What is IVF pregnancy?


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Previously, many women wanted to have a baby but couldn't for certain reasons. Of course, this fact could not accept neither the parents, who have not known the great feeling of motherhood or fatherhood, nor scientists who seek to find the answer to any question. Lately, more and more couples suffer the problem of the impossibility of conceiving a child naturally. This is due to many reasons, the most common of which is rhesus-conflict parents when protein father perceived the female body as a foreign substance.

For many couples, experts have developed IVF pregnancy, that is, in vitro fertilization, it is called the “pregnancy out of the tube”. This technology is successfully applied in many developed countries. It is based on the fact that the male sperm fertilize a woman's egg in the laboratory under absolute sterility. Finished then the egg is transplanted into the uterus, and what will happen next, depends on the ability of the body to accept the embryo.

IVF pregnancy is the only chance for women suffering from infertility, because natural way to get pregnant will not succeed. Every disease that prevents conception, you can identify and overcome using in vitro fertilization. If within the couple the man was infertile, it offers donors. The doctor chooses the method of conception in accordance with the existing problems and pathologies.

The Stage of in vitro fertilization:

Primarily tests that determine the causes of inability to conceive. Moreover, the testing must pass both partners. After determining the reasons for chosen method of fertilization, and the doctors are moving to direct action. To IVF pregnancy later proved to be true, use caution and clarity in all actions. On the second day of the menstrual cycle, hormonal medication with the goal of getting to 10 Mature eggs at one time. The regular ultrasound specialist monitors the status of the follicle. Their full maturity is said about the readiness of the egg, which contains in it, to fertilize.


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The next stage is carried out at a mini operation to remove the follicle. It is performed under anesthesia and takes less than 5 minutes. To obtain the follicle using a thin needle to pierce the vaginal wall. The woman feels no pain, and after 3 hours can go home. At the same time a man should donate sperm. If there are difficulties in this regard, the experts extract the protein from the eggs.

The third stage is a meeting of sperm with the egg into a common test tube and fertilization. Transplanting the embryo into the uterus is carried out within minutes, and no anesthesia or analgesia is not required as the operation is quite small. And after a maximum of 2 hours a woman is allowed to go home.

That from now begins the anxious waiting. Spouses wondering whether pregnancy after IVF, how to save it? This woman is taking certain drugs with a high content of hormones, and also regularly IVF pregnancy test. Already 2 weeks after the last operation to be carried out the blood analysis. If the result was positive, then hormone treatment should take about 3 months.

Very often after IVF pregnancy gives you a double result, that is, pregnancy get multiple. But often try to leave only one embryo. This is done to ensure that the body was able to ensure the normal development of the fetus.

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