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Quite a long time ago, our ancestors turned their attention to the magical healing properties of honey, which have a beneficial effect on the body of children. It increases immunity, helps to cope with respiratory diseases in the cold season. In addition, it is used not only for colds, but also for a number of other diseases. But, of course, all parents are very tormented by the question of at what age they can give honey to children, because it is a fairly strong allergen. In comparison with sugar, it still has a number of advantages. It has a low content of sucrose, which is useful for the body, and a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates, represented by glucose and fructose. at what age can I give honey to childrenThe opinion of pediatricians is quite categorical about how many children can have honey. Being an allergen, it can be dangerous for a small child's body. Therefore, it is recommended not to take risks until the age of one. This is especially true if the baby is allergic by itself.

Adherents of the treatment with this useful substance, with all due respect to this product, will also answer your question about the age at which you can give honey to children, with a recommendation not to rush. The best age is about two years old.High-quality honey, when used correctly, can have a beneficial effect on the children's nervous system. It is worth remembering about the correct dosage for children. The amount of daily allowance for a child is considered half a teaspoon.

The composition of honey contains some mineral salts: zinc, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium. It should be noted that the fresh product is equal to the composition of human blood in terms of the ratio of mineral substances. It also contains some organic acids and vitamins of group B that are useful for the body. The opinion of many parents about whether it is possible to give honey to a child, after familiarization with its composition, will probably be positive. The most important thing is to approach this with full responsibility.

can I give honey to a childOur grandparents did not particularly wonder about with what age can I give honey to children, they just dipped the pacifier a little and gave it to the baby. The quantity of the product, of course, is not so large. And the nutrients obtained by the child's body are undeniable. Before going to bed, children always drank milk with honey, especially if the child has a restless sleep. First of all, it should be understood that it is very difficult to find the best and most useful honey on store shelves. The amount of various impurities, sometimes even very dangerous, can be, to put it mildly, great. Therefore, for your baby and for yourself, try to buy honey directly from beekeepers who have proven themselves positively. Having made sure of the high quality of the product and that the baby does not have an allergic reaction, you can introduce this wonderful natural product as a complementary food.

how many children can honeyWe hope that after reading this article, you have understood from what age you can give honey to children. Only a specialist can suggest the optimal dosage in each individual case!

What are the benefits and harms of honey for the child's body

The composition of natural honey contains about 100 useful elements necessary for the development of the child's body. Iron, phosphorus, thiamine, calcium, carotene, vitamins of group B are important for kids. It is not surprising that parents decide to include honey in the daily diet of children. Many people think that sweet bee nectar will be a useful treat for babies. Let's discuss the benefits and harms of such a decision.

The benefits of honey for children's health

  • Reduces the risk of scoliosis, helps the absorption of calcium during the formation of the child's bone system;
  • Increases the level of hemoglobin, improves blood composition, prevents the development of anemia;
  • Activates the digestive system of the baby, accelerates the absorption of proteins and fats;
  • Improves vision. honey contains thiamine, ascorbic acid and carotene. They help to develop the functions of the visual system;
  • Increases immunity, reduces the risk of viral diseases;
  • Has an antifungal, antiseptic effect, is used in the treatment of candidiasis and angina in children;
  • Weakens coughing attacks, improves the condition of the patient with angina and bronchitis;
  • Soothes, relieves increased excitability.

Harm of honey for the health of babies

  • Honey is a strong allergen. If the child's protective barriers are lowered, an allergic reaction is inevitable;
  • High caloric content of the product (more than 300 kcal) contributes to weight gain and the development of obesity;
  • Fructose, the main component of delicious nectar, negatively affects the condition of teeth, contributes to the appearance of caries;
  • Botulism spores contained in honeycombs can provoke the development of infection.

Is it possible to give honey to an infant

Doctors are unanimous: it is impossible to give honey to children under one year old!

Contraindications are based on a high risk of allergies and infection with botulism. In addition, honey contains fructose, and therefore, when using a sweet product, infants may have a predisposition to diabetes.

