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The largest number of Islands is in Greece, the total number 1400! Awesome figure, but I wonder what populated only 227. Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Chios, Corfu, Mykonos, Peloponnese, KOs – the most beautiful Islands of Greece and a favorite place for tourists. The beauty of the architecture and unprecedented sea views attract the attention of every visitor.

Beautiful country

Greece is famous for its Islands, which are considered the most perfect places for relaxation on the planet. Beautiful and extraordinary nature captivates all visitors without exception. Beautiful sea and clean beaches – the most important attractions of the Greek Islands.

Santorini-beautiful sunsets

Lovers often choose a stay on the island. It's romance, adventure, fascinating beaches. One of the most popular Islands is Santorini. There is a legend that it was Atlantis, where lived a happy people. On the island are multi-colored beaches: white and black, red and yellow. They subsequently formed the volcanic eruption that happened many years ago, before our era. Some of the beaches can be reached only by boat or the boat, to walk.

the most beautiful island in the worldSantorini-the most beautiful island of Greece. Incredible sunsets lovers gather to pomilovaniya its beauty. Every evening in special places young people enjoying this wonderful natural vision. Here delightful the sea, small churches with blue domes, the incredible architecture of the house. This resort will appeal to active people, lots of winding steep paths, which will have to walk. Santorini – truly the most beautiful island in the world, over the past few years he has received numerous awards in the field of recreation and tourism. Vacationers come here from early spring to late autumn.


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Rhodes – Sunny holidays

The Fourth largest of the Islands is Rhodes, it is often called the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean”, because he is washed by the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The shape of the oval is reminiscent of Rhodes, in ancient times the island was an independent state. This corner of Paradise - the most beautiful island in the world, he is considered one of the sunniest places in Europe. Tourists like its Golden Sands and cool sea. Visitors have something to see, Rhodes is very rich in historical monuments (a well-known bronze statue of the colossus of Rhodes), the ancient fortresses, monasteries.

the most beautiful islandAt Night, the island lives its own life, there are a lot of fun, noise and entertainment that anyone will not be bored. In Rhodes a large number of luxurious hotels and manicured beaches complete variety of cafes and taverns, bars and restaurants. And the nature is just astonishing with its beauty. This island is located in the South of Greece, where the mild climate and flourishes a rich vegetation.

Tourists happily walk around small medieval streets of Rhodes, which is the largest settlement on the island. The swimming season is open from may and lasts till October, everyone can have time to visit this “the area of joy and fun”. In Greece it's hard to determine which island the most beautiful. So many of them, and each surprise its own advantages, beauty and richness of nature.

Mykonos – the beaches in the Nude!

This island is often known as the Greek Ibiza or Sitges. Yes, a relaxing vacation in Mykonos will not! Here every day voice loud music, heard fervent cries the youth, obscene dances. On the island roaming freely hands same-sex couples, and the locals welcome it. On buildings hanging coloured flags that say about liberal mores and approval of non-traditional relationships. Here a large number of nudist beaches, the most famous: Paranga, Paradise, Elia and Super Paradise. They are always busy – many tourists want to sunbathe it is "Nude."

the most beautiful island of GreeceOf Course, in Mykonos you can visit the more peaceful and family beaches located in the southern part of the island. These people of different ages will find a suitable entertainment. The island locals call the “Island of the Winds”. In the Bay of Panoramos are all conditions for surfing. Also, the instructors can teach visitors the sport. “This is the most beautiful island in the world” – will tell anyone who has ever visited the island. Here is preserved a large number of windmills, churches (such as Paraportiani) and museums (e.g. Museum of the Aegean).

Corfu, Crete – lots of sun and sea

In Greece the most beautiful Islands in the world, whose names are widely known. Popular among tourists are the Islands of Crete and Corfu. Each of them has its own attractions and unique nature.

the most beautiful island in the world photoMany people visited on the island of Crete, said that here it is possible to explore the traditions and history of Greece. In this corner of Paradise a lot of fun for the whole family, cheap hotels. Also the island is famous for its clean air, mild climate. Come to rest on the island of Crete is best between April to October. And the main attractions of the island – the three seas that wash it: Libyan, Aegean and Ionian.

Corfu is famous for its variety of plants, there are more than 40 types of greens. The island is planted with citrus orchards and olive groves. This Paradise for relaxation of body and soul is located in the North-West coast of Greece. The most beautiful island of the world – Corfu, thought so great people: Napoleon and the Queen of Austria Elizabeth, Goethe, and Oscar Wilde. At the time they visited him and completely fell in love with this nature.

Chios takes a lot of tourists

the most beautiful island in the world namesThis island is very ancient, it has what to see and where to go. If you are planning a trip in the midst of beach season, you should book a room in hotel or rent an apartment in advance. All who have been on Chios, visited the “rock Teacher”. This is the place where Homer recited his poetry to the students.

Just walking the streets of small villages, you can enjoy the beautiful ornaments that adorn the building. Rich nature and mild climate help the body to endure the summer heat. On the island grow tulips and pine just come to the sea. Some types of trees the local people collect resin, which is called “tears of Chios”.

Peloponnese – a quiet holiday

In Greece the most beautiful Islands in the world. Photos taken in these beautiful parts of the world, will long recall the wonderful time spent. Looking through the vivid images you'll want at least one more time to implement exotic trip.

the 10 most beautiful Islands in the worldOften people want to relax from the urban bustle. A wonderful place for tranquility is the island of the Peloponnese, it still retains its originality and identity. There are no industrial enterprises. Here evenly spaced small secluded mountain villages, spread out in green pastures.

Now the Peloponnese – a huge Peninsula for all time of its existence it was twice connected and disconnected with the mainland as a result of geological processes. In these places the year a large number of Sunny days. But as a resort the island has recently. Only in recent years in the Peloponnese, was built large hotels, SPA-complexes.

KOs – luxury vacation

But on this island, a cool climate than in the whole of Greece. It is because on the banks of the Braid relaxes a lot of tourists. Also attracts holidaymakers luxury stay on the island, besides the prices are a pleasant surprise. It's designed this way to lure tourists from neighboring Turkey. People who visited this resort, they say that on the island you can eat tasty and inexpensive meal. Here, an abundance of seafood and fish restaurants comfortable and stylish.

Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos and Chios, Crete and Corfu, the Peloponnese and KOs, Thasos and Lesbos – 10 most beautiful Islands in the world!


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