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More recently, to succeed in life in the world of the Internet was enough and one of SEO promotion. But times go, and progress in the age of information technology is not in place. Internet advertising is developing and gaining momentum, while the rest (outdoor, print etc) advertising is already at its peak or even went into decline. So, digital – what is it?

Digital is a brand by all possible at the moment, information, electronic channels, such as television, Internet, social networks, radio, and other media on the Internet.

digital what is it


Digital – this is a new marketing sector, which brings together the capabilities of all existing communication channels. The main emphasis is placed on the possibilities of new media. This term replaces the usual Internet marketing which is now understood more broadly. If the answer to the question "digital - what is it?" remember that this is a complex effect on the consumer.


Digital marketing has several advantages, it:

  • The Targeting. The Internet allows us to differentiate user in many parameters, it makes the advertising effect is more accurate.
  • Price. In General, while digital is cheaper than conventional media advertising, although with the increasing complexity of the instruments, with the emergence of a growing number of people wishing to use the medium of Internet to promote its value is also growing.
  • High ability to track the effectiveness of treatment.

digital Agency


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Marketing model effective digital

Dealing with the issue of "digital – what is this?" you need to understand that this is a specific model of action for the promotion. It includes the following elements.

1. Knowledge of the brand/product.

This channel is better to apply in the following cases:

  • For a narrow target audience. Perhaps there will be a cost effective contextual advertising or integration is known to be the most visited portals of this audience.
  • Digital Profitability is much higher with a young and hip audience, besides it is also the second target audience channel.
  • In the event, if advertising campaign through television may not be possible.
  • If you have a small budget.

2. The adoption of the brand.

Digital works best when:

  • Brand needed to convey information about yourself, to make sure that consumers tended to purchase.
  • For the brand, characterized by deep emotional involvement of the consumer.
  • The Brands easy to make clear in the Internet, give them a quick “promotion”.
  • Brands (sale or purchase, provision of services) are only subject to the availability of the sample probe.

3. Trial purchase.

If you familiarize the audience with the brand through digital, and the test sample needs to be done locally, in the same way.

4. Rational benefits when purchasing via digital.

Retaining customers through rewards, periodic price downturns and regular motivational programs.

5. Loyalty.

To ensure that users felt more emotional involvement than rational, they need to further explore and develop a dialogue. And in this digital strong like no other.

digital marketing


Digital marketing – product promotion to the masses through digital channels. To understand digital what it is, here are the most popular digital marketing channels:

  • Search engines;
  • Context and teaser advertisement;
  • Advertising banners;
  • SMM, and blogs;
  • Advertising in mobile applications;
  • Advertising on the video content;
  • Viral advertising.

Internet marketing has progressed in the digital digital marketing. Today it is more comprehensive and accurate name.

The Company needs digital marketing for the following reasons:

  • SMS and MMS messages are losing their popularity, but mobile devices, on the contrary, it is gaining.
  • Currently can be seen the dynamics of the transition of the Internet from the local network.
  • Every year the digital TV is gradually replacing the ether and connects to web applications, allowing users to associate their accounts with smart applications on the electronic devices and simplifies the procedure for the use of TV, resulting in his popularity dropping.
  • E-advertising (POS-terminals, led-screens, tickers) is gradually replacing the familiar to our eyes outdoor advertising, with its banners and light boxes. This allows you to attract the attention of consumers with greater force not only in daytime but also at night. Stimulates the purchase, motivated.
  • Special applications on smartphones allow in real time to not only watch events, but also to take active part in them.
  • Even the arts have reeled under the impact of digital marketing. The use of different apps-app for kids, musical instruments, etc. allowed to make a huge step in the industry of art.

digital advertising

Digital Agency - what is it?

Compared to conventional media agencies to place your ads,digital agencies provide a completely different range more effectively at the moment of service:

  • Creation, maintenance and promotion of sites, design.
  • The development strategy of the company and its information environment.
  • Working in online communities, groups, blogs, social networks, forums and special sites.
  • Organization of event-activities, competitions, presentations in conjunction with online promotion.
  • Passion and further transfer of the consumer from online to offline sector.

Importantly, the difference between a digital Agency from conventional advertising – work in small, independent from each other teams and freelance staff and lack of activity offline. The main tool of digital Agency are the systems of monitoring social media.

To Prove the effectiveness of investing in digital can be a huge number of ways: from your résumé, and letters of appreciation and awards to quality measurement and reporting.

The Usual thing today is the creation of customer service with more sophisticated media reports, rather than dry statistics.

Welcome active management of sites, blogs, social networking, participation in blogs, unique articles. If the content is not updated all the above, it is likely that the future of these agencies.

The Most popular digital agencies are ADV, R/GA, Promo Interactiv, Grey New York, Pirogov Bureau, "Zebra", Razorfish, "Dizayndepo", the Viral Factory, Mr. Youth/RepNation.

digital courses

Digital advertising: the main differences

The Rapid development of global Internet network and its services, and the emergence of new gadgets and many applications are pushing the company to use. Need to keep up with the times, respond quickly to all events. But even this is not the most important thing - weather, the ability to look at the situation coldly, and present it in the future.

Digital advertising defies most of the laws of offline marketing and therefore, thinking about the digital partner, first look at its online services. To control the contractor in digital marketing, you must get at least a minimum set of knowledge about the possibilities of the Internet. Today is not a problem to go digital courses online that teach the basic concepts and methods.

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