What and how to feed children who refuse to eat?


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Many moms it is difficult to feed their child. For some reason the child refuses to eat. First we need to understand why he does not want to eat, not like food, or maybe something hurts. We understand this in our article.

feeding children

How to feed children?

Let's Start with infancy. Will give some tips how to improve a child's appetite.

So, recommendations:

  1. Need to spend more time in the fresh air, it improves metabolic processes.
  2. To Deal with feeding need the mother because the child is sensitive to her scent.
  3. Before the meal is to be developed with little contact, Pat, shake hands, kiss, because the mother is associated with warmth and food.
  4. If the kid is distracted by the movement of their arms and legs, wrap him to a meal, it will help to focus on eating.

If he is still feeding constantly, crying and eating very little, you should consult a pediatrician. Now let's talk about how to feed the baby a mixture. Of course, very good, if the child is breastfed, but, unfortunately, not all mothers do it, and they forced to switch to artificial feeding.

how to feed the baby porridge

If the child refuses to eat the mix

The First thing you can do:

  1. Change the nipple on the bottle so that the content flowed in drops.
  2. Do Not rush to buy another power supply, try to decrease the volume.
  3. Heat the mixture to 40 C, and in General, it should equal the body temperature.
  4. The baby didn't spit up, be careful that the mixture filled in the bottle.
  5. Check the power supply, it may contain antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, which the kids reject immediately.
  6. Blend longer to digest in the body, so the number of feedings is reduced, and it will not mean that the child badly eats.
  7. If the child is thin, but gaining weight as expected, do not worry.

When the baby refuses to eat, perhaps something bothering him. The causes can be psychological and physiological in nature. The kid can refuse to eat if:


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  • Tummy hurts;
  • Go to the teeth;
  • I have a runny nose, otitis, stomatitis, measles;
  • Don't like the taste of milk;
  • Just lazy;
  • Ill;
  • The child has tongue-tie.

In the latter case, it is necessary to turn to dentist. If there is no one reason, you should try to change the mixture.

how to feed the baby in the afternoon

Feeding from six months

This age is introduced, the so-called solid foods. Kitchen toddler becomes more diverse. Bottle with formula or breast milk should be rotated with cereals, soups, curds. How to feed children after six months?

We should mention that to introduce products gradually, watching the reaction to the Allergy. If not, you can safely continue breast-feeding. First introduced the juice, fruit and vegetable purees, then meat. Keep in mind that the baby's first two months will push out a new dense food with their tongue, he is still learning to eat. So you should start with just one teaspoon, and then you can Supplement breast milk or formula.


  1. If the child does not like the dish, take a break, don't give it a few days, then try again.
  2. Never poke a spoon into the mouth by force, it will contribute to subsequent further exclusion.
  3. If the child is not gaining weight due and inactive, you should consult a pediatrician.

When the crumbs by weight are smaller than normal, I think, the child does not eat, how to feed. But if it is cheerful, active, eats well, do not worry.

How to feed the baby cereal?

The age-old question mom. Clover you need to eat. They are rich in carbohydrates, which fill the child's body energy, vitamins and minerals.

With six months entered groats: buckwheat, corn, rice. As a rule, it is difficult to feed one year old baby. He grows up, becomes independent. And here the problems begin, does not open his mouth when he saw before him the spoon, showing, thus, their independence from mom. But, of course, can be other reasons.

And when the child turns three, he generally considers himself an adult. He decides what to eat and where to go. Therefore refusal of food will be a kind of protest. Perhaps the baby is not enough your attention. You must always remain calm, not to break and not scream at the baby to be fussy to understand. So, let's get to the tips on how to feed the child porridge:

  1. In No case do not force! Food should not be punishment. If you are going to feed him forcibly, you may experience psychological problems.
  2. A Very important mode. Feed the baby is at the same time.
  3. Eliminate snacking in the form of candy, chocolate between meals. You can give nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, or fruit.
  4. You Have two hours before dinner to walk in the fresh air. Soup to prepare in advance to go back from the street, you can immediately eat.
  5. Do Not give your baby sweet drinks containing sugar. They are also considered food. It is better to give plain clean water, and stewed fruit as a dessert after lunch.
  6. Give the child in kindergarten. That's where the crumbs begin to eat well. The teacher is the problem of how to feed children. All eat. First, the mode, and secondly, no snacking, third – team.

In fact, to feed a baby, you need to awaken his interest in food, and cook delicious, considering his wishes, because he had a big personality. Let us dwell on the question of how to feed small child.

how to feed the baby a mixture of

Food should be varied!

Indeed, it is very difficult to compose a balanced menu. After all, the kid needs to eat meat and vegetables, and fruits, and cereals every day to get enough vitamins and minerals. So, advice:

  1. How to feed the child vegetables? Many kids categorically not eat onions. It must be cut very finely, and long cooking it will become imperceptible, and the taste and useful properties remain. Potatoes must be cut small, so the piece could easily fit in the mouth of the baby.
  2. Meat should be served in a mild form. Juicy meatballs and burgers baby eats with pleasure.
  3. That the child to feed vegetables or fruit, make a creative flow. You can cut them out in various figures, beautifully put on the plate a cheerful song.
  4. Change the consistency of food. If you are tired of soup, serve it with a small solid pieces, for example.
  5. Food should be not just useful, but also delicious. If you prepare a dish of broccoli, add a pinch of salt, oil.
  6. Can buy beautiful plates depicting fairy tale characters. The child would be a good motivation. Eat the soup until the end, you can look at them to say Hello.
  7. Porridge need to cook too delicious, no lumps, especially regarding the manna. Add some sugar to it was sweet, put a pinch of salt. Porridge can be flavored with cinnamon or vanilla.
  8. Engage your toddler in the cooking process. Kiddies it is very important to feel needed and loved and useful.

Baby you can give in the handle just a chicken leg, they really love them. And another important tip, do not enter, as long as possible, in the diet of harmful products such as sausages, chips, soda and so on. Briefly consider another question. How to feed children who are sick, and need?

A Baby is sick: is it worth it to stuff by force?

Never! Child in principle can not be forced to eat, and when unwell, this can not be done categorically. Many mothers believe that he must eat, otherwise there will be forces for recovery, this is false.

In the period of exacerbation it is not necessary to feed the baby. The body fights the virus, and the food at this point will be long and hard. This may aggravate the situation. You can give easy low-fat broth or rice, but only when he asks. And give you need to drink a lot and often.

It is Very important to instill a culture of food the child is a child, explain what harmful products have a bad effect on the body. To demonstrate the examples. Don't make to eat up to the end, even eating all he wants. Need to impose, it is better to put the Supplement. A slight feeling of hunger not as harmful as overeating.

Another tip, do not feed the child, distracting cartoons. The farther, the more difficult it becomes a habit. Then replace will have to come up with other entertainment. And in any case you can't blackmail the kid and bargain with him. Now let's talk about how to feed a child who eats nothing in the morning.

Rules needed during Breakfast

The Main mistake parents – to rush the child, saying, they say, he's late. Food consumption in the negative, under the yoke, not profit. What rules should be followed:

  1. If possible, have Breakfast with the whole family. No matter how old the kid is.
  2. The Meal must take place in complete tranquility.
  3. Make the dish beautiful. Even a simple porridge can freshen up the jam, berries, dried fruits and so on.
  4. You Should try not to make mealtimes a cult, jump...

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