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The Secrets of optimizing websites is not just their progress on key demands, care about usability and increase traffic, but in the right using html code. The correct application of tags and their attributes often helps to avoid several days of work. There is a popular and effective techniques. Probably, the SEO cannot be separated from each other the rel nofollow and the noindex tag. So in this article we will talk about that and about other things, and what they do, whether they put a number and when to use them and when not to.

rel nofollow

Indexing of pages and weight

One of the major parameters of getting website in TOP 10 search engines – the weight of its pages. They entered the first results of Google, followed by Internet portals. The weight of each of them is enhanced by the links - both external and internal. To understand how the process of distribution of this parameter between pages of your website and Internet projects that are hosted on your own resource, it is important for every web master.

Where the weight goes

Let's Consider an elementary example. Let's say that in the main text are two links that lead to other publications. Initially assign each page a weight equal to 1. When indexing the crawler will consider both links. The weight of the home page is reduced by a factor of 0.85. It is easy to calculate how much you will receive publications links: 0,85/2=0,425.

This Algorithm is not accurate and the official calculation of search engines. It is presented to the reader in General terms it was clear the distribution of such parameter as the weight of the page. When its value is clear, it is easier to perceive the information that is rel nofollow.


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target blank rel nofollow

Hide links from search engines

Of Course, any site is created to obtain any profit with it. And the weight of each page is valued by the webmaster. But do not post external links in their publications is impossible. There are reasons for this, and here are some of them:

– buying and selling links is profitable;

– quoting the authoritative resources adds weight to the site.

– increased traffic to the Internet project.

There is an opinion that the attribute of a tag – rel nofollow will help to hide the anchors from search engines, and the weight of the page will remain. But this statement is only possible with the right coding. The exact spelling of this attribute looks like this:

A href="URL" rel="nofollow" > anchor.

The Correct linking only gives the website weight and improves its ranking. Needless to say, for internal links there is no need to use the a href rel nofollow.

a rel nofollow

Example usage

The Explanation in General terms don't always reveal the full picture of the importance of the use of certain tags and their attributes. To hide the link, not to give weight to specific pages of your website to another. What is it? Just greed? No, it is not so. For example, on many sites there are social media buttons. Agree that they trust, and so great. Social buttons codes preserving the weight of its own pages are written using attributes target blank rel nofollow. The first of them after the click will lead the visitor to other Internet resources, opening another browser tab. Second – will not reduce the page weight. For example, for the button of the social network Twitter it will look like this:

A rel="nofollow"target="_blank"href="URL/home/.

It is Worth to mention about the validity of the code - the compliance with all technical requirements of the html markup. Tag: rel external nofollow not only worse replace the target_blank attribute, but is better received by the search engine robots.

a rel nofollow href

A rel nofollow href, or When it is still necessary

Not only social networks do not require scarce for the young Internet-draft weight. As a rule, the attribute used for:

– hide from search engines of links to the “bad” or non-gambling sites;

– having to hide a large number of addresses for external resources;

– hide the links if the webmaster sells them;

– the failure to transfer weight mega portals, such as Yandex or Google;

– hiding links in the comments.

Saves the Nofollow sites, and especially blogs from spam. Unverified links, closed this attribute will be less and less likely to appear in the comments.

rel nofollow noindex

Noindex, and why is it worth talking about

Prevent indexing by search engines, you can specify not only the link external and internal, but also on the individual elements of the texts, as well as the entire page. To do this, webmasters use noindex tag. He hides the texts. Pictures and photos of not applicable. Links, which successfully hides rel nofollow, noindex to hide from the search engines can not. Anchors the robot can not see, but here's the addresses to be indexed. Noindex is usually used to hide some content:

– obscenities;

– with non-unique text;

– in sidebars and lists.

Tag, of course, should be used. But it works not on every engine. The fact that noindex is not valid, i.e. does not meet the standards. That is why one of the most popular platforms for blogging WordPress “throws” tag from your code. The secret of the validity is to use multiple characters.<!—/--noindex>. Writing code like this, you can be sure that the blog page on WordPress Yandex will index.

rel nofollow external


Is it Worth it to register and tag, and attribute in the page code? Nothing prevents the use of noindex and a nofollow rel in the pair. The tag does not interfere with the attribute, and Vice versa. Put them side by side because search engines have different site code. For example, when using the tag, and attribute the webmaster can be sure that the anchor Yandex robot does not recognize, like will not see the link. Google will see the text, but the weight will not transfer to third pages of other websites.

For beginners

Site Optimization – new on the labour market and interesting work. The lack of systematically planned information resources for beginners significantly complicates their activities. And of course, young webmasters make mistakes. Someone fills the content is the insane amount of links that someone leaves the page at all without one. The same pattern in the case of the placement of the tag noindex and nofollow for the rel attribute.

The Desire to bring website in the TOP search engines is the reason for committing a critical error. The fact is that beginners often close external links and tag and attribute. This is to some extent actually preserves the weight of each page. But the truth is that those external links to increase the trust of the search engines. To compensate for the loss of weight can progress on low-and mid-frequency queries.

Any optimizer worth remembering that any information will be perceived by the readers with great confidence in the case of the ability to link to its source. Surely the web master is unlikely to adopt a book or a booklet that does not include the bibliography.

More and more Internet users focused on authoritative sources. And if the young site will not refer to their opinion, it will be much harder to retain readers, attract followers. Of course it will negatively affect the optimization of online behavioral factor. So should we blindly use the rel nofollow?

A Good webmaster cares about your reader. Remember that one of the fundamentals of the Internet – links to authoritative resources that provide reliable information. Websites made for people, search engines «love». The weight of the pages is not the only parameter by which pages of content get to the TOP. 800 options Yandex evaluates the Internet-draft.

And in the end, the weight of the pages is only meaningful for publications, get it from links from external sites. Experience shows that donors, leaving this parameter ranging themselves, not climb it higher in the “eyes” search engines.

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