What does a child need in kindergarten? We'll figure it out!


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Now it's time to send your baby to the first educational institution on his life path. He will not be there alone, under the supervision of qualified personnel, but there will be no mom and dad around. Most parents immediately panic: "How will the little one cope?". Don't worry, children adapt very quickly. Your task is to try to provide the baby with everything necessary. And then there are a lot of questions, including: what does a child need in kindergarten?

what a child needs in kindergartenOf course, a lot depends on the age of the crumbs: the younger he is, the more change of clothes he will need. But the following conditions remain unchanged:

  • Things should be comfortable so that the child can take them off, put them on, fasten or unbutton without assistance;
  • They should be beautiful;
  • Easy to put in order;
  • Have a sticker or patch with the name.

Having got an idea of the requirements for the quality of clothing, consider the list, what your child needs in kindergarten:list of things to go to kindergarten

  • Package with spare items: two t-shirts or T-shirts with short sleeves, two panties, tights, socks, trousers or shorts with a jumper for a boy, a dress or blouse with a skirt for a girl;
  • Clothes for walking depending on the season: rubber boots, waterproof pants, overalls, mittens or gloves;
  • Another package with a waterproof bag for dirty clothes;
  • For children from the nursery or younger group, you will need a waterproof bib that is put on during meals;
  • Sportswear and shoes (Czech) for physical education classes for children from older groups;
  • Removable shoes with a closed heel, simple slippers will do for kids, and sandals will suit more adults who know how to handle a fastener.

So, we found out what usually lies in the lockers of the kids. Naturally, an additional list of what a child needs in kindergarten can be presented in each institution. For example, in some institutions, children from senior groups will need pajamas for daytime sleep. And there is a special form for music lessons. It is easy to find out about this by looking at the website of the children's institution, or by contacting directly.


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going to kindergarten what you needIn addition, it is worth thinking about what a child needs in kindergarten for the holidays. From time to time, various matinees will be held, and your baby should look accordingly. For boys, it is worth buying a bow tie, white socks and a shirt, a dark vest, shorts or trousers. For girls, you will need white tights and an elegant dress.

Also, a very important point is the psychological side of the question of what a child needs in kindergarten so that he gets used to it faster and feels comfortable. Since the baby has never stayed for a long time without close people, it makes sense:

  • In the first days, leave the baby no more than 2-3 hours, gradually increasing the time of his stay in the children's collective;
  • Offer him to take his beloved with him a toy: having something familiar at hand, he will feel more confident.

Now that you are informed and you still have time left, you can prepare in advance so as not to worry at the thought: "So, we are going to kindergarten… What is needed first of all?!".


It is important to remember that in the garden the child will learn to dress himself, which means that all things should be with a minimum number of complex fasteners and locks. The ideal solution for the first time is blouses and shirts with Velcro, and trousers and skirts with elastic bands.

Active games with friends, doing physical exercises, walking on a rainy day can end up with torn and stained pants, or other items of clothing. Therefore, no matter how neat the child is, it is very important that he always has a replaceable set of clothes, underwear, socks and tights in the garden (it is desirable that these things are made of natural and hypoallergenic fabrics).

So, the list of clothes needed by the child in the garden looks like this:

  1. Diapers (for younger groups);
  2. Socks, knee socks, tights, you need to buy at least three pairs to leave one in the kindergarten, and change the other two;
  3. Underwear, a child (especially the youngest) should have at least three – four pieces;
  4. Sports uniform for physical education (at the request of the teacher), this set usually includes shorts with a T-shirt or T-shirt and a gymnastic swimsuit (for girls);
  5. A replaceable suit for the group, it can be pants made of soft fabric, overalls and T-shirts, depending on the season with long or short sleeves;
  6. Pajamas for sleeping (in the cold season);
  7. Several handkerchiefs;
  8. Apron for creative work.


A small child moves a lot not only on the street, but also indoors. It is very important that the shoes for the baby are comfortable and sit firmly on the leg. Manufacturers produce a huge range of orthopedic shoes that will help prevent the development of various deformities of the foot in a child and help him feel easy and comfortable during active games with peers. According to experienced moms, it is necessary to purchase several pairs of shoes for kindergarten, for all cases:

  1. Czechs or sneakers, for sports activities;
  2. Light shoes or sandals with a simple clasp for indoor games;
  3. Rubber boots with removable insulation, for walking in wet and rainy weather.

Personal hygiene items

It is very good if the baby always has a comb with him. You also need to buy him a toothbrush and toothpaste (for children from three years old). Sometimes, in some children's institutions, educators tell parents to buy hand soap so that the child always uses only personal hygiene items. For the youngest children in some kindergartens, you need to bring your own pot, to which the baby will gradually be taught by nannies.


Depending on the age of the child, the list of necessary items for kindergarten classes may vary. And if children in the older group are already learning to read and write, then the kids will draw, make crafts from cardboard or plasticine. Most often, children may need the following items:

  1. Several notebooks;
  2. Simple pencils and ballpoint pen;
  3. A set of colored pencils;
  4. Pencil sharpener;
  5. Sketchbook;
  6. Brushes;
  7. Watercolor paints;
  8. Glue;
  9. Markers;
  10. Cardboard and colored paper;
  11. Scissors with rounded ends;
  12. Plasticine and a board for creativity;
  13. Special glass-non-spill for drawing;
  14. Elastic eraser;
  15. Coloring books;
  16. Folder size A-4 for storing drawings and crafts.

To make it convenient for the future student to fold pens and pencils, and they are not lost, it is best to buy a pencil case, which will be the pride of the baby, since this attribute shows how much he is now an adult.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the paper in the notebooks and album. It should not be snow-white, because it will irritate the baby's visual apparatus. The sheets in a high-quality notebook should not be yellowish or gray, and not bright white, but matte with a muted white color.

What to do with toys

Toys from the first days of life help our children to explore the world, express their feelings and learn to play with their peers. The choice of a toy must be made by the child himself, because in some situations it will help him overcome the fear of communicating with other children or the fear of staying alone in the room at night.

Of course, every kid should have his own set of favorite toys that allow him to play various life stories and contribute to the development of his thinking, outlook and sensory perception. The game will help children understand the rules of the real world and adapt and socialize faster.

You need to approach the choice of a toy very carefully, because the baby can be with her most of his time. When buying, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of manufacture and the following nuances:

  1. Small parts or parts that break off easily;
  2. Sharp corners, poor seam adhesion and ragged edges;
  3. Easily removable paint layers or parts that stain hands;
  4. Large mass;
  5. Certification and proven manufacturer.

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