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After the woman learned that she is “interesting” situation, it is necessary to address to the gynecologist. abdominal circumference by weeks of gestationWhy should do it? To find out the correct gestational age, to check the status of your health, and also to obtain information about the development of the baby. Those women who don't get registered to the doctor, endangering themselves and the unborn child.

Activities specialist

To Visit the gynecologist is necessary before, during and after pregnancy. The only way a responsible woman can be well informed about their health. It will help her avoid trouble in the future. It is particularly important to timely visit the hospital when physiological signs of “interesting” of the situation become apparent. The doctor is able to control the normal course of pregnancy. On reception to the gynecologist does the exam, conducts the survey, appoints the tests. The doctor also determines the abdominal circumference by weeks of gestation and the height of the uterine fundus. For measurement it uses a tape. After a comprehensive diagnosis, the specialist determines if the pregnant woman or her unborn child with health problems.abdominal circumference during pregnancy

A Woman should look after themselves and regularly visit the clinic. On parameters such as abdominal circumference by weeks of gestation and the height of the uterine fundus, it is possible to determine the approximate weight of the fetus. For this purpose a special formula. Values of abdominal circumference and the fundal height multiply and get a lot of the baby in grams. To correctly make measurements can only be a specialist.

The results of the inspection and measurement

The diagnostics is determined by the absence or presence of pathologies. Do not be afraid, if the measurement of stomach do not coincide with the book values. Every pregnant has its own physiological characteristics. abdominal circumference of the fetus in weeksAbdominal Circumference by weeks of gestation within the limits of the experts says about the normal development of the fetus. Significant deviation from the book figures in a big way suggests that the baby weighs a lot, the woman observed polyhydramnios or she is carrying more than one child. If the abdomen is too small – this may indicate a delayed development of the fetus. All problems are prescribed only by a doctor. In any case, the abdominal circumference by weeks of gestation should be increased in accordance with established standards. Deviations of the measurement results from the book values can be within a few centimeters (plus or minus).


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How to measure abdominal circumference

Many women want to know their new options at home. The abdominal circumference in pregnant is measured when the expectant mother lying on her back. norms of the circumference of the abdomenIf the uterus is in good shape, the results will be unreliable. Therefore, the body of a pregnant when conducting measurements needs to be relaxed, legs-straight, heels-touch the floor. The measuring tape is passed under the back, cover the area of the vertebral cavity and the navel. Not above or below.

Independently measure the abdominal circumference during pregnancy in the last weeks can be problematic. Better get on this husband. Not necessary to independently evaluate the results and to consult the scientific literature. To correctly make measurements can only be a doctor. Responsible woman to trust a specialist.

Measurement of the fetus by abdominal circumference in pregnancy

To diagnose the development of the baby in the womb using modern technologies such as ultrasound. Also for these purposes, doctors perform visual inspections of pregnant women, administered the delivery of various tests (blood, urine, feces). rules of abdominal circumference by weeksTo consult the gynecologist a woman needs to go to mandatory. This can help the technician to determine the disease of the child, if it is in the early stages and solve the problem in a timely manner. For example, the evaluation of such parameters as abdominal circumference of the fetus by weeks and allows detection of developmental delay. But an experienced physician will never rely on the results of isolated examinations and prescribe some additional tests before the diagnosis is made.

To avoid in the future such problems as the delay of fetal development, the expectant mother should take a walk, eat right and to abide by all the requirements of a specialist. This will help her, measuring the abdominal circumference of the fetus by weeks in the clinic, to return to a relaxed state (as it won). However, a clear diagnosis is not discouraged – the delay in the development of the baby in the womb can be treated. This should take special drugs and vitamins. But only on prescription.

What data to rely on

Standards For abdominal circumference expectant mothers adopted rather conventional values. Their personality depends on many factors. Inexperienced young women are very nervous that their parameters do not meet literary standards. This is not worth it. The excitement and mood swings negatively affect the nervous system of the fetus. So it's best to contact an experienced and fully to trust him. Every woman has certain features of the physique. This factor should be considered by a physician. Task pregnant – keep calm in any situation.

The Parameters of the measuring abdominal circumference

On the 7th month of pregnancy the fetus begins to actively gain weight. Therefore, the circumference of the woman's abdomen reaches the highest values. At this stage of pregnancy (third trimester) may appear on the skin stretch marks. Many women have the phenomenon of missing. It all depends on physiology. The size of the abdominal circumference and the fundal height according to the standard given in the table below.normal abdominal circumference in pregnancy

Information applies to women of normal body weight of 70 kg. the Permissible deviation of 1-4 cm in plus or minus. Circumference of the woman's abdomen the doctor starts to measure the reception starting at 20 weeks of her pregnancy. Previously, this diagnosis is not carried out because the fetus does not have sufficient weight, and the amount of amniotic fluid is minimal. The result of measurement of the abdominal circumference in a period of less than 20 weeks of pregnancy, says nothing.

The effects of repeated births in physiology

It is Worth noting that the norms of abdominal circumference by weeks differ significantly in pregnant again and perforados.abdominal circumference at 33 weeks Especially if the difference between the permissions in women who already have children, small-2-3 years. Stomach muscles are still loose, and the parameters can be different from the first. Also of importance and fetal presentation, age of the woman, her weight and structure. Usually experienced women know about it and trust the doctors.

But the former birth does not free a woman from liability for following the pregnancy. It also needs constant monitoring, given that her age might be 30-35 years. Well, if the woman has regained the muscle tone of the abdomen after childbirth.

The Later stages of pregnancy. Belly

The Uterus ceases to grow, reaching almost to the sternum. This happens in the last weeks of pregnancy and indicates the readiness of the woman's body to release the light of a new man. Most expectant mother don't be frightened by the cessation of growth of the stomach at this period. It can't be forever. In the last weeks of pregnancy the baby takes its final position – down head. This means that he is ready to be born.

In the third trimester of pregnancy and the changing height of the uterine fundus and the abdominal circumference. 33 weeks - the period when a woman's body starts preparing for childbirth. Belly starts to go down. The expectant mother has to carry their own ailments, not related to the activity of the baby. As the child changes its position, the center of gravity of the woman shifts, there is a risk of falls. At this time, the pregnant woman should be very careful. Necessary recommendations will give the doctor.


The State of pregnancy makes a woman the joy and anxiety simultaneously. No wonder they say that these women are inadequate in their actions and illogical desires. Constant comparisons with other moms, in particular, the question of what is the normal abdominal circumference during pregnancy is the norm, harass them, and thereby contribute to the emergence of stress. To convince women to listen to only the leading physician is simply impossible. Therefore, the patience of loved ones, and most importantly, the husband must be infinite. Soon mommy will take very different concerns.


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