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Haircut – an essential procedure of our daily life. On average, almost every month a man visits a hair salon. A haircut usually costs about two hundred rubles, so that in a year on visits to the hairdresser will take approximately two and a half thousand. To save money you can buy a machine for cutting hair. Such devices are easy to use, their work does not require certain professional skills. Cost of cars varies widely. Don't choose too cheap models of Chinese and Korean because they have a short lifespan and require frequent replacement of parts.

moser 1400Have proven to be successful clippers hair German company Moser. The most marketable models in the lineup Moser 1400. They are made directly in Germany. The quality of these cars is on top. All items are made with German precision. Blades made of chrome-plated stainless steel. Manufacturer's warranty on the model Moser 1400 is 36 months, far exceeding the warranty period for the clippers from other manufacturers. The disadvantage of these devices it is possible to note their weight: it is more than 500 grams. The rest of the clipper Moser 1400 has only advantages. The service life of the blades is more than ten years. Judging by the owner reviews, replacement blades are produced after a 10–15 years of service, which is quite high for these devices. The kit Moser 1400 included: the actual machine, two nozzles, brush for cleaning blades, lubricating oil, protective cap and manual. One of the attachments included in this kit provides adjustment in length from 4 to 18 mm and from 0.1 to 3 mm. Some models have included additional a pair of scissors and a comb. The minimum length that sastrigal hair clipper Moser 1400 is 0.1 mm. Power supply is derived from mains at 220 Volts. The plug wire is long enough and allows you to work comfortably. Machine Moser 1400 classic available colors: red, white, black, blue and green. The case of the device there is a special ring that you can hang it so it does not take up much space. The haircut is based vibrational method.


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moser clipperUsing the Moser 1400 you can make a professional haircut at home. Working with her is not difficult, it is convenient and easy to use. On the case it has only two switches: one for switching on and off, second for moving knives. Another plus clipper Moser 1400 – is its price. It is 1000–1500 rubles. So pay off the device in just over six months. Generally on the market for hair clippers Moser hair known for a long time, this name became almost a household word. In addition to the devices for home use, the company produces and professional, edging machines, trimmers. Also available in a number of products Moser clipper dogs.

clipper moser 1400Firm Moser on the market hairdressing industry for over fifty years. During this time it acquired its regular customers, whose number is increasing every year. After all, Moser – quality, reliability, good service and according to customers ' requirements.

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