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The Internet is a well known fact that people often leave their personal information that unscrupulous site owners can use for personal gain. And even if this information is minimal, but the very fact that the mailbox is full of spam with a variety of proposals suggests that the privacy policy on a website is a bit lame.

Legal basis

Not long ago, the privacy policy for the website was something completely incomprehensible and unnecessary. But the legislative framework has changed the view on the privacy of personal data of Internet users.privacy policy

Today, there are laws that regulate the majority of resources working with personal information. In Ukraine, the law “On protection of personal data”, in Russia - “personal data”. These regulations, found that any personal information collected including sites that should not be exposed to third parties.

In addition, the resource is obliged to inform, for what purpose we are collecting information, how it will be used and how the owner will protect her from getting to third parties. This document, called the “privacy”, to be published in an accessible form and in a visible place to everybody who came to the site to be able to read it before to write any information about yourself.

What data privacy policy?

Will Reply right away: all. On the Internet people leave at the time of registration on the websites of a variety of information about yourself: your name card number or Bank account. This is considered as secret information that must not fall into the hands of third parties. And if the name all is not so scary, because it does not check that the Bank details – a secret information, the disclosure of which may cause financial losses to the user.


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Collecting any data about the person visiting your site, remember that the name, surname, patronymic, address, date of birth and even the name of your dog – a secret information, which the person shares with you to get to the proper level, we offer you the service. If this information falls into the hands of others, the credibility of your online falls. In addition, it may be cause for legal action for disclosure of confidential data.privacy policy for website sample

Why you need collecting the information?

The Internet is full of many interesting sites, but people often lose interesting life, barely closing the tab in browser. To avoid this, site owners collect data about visitors to periodically remind myself of news and interesting promotional offers. Google privacy policy is an example of how to integrate between multiple resources owned by one company. So, leaving their personal data, the user will find them on related sites. This is done in order to best meet the needs of the people.

Retention of visitors and meet their needs - with these objectives, the sites collect e-mail addresses and names. In online stores it is a bit trickier, since the person will need to make the financial transaction. Therefore data here will need more, but the privacy policy for the site should be stricter.

Rules of writing

To begin to understand that this privacy policy – will is a legal document that has passed the expert analysis by specialists, confirming the right of the owner of the site to the collection, processing and storage of personal data of Internet users.privacy policy for the website

Therefore, the formulation of document carries with it great responsibility and should be maintained strictly by the rules. Fortunately, clear standards, and how to write laws, not dictated. But some features still there.

The Style of presentation needs to be official business because it is a legal document which can be accepted even in court proceedings. Is all the information to submit a clear and understandable language. The correct document is the one that does not contain any ambiguous or not quite clear wording.

A Good privacy policy for the website, a sample of which should be familiar to any owner of an Internet resource, sleek and not bulky. Do not paint detail, how it will be processed and stored personal information. But reduce important moments are also not recommended.

Stages of compilation

To your privacy policy, the text of which is on the website, was clear and logical, to begin to examine the legal framework to know what you are entitled to, and what better to abstain.

Samples of this document, it is better to look at reputable resources that are owned by a major company. The fact that they state is supposed to have a lawyer who maintains such documents.

Write down all the items that you need to specify in the document. During the initial stage try to do it without hints or assistance. Clearly describe when and how you will use the data obtained, as the person may require you to destroy the information.privacy policy sample

It is Important to specify your liability if the information gets to third parties. Here is better to include a paragraph about what will happen with the data in the event of a sale of the site. If you use third-party resources such as payment systems for example, don't forget to mention this, as there too you will need to specify your user data.

Re-Read the document and compare it with samples, adjust and publish in the most prominent place on the website.

Skilled care

Of Course, know best of all what is the privacy policy of the relevant lawyers. If your resource requires a large amount of information about customers, it is recommended to seek help is to them. For a simple website is enough of a standard document which ensures that the user name and email address will not fall into the hands of third parties. For online stores and portals serious better to be safe on all sides, especially if you have to deal with quite personal information. Lawyers quickly and easily create a document that will affect all areas of your activities, make sure to avoid ambiguous language and loopholes in the privacy policy.

what is your privacy policy

Paying a one time professional, you guarantee yourself a perfectly legitimate activity connected with the bases of customers ' personal data. And the confidence of users will increase to the firm, which a document, not a note type “I will not tell anyone. Honestly!”.

Conversion and privacy policy

Even the simplest privacy policy, a sample of which is on every website, helps increase conversion resource if it is properly drafted. This is the results of the study one of the marketers that have been testing landing pages. He found that the expression guarantee that personal information will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for other purposes, has increased the confidence of the people by almost 20 %. In the scale of a few thousand visitors a day this is not a small figure.

But, mentioning the guarantee of the confidentiality of data, you should avoid words with negative associations. In the study it was the word “spam”. They saw him, nearly 19 % of people refused to leave their data on the website.privacy policy text

The Guarantee of security of personal data always increases the credibility of the website. This is very important because the Internet – a place where a lot of fraud, and to prove to people that the site is honest, is not so simple.

Who needs this document?

Ideally you need to have the privacy policy for the site. The sample, composed of a competent lawyer, will be the basis of a document which is a guarantee for user safety. But first and foremost it should take care of the online stores and social networks that have a volume database. You should also not forget about the document information and educational resources, which is very important element is the e-mail. Simple sites can get by without a privacy policy, only if they do not collect information. Otherwise you can run into a lawsuit.

google privacy policy

Legal implications

It is fair to say that privacy policy – the “dead” section of any site. Only a few users read it before you take any actions. But it is very important because it insures the owner of the resource from possible litigation.

In many samples there is an item that indicates that a person automatically agrees to the terms of the document at a time when sends its ...

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