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Municipal property, along with public and private, is one of the main forms of ownership. In Russia this situation is enshrined in the Constitution (paragraph 2 of article 9). Under the Constitution, the subjects of municipal ownership are municipalities. The self-government authorities shall exercise on their behalf the right to use, possession and disposal of the property.

Municipal property is managed by the administrative-territorial units: cities, districts, towns, etc. properties the property of local authorities, housing funds, non-residential premises, means of local budgets, extra-budgetary funds, industrial enterprises, service sector, cultural institutions, education, healthcare, etc.

Assets municipal property established in large part to the municipal enterprises or transferred to the management of municipal institutions. In the case of the transfer of property in the conduct of the enterprise have the right of self-management of the received property (property rights – the right to Hospederia). Companies also get the right of operational management fixed on their expense property.

Municipal property from the beginning of its existence is the most close to the people organization because of their means and capabilities it serves to meet the needs of the population.

Historically, municipal property expands its membership and complicates the management structure. Initially, it consisted only of the institutions of health, education, welfare, transport, but with the development of society and technology to listed entities was added water, electrovozostroenie, Sewerage, transport, housing and non-residential Fund etc. In this ever increasing volume of this type of ownership, improving the structure and management personnel (always need more skilled operation).


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Historically, municipal property emerged as an independent form of ownership, but developed under the pressure of state structures, to a certain extent, obeying them. However, in recent years, sustained the opposite trend of gradual release of municipal property from the jurisdiction of the state and its transition to the jurisdiction of local governments.

From state-owned municipal has the following features: its operation is characterized by the pursuit of a fairly narrow goals of improving the living conditions of local residents, improvement of territories of settlements. State property is committed to meeting the needs of all citizens, regardless of their place of residence.

The Municipal right of ownership of the land implies the powers of possession, disposal and use of land, which belongs to the municipality. The objects of this law includes land that was transferred to the Russian Federation or its constituent entities in the municipal property or perceived on the basis of Federal laws. Land ownership should give a certificate of ownership.

The Municipal (communal) property does not exist in all countries, but only in those where it formed the relevant historical background. In Russia it is considered at the legislative level as an independent form of ownership. Relating to it owned by the right of ownership of the property of cities, rural settlements and municipalities.



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