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World respect and recognition of Australian photographer Anne Geddes has received a series of unusual images depicting infants. All works carry the unlimited love of children, show their purity and vulnerability in the big world. Her creations amaze with its creativity and unconventional approach. From them emanates warmth, tenderness and care.

Every child needs the protection and manifestation of the light of the senses. It needs care and unlimited love of parents and others – these are the ideas inherent in each of the photos. Today, her unique works can not only admire considering them, but also to buy a piece of happiness home. Anne Geddes dolls released by the company UNIMAX, are no different from kids with cards.

anne geddes dolls

How it all began?

After the birth of first daughter the life of the young Australian photographer Anne Geddes overturned. She realized that her vocation was in constant communication with kids. From that moment on photography became an integral part of her life. Creativity Geddes found millions of fans, and soon her work became a real “classic” children.

I guess there is no one who has not seen the famous photos of babies in flower costumes. They were published as illustrations to many books, to be printed on calendars and postcards. Evaluation of a unique style of her work reached its climax in 1997, when the spring, the woman received an offer to join the Honorary fellowship of the Institute of professional photographers in New Zealand, and a year later for the contribution to the art of photography was awarded an honorary prize.


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Today, production of many different products under the brand Anne Geddes dolls, books, clothes for kids. They retain the unique style of the photographer, characterized by beauty, elegance and high quality.

anne geddes doll babies

Anne Geddes – doll, able to bring happiness

To See happiness in the eyes of your child – a real joy for every parent. But what may really please him and give him a disinterested smile? Of course, a bright, positive and unusual toys! Among the variety of goods for children presented in such abundance on the market, in real estate, able to transform any ordinary day into a holiday, are doll - sleeping babies Anne Geddes. One glance at a toy an adult is not averse to get into the carefree childhood and sleep in the arms of a wonderful vanilla Bunny baby under the mother's sweet lullaby. And buying a doll your child will be the true manifestation of love and care.

anne geddes doll photo

Toys: variants

The Company Unimax Anne Geddes dolls released in different variations. Games “mom” perfect toys with the classic position – “standing”. Doll body soft and beautifully bent that will allow the child not only laid the baby to sleep, but to have a tea party with other toys with her participation, putting her at the table.

In execution cute seated and supine animals with the face of a baby doll will be the perfect decoration for any child's room. And collecting these unusual exhibits will bring pleasure to any “collector”, will delight everyone who sees them.

It is Impossible to imagine the range of the company without such Unimax dolls by Anne Geddes. Doll-babies - adorable toys in plush suits, flowers and animals can easily claim the role of a “favorite”, without which the baby will simply refuse to sleep or go to kindergarten.

Discovery collector

The Person who wants to do collecting dolls from Anne Geddes will find a great source of inspiration. Already one such toy can bring home warmth and comfort. And if there will be a dozen? Realistic babies faces, funny costumes, quality materials that are used in the manufacture of dolls, reasonable price – all very attractive to collectors. In addition, toys are produced not only by series, but there are absolutely exclusive model. They multiply the value of this collection.

unimax anne geddes dolls

Important safety!

Since the main audience that will use toy brand: Anne Geddes, are children, the rate for sewing is not only bright and unusual dolls, but also on its safety. Faces of dolls are drawn with incredible realism and expressiveness. Due to the absence of small parts that a child in the game can break and take in the mouth, to offer a doll Anne Geddes, you can without a shadow of a doubt even a two year old child.

In the manufacture of the head and handles used vinyl, and costumes, and the body itself is made from high quality fabrics. You should not worry and for filling dolls – eco-friendly material, hypoalergenic and very pleasant to the touch.

 doll sleeping babies anne geddes

Game development

To Develop imagination and creative abilities of the child help toys from Anne Geddes, dolls cope with this task on hurrah. Bright appearance of the toy and its unusual design – something that will allow her not to get lost among the many others and always be in sight of the child. The child can invent dolls unusual names, to write stories from their lives, which is very good will affect the development of speech and thinking.

Playing with these dolls, it is very easy to learn how to care and attention. Babies in costumes, Pets can easily push the child to think about the institution own a pet, and if it is already there – learn to treat him more tolerant and friendlier.


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