Children's bed with a side from 2 years. How to choose a crib for the baby?


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Cribs have a tendency to “grow” together with the owner. The child has reached the age of two, he got stronger, increased growth and weight. Him closely to sleep in a small bed for newborns. Parents need to decide what model to choose for your baby in the coming new age. Best children's bed with a side from 2 years. For preschoolers is a great sleeper. What is a children's bed with a side from 2 years?

children's bed with a side from 2 years

This is a normal single cot. Her sides have sides with a height of 10-15 centimeters. Children often toss and turn in my sleep, and bumpers to keep from falling, leave the pillow in place, not allowing her to slip to the floor. The same applies to blankets and bed sheet. Often the design of such a crib is provided at the bottom of the drawers. They successfully stored baby toys. In addition, this bed is fitted with wheels for ease of moving it anywhere in the room. If someone does not like such offers, you can bed to replace the sofa with the same sides.

Children's Bed with a side from 2 years: factors of choice

beds for girls

How to choose a bed correctly, to make the child as comfortable as possible during sleep? You need to consider several factors. First - what material it is made. Best of all, if it be pine, beech or birch. We should immediately look away from those beds, which coating contain formaldehyde varnishes. A sure sign that points to them – Shine. Lacquer, which is prepared on the basis of water, gives a blinding radiance, not pleasing to the eye, but is safe for the child. Metal furniture lasts longer, but the material is very “cold”. Should ask in the store, the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological station on a product that you want to buy for sound and healthy sleep of the baby. You should configure your sense of smell and sniff the smell of the bed.


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All harmful to the human body resins used in the processing of slabs of wood, have a persistent unpleasant smell.

You Should check the base of the bed. It should be solid and slatted and mattress - have good ventilation. Now it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the future bed of the child. Its length should exceed the growth of the baby is 20 inches. Cribs designed for toddlers from two to five years of age, have standard sizes: 140 x 70 centimeters and 150 by 80 centimeters.



The Following will have to choose a mattress. It is in the crib most basic. You should choose only smooth top mattress, orthopedic, with a thickness of six inches. Green fillers is considered a coconut with latex. Still need to take care of the cover on the baby mattress.

Next you need to pay attention to the design of the crib. If there are sharp corners, slightest roughness, it is better to refuse purchase and to continue the search further.

The Cots for girls

For the baby model you should choose is exactly the same as for a boy paying attention to the same factors.

protective collar for a child's bed

But if her future owner of the bed – girl, you need to ensure not only maximum comfort, but also to check the versatility of the crib. Boxes should be mandatory. Girls love these “secret” places. An important design which will satisfy the baby and help in raising her sensuality and femininity. What it can be? For example, a coach for Cinderella, and my daughter room resembles a Palace, where everything is ready for the ball. The space of the room should be appropriately stylized. The room will be a fairy tale, in which the girl will fall again and again.


Another option Cribs for girls – with a special canopy. This will also give a fabulous effect that will remind or Eastern tale, or the cartoon about Aladdin. This decoration of the crib will serve as a protection against the early rays of the sun. Of course, I wouldn't have wanted mom and dad to make my daughter a surprise, but not worth the choice of crib and decor for her room to choose your own. Let the child himself involved in the purchase of furniture, which he or she would enjoy. Thus the child will understand that he is a full member of the family.

Why at the beginning the conversation turned to that children's bed with a side from 2 years to five would be the perfect acquisition for parents and baby? Because this will ensure that mom, dad and their child is calm, safe and sound sleep.

Sometimes parents make these beds to order or independently. Why?

First, the kid will grow, and rim will be needed only during sleep. Second, structures with removable sides is quite small. Therefore, parents need to be able to make a comfortable protection for the crib itself. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.


Protective collar for a child's bed, usually done in the form of soft barrier. It attaches to the rails of the bed sturdy ribbons, ties or Velcro ® closures. Use the best natural fabrics such as calico, satin, flannel. This warm and durable materials. If the mother will select the fabric for the skirting and bed linens, the baby will be happy. This will help foster feelings of harmony. The rim should have a filler to perform at the right time the role of a mitigating factor.

Suitable sintepon, foam rubber and fleece. These fillers, in combination with the fabric side is very practical: well dry after washing and do not cause allergies. Boom can be fixed with three or four sides of the bed. It must not be mounted too high, so that it is not covering the baby and did not create an obstacle for the incoming air. If desired, the rim can design to decorate.

children's beds with sides


Options cots a lot. Especially conquer parents of children's beds with sides. What is a model? For example, there are sofa beds which are very comfortable and easy to operate. Is assembled in minimal space. Sofa beds are another kind of children's sleeping places. By the way, now began to produce designs of such models with a special cladding boards.


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