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Coffee bean type is quite popular among fans of hot and aromatic beverage. The popularity is due to ease of maintenance and design, good quality brewed coffee, and accessibility to a wide range of consumers. Carob model serves traditional espresso and equipped with minimal set of functions. Coffee grains must be grind manually compacted with the pestle in the horn. Unit self-adjusts the pressure of the supplied water quantity and the degree of heat. Typically, these coffee makers use boilery heater. Therefore, they are able to prepare a large number of servings of coffee, because the water is heated in a sufficient amount.

Working Principle

Coffee bean type have very simple structural features. Coffee don't need to do much effort. The machine works as follows:

  1. In the boiler is poured water.
  2. Ground coffee is poured into a special horn and tamped lightly with the pestle.
  3. The Horn is placed on the infuser head.
  4. Next, the coffee maker is switched on and the process is automatic.
  5. Produced steam is supplied to holder and penetrates through the coffee pill.
  6. Gradually the beverage enters the Cup.
  7. Used the tablet should be removed, and the horn - wash. This is done in order to taste the coffee always stays fresh.

In General, In all models, the bean type it is necessary to determine the time of preparation of the drink.

coffee maker for two cups

Dignity carob coffee makers

In Addition to the simple design and low prices, coffee bean type have a number of other advantages. Users identify the following advantages:

  • The drink is delicious and with rich aroma;
  • There is no need for constant replacement of filters;
  • The speed of obtaining espresso;
  • You can prepare a frothy coffee or cappuccino (you need to purchase a milk Frother).

Especially buyers attracted by the fact that there is no need to spend a lot of action in the morning to prepare a flavored drink. Besides, over time you can get a few servings of coffee.


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Cons of the device

Of Course, if you compare carob coffee maker with drip, last for the price favorably. However for taste and aroma it is possible to overpay. Some indicate that at times have difficulties in the preparation of coffee tablets. But rather it is a matter of habit. Many users very quickly got used and managed in a matter of seconds.

For some it seems somewhat complex system of care coffeemakers. Yes, the horn needs to be washed after each preparation of coffee. But you can buy a model with automatic cleaning system. However, such a unit will cost more.

How to choose

Coffee bean type differ not only in design and price. Basically, all popular models of the pump. This means that in a container filled with water, the horn is filled with coffee. Water under pressure passes through the ground coffee and is saturated with them. The result is a delicious and aromatic drink. But there is a steam model. The use of low pressure slows down the cooking, but the drink has a fortress. Besides, coffee appears many favorite foam.

For use at home and for quick flavored drink recommended a coffee bean type. The ranking of the best models will help you navigate and choose the most appropriate product for a particular family.

Stylish coffee machine

1st place - Redmond RCM-1502

Those consumers who have tried this model say that the machine brews the most delicious and aromatic drink. There is lots of unnecessary functions, it is convenient in use and fairly compact.

The Best coffee bean type should be easy to maintain and make coffee in the automatic mode. This model is designed to simultaneously cook two servings of the drink, which for a standard family is enough.

Pressure in the car is only 4 bars. Therefore, the user reviews, the preparation takes a little more time than usual. But the resulting coffee comes out rich and strong. So if you want to get a more full bodied coffee and the cooking time regardless of whether it is better to choose models with low pressure.

Coffee machine REDMOND RCM-1502

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Judging by the user reviews, coffee maker not in vain is on the top line of the rating. She has a lot of advantages:

  • Metal horns, which is simply to care;
  • For dripping coffee tray is provided;
  • Small size allows you to set the coffee machine in any convenient place;
  • Design features not cause difficulties in operation even in the elderly and Housewives that are far from technical innovations.

Of Course, disadvantages always can be found. Some are not satisfied with the cooking time. However, this feature is linked to the principle of work. There is the possibility of making cappuccino, but only in manual mode. Some note that the car is overly noisy. Besides, it requires constant control over the level of coffee in the horn and the water in the tank. But the car is fairly low, and the taste and aroma of the drink to justify some of the nuances of usage.

2nd place- Delonghi EC 155

The popularity gain of the coffee bean type. The rating continues the best compact model "Indesit". Machine is recommended for users who want to coffee in seconds.

The Unit is pretty budget, but here are a few of the functions. Its main purpose is to quickly brew coffee from ground beans. Of course, the coffee machine has a lot of advantages, among which are:

  • Excellent quality, confirmed by the famous and popular brand that maintains its reputation;
  • Low price,
  • To collect the drops of coffee there is a small tray.
  • The possibility of preparing cappuccino in manual mode;
  • Compact size makes it possible to use the device even in apartments with small kitchens;
  • Clear water level indicator.
    Delonghi EC155

Rules of operation of the machine "Indesit"

Users in their reviews often mention the fragrant and delicious coffee, which is obtained in this machine. Especially notable is gentle and dense foam. But it is important to observe the technology of preparation. The horn ground coffee don't just need to fall asleep, and well pressed. Only in this case, guaranteed the strength and flavor of the drink. Also it is necessary to drain the fluid from the pan, and the horns after each use, wash.

Of Course, the power level in this case is not too high, so the cooking time a couple of cups of coffee is about 10 minutes. Also the sample is not equipped with electronic display and other features that set the cars of premium class. But in this case, an important fortress, the aroma and taste of the drink. The price of a product available for a wide range of consumers.

3rd place - Polaris PCM 1516E

The bean type coffee maker Polaris PCM is quite stylish and beautiful. However, the apparent toughness is slightly misleading, because the housing is made of plastic. But in the end the machine still enjoys great popularity and is constantly in the top rankings of the best coffee makers.

A coffee bean type Polaris is able to quickly make strong and delicious coffee. You can get a cappuccino, but in manual mode. It is important that the cooking process does not take much time. This is guaranteed by the 15 bars pressure under which water is supplied. Among the major advantages are:

  1. High-Quality Assembly of heat-resistant plastic.
  2. Stylish design and lack of extra features.
  3. Metallic horn equipped with two nozzles.
  4. Tank designed for 1.2 liters of water, and to remove it is not necessary to refill the fluid.
  5. Milk Frother is easily removable, so it is easy to wash.

Pretty good basic equipment at the coffee machine. Included measuring spoon and pestle to seal the coffee grind. Moreover, there are molds to create a beautiful pattern on the foam.

If we consider the drawbacks, not all of them are considered as such by many users. So, there is no automatic preheating cups. But users are recommended to put them in during the heat of the machine directly on the shell, which when slightly heated. Also does not provide self-cleaning from scale. But if you use specially prepared water, no problem.

4th place- Vitek VT-1514

A coffee bean type Tefal belongs to the category of budget models. The manufacturer is well-established, and consumers appreciate good quality at a reasonable price.

coffee maker Vitek

The coffee maker for good reason to. Despite the low...

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