Outdoor games for children from 1 year to 6 years


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Outdoor games occupy an important place not only in the physical activity of children, but also have a positive impact on the development of coordination, logic, attention and reaction.

Actively playing both at home and in nature. For kids of all ages there are many fun and exciting jobs.

Outdoor games for kids from 1 year

The baby who recently turned 1 year, game help:

  • To train the ability to walk;
  • To improve in a fast pace and Jogging;
  • Learn to jump.

Outdoor games for children promote development of the musculoskeletal system in babies.

Toys on wheels
  1. Toy on wheels. You can bind the car on the rope and offer the crumbs to take her on a walk. Such a simple game improves coordination and reaction.
  2. Keep the balance. You can draw with chalk on the pavement, straight strip width of about 1.5-2 cm and ask the child to pass on the “magic” path. As a bonus for an assignment should prepare in advance for the crumbs of a surprise.
  3. Race! Invite the child to play with, who quickly runs to the kitchen, grandmas, dads, etc. the Baby will be overflowing excitement and positive emotions.
  4. High jump! Lay on the floor objects with a maximum height of 5 cm and offer the kid to jump under the cheerful music.

This activity not only improves the physical activity of Godovskii, but also has a positive effect on his mood and overall health.

Games for kids 2 years

For children from 2 years outdoor games should combine and logic puzzles for the little ones.

  1. Edible or inedible?! Mom throws the ball to the kid and called: fruits, vegetables, items of furniture or clothing. According to the rules, if the item is inedible, the kid throws it, if edible, catch. When the child answers correctly, he applauded.
  2. Overcome obstacles. Tie the rope with the help of available items along the floor to a height of about 15 cm and have a child with a straight back and a confident gait to overcome the obstacle. This exercise creates good posture and develops dexterity.
  3. In Lapland. On the pavement with chalk draw the ice at any interval and at the end put a toy, for example, penguin. Explain to your child that the animal can drown if it can't save and for this we need to jump to it. This game not only develops coordination but also trains the speed of thinking.

After completing the above quests, you can allow the child to see a movie.


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Playing with children from 3 to 5 years

Outdoor games for kids from 3 years can be as fun as most children at this age are just starting to go to kindergarten.

Getting through the ball
  1. Get Acquainted using the ball. The guys stand in a circle and pass each other the ball, in parallel telling about yourself (age, name, favorite toy, etc.).
  2. Daisy desires. In advance the teacher prepares a flower with petals that can detach. On each written assignment: to sing a song, dance, tell a verse, etc.

With the children from 3 years old can play games that are invented for older children. Kids at this age are very clever and quick.

Group games for children preschoolers

Outdoor games in the group are great children aged 5 to 6 years.

sack race
  1. One longer steps. A few kids getting over the start line. Everyone starts to do the steps and count them. One at the finish was less steps, and he won.
  2. Get me! Children are arranged in pairs, one child of the pair on a signal the tutor run away, but the other kids need to catch “your”. The winner is the one who most likely cope with the task.
  3. Sack. At the signal, the children climb into the bags and begin to jump. Who was the first to cross the finish line wins.
  4. The Flight of birds. Children run up and down the court. Adult says, ‘Beware of the storm!" kids jump on the hemp (the principle of “turtle”). After the teacher says: “the Sun came out”. The children run away again and so on.

Outdoor games for children from 5 years are developing physically, they are aimed at comprehensive development of the child.

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