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Many Internet users believe that the most interesting in the world of modern technology has already been invented. And when something new appears, it is questioned, and the Network is flooded with unfavorable reviews. UDS Game is no exception. Hardly had this program, speak about it. But whether it is useful and able to help users, then you should understand.

The Concept of system

Discount program called UDS Game – the application which do not need to pay. It is set in a mobile phone or tablet. With its help the person can benefit from discounts or other bonuses provided for in the institutions within the system with the same name.

uds game all true

This application is somewhat like a social network, partly – network marketing. The user can register, add friends, recommend to them any restaurants or entertainment centers. From their activity it gets additional advantages.

Classification discounts

System UDS Game consist of three types of discounts to its users:

  • Base – available to any person registered in the system.
  • Bonus points credited to their account once the person recommended to each particular institution and that it called for. They can be spent in the same place.
  • Coupons – give the possibility of obtaining additional discounts.

System Functions

introduction uds game

The new System, but in the Internet you can find about it are positive reviews. UDS Game also has a number of useful widgets. They will greatly facilitate the work with the service. Be sure to rate the following:

  • Presence of the card, where you can see the places that are part of the system;
  • Reviews;
  • The window where you can choose the purchase, paying with rewards points;
  • News;
  • The directory containing all data (phone numbers, addresses, feature, schedule, menu, etc.).

For business owners

For anyone who is managing or is in the possession of a restaurant, a coffee shop or other place of entertainment, there are a number of packages that you can choose, in collaboration with “YUDS Game”


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  • The partnership – the opportunity to purchase one license;
  • “Premium” five;
  • VIP – 10 licenses.

yuds game

It All depends on the financial possibilities of the partner and the goals he wants to achieve. UDS Game – it's a great way of advertising that is done through the communication and recommendations. The client is constantly increasing stream of visitors, and thus gain profit and recognition. And he pays only for those people who come to him and leave the money. Is not that effective investment in your advertising budget?


This discount system to the right users, because each of them wants at the same time and save money, but not to deny myself the trips to the restaurant or fashion boutique. Many expect the review, find online cheap drains, visit restaurants at an awkward time to try the menu at a substantial discount. All this gives you the opportunity to save money, but is time consuming and creates discomfort. And the introduction of the UDS Game gives you the opportunity to use discounts regardless of the time of year, day or day of the week.

Similar discount programs currently, there are many. The feature of this system is that it is bound to a special app, and the client does not need to show any credit cards, only a smartphone. You can use the basic to discounts at the institutions of the system, and collect points which can be spent.

Installing the application

To use the app UDS Game as intended, you should download it from Google Play or App Store on your mobile phone. It is absolutely free. Domestic payment is also missing, as the developers receive funds not from the application users and owners of places that are part of the system, thereby gaining loyalty in the form of a stream of visitors.

Network marketing

After the installation of UDS on Game phone complete the registration process and can start enjoying the benefits.

Subsequent use

Note this menu item as “Place”. It lists the places near you that depending on your city log in a UDS Game (Tyumen, Moscow, Kazan and others). They have a list, and view interactive maps.

To get a discount at a restaurant or when buying clothes and gifts you just need to scan a QR code on a smartphone in the calculation. Also you get extra points that you can use the next time you visit the casino. The more points you can accumulate depending on the activity of friends.


As already mentioned, in terms of functionality the app UDS Game is somewhat reminiscent of the social network and network marketing. You should add him as a friends and send them recommendations regarding a visit to a cafe, restaurant, boutique or other places. When a friend will take your advice and make it an order, you will receive on your account in bonuses.

Discount system

But that's notall. If the person benefiting from recommendation, advise any others to their friends, the points will be to not only him but you too. So you can absolutely no problem to save bonuses from people you may not even know.

All of this will allow you with substantial discounts to a large number of establishments for every taste, are located throughout the world. Among them:

  • Cafe;
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Stores apparel and accessories;
  • Pharmacies
  • Automobile filling stations and many more.

Key benefits

Discount program called UDS Game eliminates the need to carry in a purse great number of plastic cards that are easily lost. You only need a smartphone and a special icon on his screen guarantees obtaining good discounts in the hundreds and thousands of locations anywhere in the world. The more you use the app, the more bonuses you get.

You will Also receive bonuses from the application of the system of your friends. Such app – a worthy alternative to personal recommendations on those or other places. The main thing – it correctly to use it.

