Marketing goals: what is the basis


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Marketing – the orderly planning of the production volume, pricing, and product range and its distribution in the market, whose main objective is the satisfaction of needs. Is the satisfaction of human needs is the basis of marketing.

Marketing Goals can be divided into basic and advanced. The main in the first place is analytical. After all, before you produce goods, you need to study the market, its structure, the consumption of this product.

Production and marketing goals include the organization of material and technical supply, management of competitiveness of products, its quality. There is also the marketing purpose of marketing, the essence of which lies in the organization of movement of goods, demand creation, sales systems, and sales promotion products. This includes product and pricing policy and the organization of the service.

Also important is the role management component (target), which is the proper organization of communication system, implementation of effective management principles and controls, and risk management. Management marketing goals, primarily designed to improve the internal infrastructure of the company and involve, in particular, training of employees, introduction of new technologies and proper design of the control system.

Analyzing the basic marketing goals, you can also select several of them. In particular, this target market, the essence of which is in a continuous search for new and promising markets, as well as the conquest of a dominant position in an existing market.


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As for the correct formation of price policy, stimulating sales growth by conducting competent advertising companies, improvements in the quality of the goods, and also studying the needs of the population, is all a component of providing marketing goals.

But still in first place among the goals is to provide successful implementation of the goods and services. Because the main task is to promote sales, to interest the buyer in the purchase of a product in order to obtain greater profits.

It is Also necessary to maximize consumer choice, which is to create a wide range of products that can satisfy any  needs. It is also necessary to maximize the degree of satisfaction of consumers. This means not simply to increase sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

In connection with the development of the world wide web becomes more important to Internet marketing. The essence of it - in the implementation of the key actions and strategies through the Internet. The goal of Internet marketing is largely similar to conventional marketing, but with the online component. In particular, the creation of a professional project, promotion of goods through the network, as well as attracting and, more importantly, retain customers with operational information about the products. With the help of a Boarding school can actively support the company's image and carry out the necessary surveys.

To marketing goals have been successfully achieved, and their implementation became real, they need to reach out to every employee of the company. The main task is the expression of goals in quantitative form, so that employees clearly understand what they will get in return when achievement of the task.

Marketing is achieved by creating a positive image of the company, the significant growth in profit and sales as well as dominance in the competition.

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