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In recent years among young people can often hear a word like "binge". Archaize gradually become part of the slang of the younger generation. So what is "having a ball"?

what is carouse

Origin Story

What is the "carouse"? It turns out that our ancestors also loved and knew how to relax. The feast is originally a Russian word, and used it in Russia 18-19 century among the nobility. Russian nobility often preferred to the noisy partying high society receptions — after all none of us are alien to the fun. Noisy, riotous drinking sprees were called. What is "having a ball"? And carouse, respectively, meant "to walk", "to relax body and soul", "to have fun".

From ordinary activities sprees differed swagger behavior of guests, lots of "get-together" of alcohol, illegal substances and tavern girls. Often high-ranking officials was an avid cotinine. Usually honest people, it was hidden.

The word "binge" comes from the word "kutia". Kutya in Russia called rice porridge with raisins and nuts. Today the pudding is served at the Wake, and in Russia it was considered a festive dish. "Carouse", respectively, mean "eat the pudding", to celebrate. Unfortunately, kutia on holidays reduced and replaced with rivers of alcohol, but derived from her left.

What do you mean "align"

what does carouse

As is probably already clear, a "binge" is a massive drinking party with lots of alcohol and illegal substances. Carousing most often young people do not think about the consequences of such a spree and mercilessly burn their parents ' money. What is revelry? "To dissipate all" means to skip all the money to the last penny. The term was in use in past centuries, but in recent years among young people has spread the fashion for archaisms. Now very "fashionable" in an ironic context to call any sprees of drinking and festivities, associating himself with princes, emperors and other nobility. Today, finally, you can generate the answer to the question of what to splash out. To splash out means to relax, drink, have fun with the girls, relax in a big company.

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