The Program UDS Game provides not only discounts and points but and coupons. They are free, easy and allows the analyst to quickly monitor all kinds of rewards that are available.

What you get?

Also, when downloading the program, users gain a huge number of services:

  • Opportunity to establish new contacts
  • Interesting communication;
  • You can share photos;
  • To receive offers and bonuses from well-known companies.

And this is not a complete list of all bonuses which allow use of the discount system.

What our affiliates are saying?

Many will be of interest not only user reviews. UDS Game now has a wide network in major cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. Now on the territory of two countries operates almost 200 companies offering discounts under this program.

feedback uds game

Big business is interested in cooperation, because this app is unique and helps to quickly increase the number of customers. It has a convenient interface and functionality for both the owner and the visitor.

Partners are very willing to speak about UDS Game, because all of their funds invested in advertising, well pay off in the form of attracted clients who use discount. In contrast to the popular coupon services benefits here are both sides, and this app is more functional and convenient to use.

Statistics of the popularity of UDS Game

The Whole truth about the use of the application is statistics. According to the schedule the number of requests it is possible to draw a conclusion about the rapid growth of its popularity. This means that users are more likely to trust him, and for the most developer – is undoubtedly a great success, including financial.

uds game com

Separately to highlight the statistics of download UDS Game. For the period of time that it works, the results are very optimistic. Potential customers are restaurants and shops all more interested in the reward system.

So, through the App Store the app was downloaded almost 8 thousand users, but in Play Market – more than 12 thousand, respectively.

In Just 2 months active users of the service were 20 thousand people. Of course, this is negligible in comparison with the top of such resources, but UDS Game while developing, and this is a good indicator.

However, the developers predict that the pace of downloads will grow rapidly and by the end of 2016 the number will approach one million.

The App is, as mentioned, free. It can be applied at any point of the globe. You can download it on the official website of the developers uds

What the reviews say

Opinions are not always the same. Naturally, user experience vary widely as to what constitutes a UDS Game. Scam or whether it is also a convenient service for loyalty?

Most people happy with the application and noted such positive aspects as:

  • Beautiful and modern interface;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Useful;
  • To save;
  • Portability and lack of need to print coupons and store discount cards.

But there are skeptics who say the application is the next pyramid scheme and Scam. The main goal of the developers, in their opinion, is maximum involvement of a large number of users for the purpose of selling advertising.


Those who are satisfied with the service, do not get tired to praise him. Especially users like discount system and extensive referral program where you can get bonuses not only for attracted active friends, but also for those who have led, in turn, they have.

UDS Game does not work in all cities of Russia, but is actively working to engage partners not only in major cities but also in remote regions, people also want to visit your favourite places discounts.

Very happy with the app and the businesses that it helps to promote your business. It is no secret that competition today in the consumer space is huge, so stand out from the competition is not always possible. And this discount programhelps to use the advertising budget as efficiently as possible, transforming it into a customer who brought their money to this institution.

An advantage of such a service call and the opportunity to receive discounts regardless of whether a person is a regular visitor or buyer or came once or twice.

The Developers, in turn, constantly improve their creation. Regularly partner network is growing, expanding its geography. Also, of course, can not please bonus program.

Disadvantages of the service and ways to correct them

There are negative reviews. UDS Game has a few nuances that are not provided by the developers. In addition, they often leave out of ignorance and unwillingness to understand how the service works.

The Main drawback noted by many users – the absence of partner institutions in several cities of the country and abroad. But here, as mentioned earlier, the question is in time. Very soon, the coverage map of the service will be more extensive. The plans – all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Another caveat – it's something that the app does not work without connecting the smartphone to the Internet. But the developers promise that soon the comment will be taken into account and the service will be available even in those places where there is no network.

There are claims to UDS Game and its loyal users. So, they complain that the old interface was much easier new, and ask him to return. But this decision was due to the fact that the program was extended by additional functions that cannot be combined with the previous version.

So in this case you just need to wait for updates in terms of the visual part of the application. Especially since the developers promise that there will be changes. Therefore, the control is simple, as in the first version, and maybe even easier.

There is information about possible competitors, which, in the opinion of the users, more profitable applications. But the company claims that their service is unique and combines a large number of features and the best deals.

But still, to not guess on usefulness of UDS Game, better download it on your smartphone. Explore the app, read about what features it contains, how they will be useful. And if in your city there are places that are part of the network, try to visit them at a discount and to recommend to your friends. And these bonuses can be used to purchase gifts for themselves and their relatives.

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