Mothers who are nursing a child should also limit the use of sweets in food, because the baby reacts to all the components that enter his body with his mother's milk.

Is it possible to give honey in 1, 2 and 3 years

Should I give honey to children under 3 years old? Or include it in food no earlier than 6 years? Scientists have found that the use of honey at an early age is useful, but it is important not to exceed the norm and take into account the individual characteristics of the body.

A baby older than a year, if he has no allergic reactions, it is necessary to gradually accustom him to a useful delicacy and introduce liquid nectar into drinks and porridges. For example, a one-year-old child can be given a taste of warm milk or cottage cheese with a small amount of nectar. You should start with half a teaspoon a day.

Children aged 2 years are given up to 20 grams of honey per day (one teaspoon). At the same time, the portion is divided into two or three doses, depending on the time of day. Children 3-5 years old can take up to 30 grams of honey per day.

If you doubt from what age it is possible to give honey to a child without risk to his health, consult a doctor.

How much honey can school-age children eat

Preschoolers increase the daily dose of honey to 40 grams (two teaspoons). Younger schoolchildren (from 6 to 9 years old) are recommended to eat no more than 60 grams per day.

Pediatricians note the benefits of honey for the mental development of the child, but pay attention to the observance of dosages: no more than 80 grams can be recommended for children over 10 years old.

!It is important to know : a large amount of the product and its uncontrolled use will harm your child's health.

Is it possible to give honey to a child every day?

When answering the question about the daily use of honey, the opinions of doctors were divided. Most specialists adhere to an individual approach, the need to control the age dosages of the product and monitor the health of the child.

What can I give honey with

There are different ways to use honey. Some prefer it in its pure form, others use it as an additive in cereals and drinks.

Popular recipes:

  • Drink with honey and lemon. Warm water with a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon will saturate the body with energy, increase protective functions;
  • Baked apples with cottage cheese and honey. Delicious and healthy breakfast: the core is removed from the apple, the fruit is filled with cottage cheese and baked in the oven. Before serving, pour honey. This technique helps to preserve the beneficial properties of nectar;
  • Pasta with nuts. A great option for a healthy snack: crushed nuts are mixed with honey and use this mass for sandwiches with grain loaves.

Contraindications, why and when not to give honey to children

So, if parents decide to include a natural product in their child's diet, they need to follow certain rules:

  • Before you start giving honey, you should make sure that it is of high quality;
  • For the first reception, choose only liquid nectars, adding to a warm drink (kefir, milk). It is not necessary to offer honey combs to the baby;
  • Do not heat or add it to hot food;
  • Do not use honey for children if they have signs of diabetes mellitus;
  • To preserve tooth enamel, teach your child to rinse his mouth with warm water after each intake of sweet treats;
  • After taking honey for a month, it's worth taking a break for a couple of weeks;

How to choose honey for a baby

Choosing honey, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the product. If you purchase a product from private sellers, check the naturalness in the available ways, evaluating the appearance, taste and smell.

You can avoid fraud and fakes by shopping for useful products in well-known online stores or large chains. Sellers who care about their reputation will present certificates and give full information about the composition, place and timing of product collection, dates of packaging and storage.

How to store honey correctly

To preserve the useful properties of the product, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Temperature and humidity. The optimal storage mode is from 5ᵒc to 20ᵒc. You can choose a special refrigerator shelf or a dark, cool pantry. Avoid bright light, high humidity and proximity to products with a pronounced aroma (spices, for example);
  • Container. Clay, plastic or glass containers with tight-fitting lids are ideal for storing honey. Prerequisite: containers must be clean and dry. In a wet container, the biologically active product will begin to "play", ferment. Not only the taste and aroma of natural nectar will quickly disappear, but also the unique qualities of the product;
  • Deadlines. High-quality natural honey can be stored for up to 18 months, subject to the above rules. Do not exceed this period: during long storage, the useful properties of the product are lost.

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