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Onions — an indispensable vegetable in the kitchen of every housewife. It not only added to various dishes, eat just with bread but also used in the treatment of almost all colds. Onion has been used by humans for over 5 thousand years ago. A home vegetable consider Central Asia. Today no cuisine in the world is not complete without this rich in vitamins of the product. And thanks to the agronomists appear more and more new varieties suitable for cultivation in different conditions.

Peninsula and durable bow Chalcedony

The Value of onions in this class consists of several properties. It has excellent visivamente — when it comes time to harvest, good fruit is not less than 92% of the total landing. Chalcedony is resistant to mechanical damage, and can be kept long. In any case, the harvested crop is more than enough until the new, say that all who grow this variety. The bulbs grow to about the same, slightly oblong, larger than the average size. Most importantly, it is necessary to ensure the onions planted — is a good soil drainage. Another remarkable quality is the variety — his precocity. The vegetative period of maturing of the Chalcedony is only 90 days. Bow Chalcedony frost — its seeds can germinate even at a temperature of +3 degrees that the usual varieties will be simply disastrous.


The Traditional scheme of cultivation of onion looks like this: sprouted seeds, small onions, a good harvest. For everything took two years. Chalcedony onion seeds germinate at once in full fruit — the plant is an annual.

bow chalcedony

Experts recommend that you first germinate the seedlings, as well as cucumbers and tomatoes, and then plant it in open ground. When transplanting you have to be careful not to break the sprouts, and also not to damage the root system. Initially it is best to sow seeds in plastic containers, for example, from the salad. We need to sow thickly, and then — be sure to cover the film and to watch, when the first loops of seedlings. Of course, you cannot forget about watering — the more abundant it is, the juicier it will be a bow (however, pour also not worth it — this may cause rotting of seeds).


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Site Preparation for planting

Many gardeners believe that no matter when to prepare the soil for sowing — in the fall or spring, shortly before planting. However, some training requires a bow Chalcedony. Cultivation and the results of labor in this case will depend on the soil directly. Therefore, it is to do in the autumn. The ground should be thoroughly dug, carefully remove it out of the weeds. You can leave large pieces of the earth, not breaking them, — then the soil will flow more air. But in the spring when re-digging the soil need to loosen up “down” status. The most important thing in the treatment — to keep the capillarity and the structure of the soil. It is necessary to sow seeds as early as possible.


Accurate seeding — that he loves onions Chalcedony. Growing from seeds — this is only the first step, followed by not least, transplanting in the open ground. By the way, in order to faster the seeds germinated, they are pre-soaked in warm water and leave for a day. This is followed by an obligatory disinfection solution of potassium permanganate of medium intensity. The seeds are then rinsed again with clean water. We must remember that with early sowing is the possibility of frostbite shoots the last frost. Therefore, the seedling is covered with a film. Please stock up on low-lying peat, which has a very important function. They sprinkled the beds, that they are not formed crust, and the peat is an excellent insulator. If the transplant is successful, then after 7-10 days you can watch fledgling seedlings.

onion seeds chalcedony

Too thick of places recommended to thin out at once — for this plant does not just torn out from the earth, and otkrivaetsa aside and removed along with roots — the Chalcedony is very strong and tenacious root system. Between plants have to stick to distances of 6-8 inches.


After the thinning of the beds (and to do this better then when the bow is a little older, and it can be used for salads), onions will have to look. After the first rain, under the warm sunlight beds quickly covered with weeds. Give them to germinate and grow, you should not. So to be lazy in this matter is uncalled for. A variety of Chalcedony loves watering in dry weather and grows best if it is periodically feed.

chalcedony onion cultivation

Fertilizer can be produced with irrigation. Start to feed the plant it is necessary from the moment when the phase of the 3-5 true-leaf, and in the period when it begins to form the fruit itself. Feeding is carried out complete mineral fertilizer with trace elements in liquid form. On depleted soils, you can add humus in the calculation of 7 pounds per square meter. After the spring tillage mandatory to contain the minerals potassium and phosphorus, which you need to distribute 20 grams per square meter.

What is different about onions grown from seed?

Chalcedony Onions, grown from seed, different from onions grown from sets. Initially, the difference is that you will not have to spend time on the germination of the sets, as well as for its preservation until planting season. Onions, which are grown directly from the sprouts, go on the arrow, and retains its quality until the next harvest season.

chalcedony onion growing from seed

For comparison: many varieties of onions in storage begin to deteriorate from mid-winter to the spring season remains at best half of the harvest. The rest of the onion decomposes and rots. Also grown from seedlings Chalcedony is a real giant — the bulbs are on average weigh up to 120 grams, and with one standard beds you can collect up to 5 kilograms of this Golden miracle, by the way, derived Moldovan vegetable growers.


Still, there are several factors that need to be given attention. This will directly depend on the amount of harvest, but, of course, its quality.

variety of onion chalcedony

The Site, which will be landing bow Chalcedony, must be placed in a Sunny spot — the bulbs will quickly fill with juice, especially with a good watering. Also in the garden should be light loam or sandy soil high fertility. If we define the soil for acidity, it needs to be slightly alkaline. Try to regularly fertilize the soil such proven methods as ash, dolomite powder and lime-pushonka. In the autumn it is advisable to generously cover the earth rotted manure — qualities this is the best dressing. And yet — the soil, which will be landing Chalcedony, needs to be in a four-year vacation from the last planting onions. Perfect for soil preparation will be put under onions on the eve of peas and pumpkin.

What you need to know more?

There is a list of certain diseases that affect onions Chalcedony. Description you'll find them below. The list looks like this: the moth and the onion fly, stem nematode, Sakova rot, downy mildew. Butterfly moth not as dangerous as larvae, — they devour the plant. To destroy moths in have tracked age, and after not to put in this place bow of at least a year. The fly infects the plant so that it withers and dies. To get rid of it with a solution of tobacco and soap. The nematode kills the entire crop at once. To prevent the land is treated with a solution of salt — 2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water. The rot affects the plant, forming a gray spot.

bow chalcedony description

It will help chalk or charcoal. The disease kills the harvest before the end. After exposure of plants to plant onions at this point can not be a minimum of 4 years. Feeding and watering should be stopped 20 days before harvest (to the bulbs then rot). Harvested onions are left in the furrow, and then transferred to a room for complete drying.

chalcedony onion reviews

So, what is a good bow Chalcedony? Reviews growers are reduced to one: it is delicious, long shelf life, he is not capricious, hardy and prolific.


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