flakes do not sink, so they are fed by fish that can grab food from the surface (Guppy, Neon, Barbus, etc.);
  • Pellets are universal, like the previous feed. They can swim or sink (depends on the composition). They swell in the water. Before feeding, they need to be soaked for 10 minutes, so that they do not increase in size after swallowing and do not cause digestive problems.;
  • Micro-feeds are sold in the form of dust, are food for fry. They heavily pollute the aquarium (frequent water replacement is required).

Live food for aquarium fish

There is a large amount of protein in the live feed, which promotes growth and the ability to reproduce. You should pay attention to storage and purchase from trusted suppliers, so as not to bring an infection into the aquarium.

Types of live food for aquarium fish:

  • Bloodworm;
  • Coretra;
  • Pipe maker;
  • Daphnia;
  • Artemia;
  • Frozen food is the same species (as listed above), but with the addition of infusoria, cyclops, etc. The feed is briquettes frozen at the production stage, so it is stored for a long time without losing its useful properties.

Where and how to store fish food

As a rule, dry food is sold in sealed bags or other containers. It should be stored in a dry and cool place, tightly closed in a light-tight container. It is necessary to purchase such an amount to use no later than 3 months. When buying, pay attention to the expiration date.

Frozen food is especially popular with aquarists. They are exposed to gamma radiation at the production stage, so it is safer for fish than live analogues. They should be stored in the freezer. Before feeding pets, you need to let the food thaw under a stream of cold water and strain.

Unfortunately, live food is not stored for long. A maximum of a few days it can be kept in the "warmest" compartment of the refrigerator in a plastic container. Inside, a damp white cloth should be laid so that its ends hang down. The feed is laid out in a thin layer, leveled and covered with the ends of the fabric. The container should be loosely covered with a lid. Plankton must be periodically washed in a net under running water.

What is the best food for aquarium fish

When selecting food, it should be borne in mind that the main task should be help, not harm. We need a composition that does not degrade the quality of water. Many cheap feeds, soaking, settle on the bottom, plants, filters. They pollute the habitat and, decomposing, can poison it.

Choosing, you should adhere to certain rules, take into account the preferences of certain breeds.

Viviparous inhabitants of the aquarium are not very picky about food. In nature, they feed on live food, so a bloodworm, a pipefish, etc. will do. Do not forget about plant foods (dried nettles, spirulina). It is easier to purchase special mixtures that do not pollute water. The food should not be large in order to be evenly distributed throughout the aquarium.

Predators, when hungry, attack each other, so the basis for them is live food (various worms, etc.). In the absence of such, it is allowed to feed raw meat or fish.

Bottom fish feed on what sinks. Their most favorite delicacy is dry pills. You need to feed vegetable (lettuce, cucumber) and animals (moth, coretra) proteins.

Fry are recommended:

  • Living dust;
  • Infusoria;
  • Potworms;
  • Nematodes;
  • Crushed egg yolk.

How to properly feed aquarium fish and how many times a day
Aquarists have an unspoken rule: underfeed is better than overfeed. To some extent, this is true, because a large amount of food the fish is not able to swallow quickly, the excess settles on the bottom, polluting the aquarium.

Ideally, you need to feed the amount that the fish are able to eat in 1-2 minutes. Adults should eat 1-2 times a day, fry and adolescents – much more often.

How many aquarium fish can not be fed

In order for the body of aquarium pets to function normally, the feeding regime must be balanced. Many novice aquarists often overfeed their pets. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to arrange "unloading" days. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that for different breeds, the number of hungry days without harm to health should be different.

Cichlids, catfish and Neon can not go without food for more than 1 week. Fry require a lot of food and will not survive starving for more than 4 days. Locarium catfish and algae eaters can go without food for up to 10 days.

The ideal solution for the time of your absence is an automatic feeder, which can be configured for a certain feeding time and serving size. The only drawback is the supply of only dry food.

dry fish food

Don't forget the rule! Underfeed is better than overfeed.

Why can't fish be fed bread

Despite the fact that bread contains a large amount of carbohydrates, it is not recommended to feed fish with them. Getting into the water, it swells and turns sour, which negatively affects the quality of water. The aquarium compressor often fails, the fish begin to suffocate. A complete replacement of the water in the aquarium with standing water is required.

As an alternative, it is better to use semolina.

What can replace the food for aquarium fish

If you do not have time to stock up for the future, or you want to diversify the diet of your pets, you can replace the ready-made food with standard products:

  • Herbivorous fish should be offered vegetables or fruits pre-treated with boiling water, or fix nettle leaves on the bottom;
  • It is allowed to feed large predators with pieces of pollock or shrimp, add crushed egg, offal, etc.

How to make food for aquarium fish at home

You can prepare food from plants yourself. Make a salad of nettles, boiled cabbage and aquarium duckweed. Grind everything in a meat grinder and keep it in the freezer until thickened, then grind and store frozen.

Meat food is prepared from lean fish, seafood with the addition of beef or pork liver. The resulting set is mixed in a mixer, laid out on a smooth surface and dried. It should be stored in a cool, dry place in a closed container.


In order for your underwater pets to always be beautiful, active and bring healthy offspring, they must be fed in time, alternating dry, live and feed prepared with their own hands.

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