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Every in life can happen some situation, resolution of which will occupy only a leader, occupying a high position in the city. To defend its interests and legitimate rights, any Muscovite can write a letter to Moscow mayor Sobyanin. Consider the detailed procedure of appeal to the mayor of the capital.

to write a letter to Sobyanin


To write a letter to Sobyanin, just need to use the special form on the official website of the city of Moscow

The Rules for submission and consideration of letters from citizens

  • Written communications from citizens accepted according to norms FZ from 02 may 2006 № 59-FZ, FZ 09 February 2009 № 8-FZ and decisions of the Govt, of Moscow dated 21.02.2006 of the year No. 112-PP.
  • The letter must contain such data as name, postal or email address. In the case of a breach of this paragraph, the authorities accepted the letter, has the right to take an appeal to the mayor without response.
  • You Can simply write a letter to Sobyanin, putting emotional issue, and it is possible to Supplement treatment applied by the file size must not exceed 5 Megabytes.
  • The Document that is sent along with a letter is invalid, i.e. will have no weight in the consideration of the appeal, if the file is signed with a digital signature (electronic).

to write a letter to Moscow mayor Sobyanin

How to write a letter as mayor

In a special form on the portal where the citizen needs to specify the nature of his appeal, after reviewing the rules of submission need to click on the “Yes», thereby agreeing on the need to respect all the rules specified there.

Only after the item is executed, appears a page with a list of different types of treatment. To write a letter to the mayor from the applicant, you must select the box marked “the Appeal of an individual”.



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What can I specify?

Once the type is selected, a page will open, where any citizen can write a letter to the mayor, setting out the subject matter, and to fill in basic information about yourself.

In this form I have to fill next columns:

  • Name, name, patronymic of the person claiming.
  • Address – district, post office, street, house, apartment.
  • Contact phone number-cell, home, work (optional).
  • E-mailbox – that it be sent a confirmation that a letter written to the mayor, accepted and will be considered.
  • A Brief summary of what the issue will be raised in the appeal to the mayor of the city of Moscow. Here you can write up to 500 characters.
  • Complete content of interest to the citizen question. In this column you need to specify the problem, as the number of characters in the email must not exceed 4000.
  • A List of all those public authorities that were part of the solution to the problem.
  • Additional documents, if any.

How to write a letter to the mayor Sobyanin?

What is considered treatment

If you decide to write a letter to Sobyanin, keep in mind that the waiting period is approximately one month.

An appeal to the mayor is logged and queued for consideration within 3 (three) days from the moment the letter is deposited in the General database. After registration a letter is forwarded to the recipient – it takes 1 (one) day. Further term of consideration of the appeal to the head of the capital up to 30 days from the moment the letter will be registered.

Thus, to write the address to the mayor, it turns out, is a snap, can handle absolutely any adult citizen residing in the city of Moscow. To do this, just log into the waiting room, located on the city website of the capital.

Important: the applicant who wants to obtain a detailed answer to my letter soon, do not neglect graphs, where you must specify the name, email address, and mail.

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