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On the eve of the world Championship on football which will pass in 2018 in the territory of our country, we offer you to get acquainted with one of the objects of this event. We will focus on the Central stadium in Kazan, which was played by the team "the ruby" and Russian national team, but such great players like Messi and Sneijder. A feature of the stadium is its proximity to the Kazan Kremlin, which adds a special touch to all events held on it.

Stadium History

Among the several cities of Russia, which will host the world Cup, one of the most athletic and the most prepared for this event is considered to be Kazan. The Central stadium was named after V. I. Lenin, as the date of completion ( 25 June 1960) coincided with the 90th anniversary of his birthday. The construction was directed by architect V. E. Portyankin, which won the tender to build the stadium in the second half of the 50-ies. In the 90-ies the name of the football arena has changed since then is the Central stadium, the main owner of which is the football team "Rubin".

Central stadium in Kazan

Since 1967 and as such was not a closed rink, Central stadium of Kazan in winter was an excellent platform for training and hockey matches. With the arrival of cold weather at the stadium was filled with ice and players were replaced by players.


Central stadium of Kazan

Since the construction of the Central stadium of Kazan before its reconstruction it has been more than fifty years and during this time he rather outdated and quite unattractive, shabby appearance. But thanks to the great event - the Millennium of the third capital of Russia - the city administration found the necessary funds for its complete reconstruction. The stadium was modernized so successfully that he was awarded 4 stars by the European Union of football associations. Due to this status the Central stadium has the right to host world-class events. The first such match was played already in 2013, during the world summer Universiade.

The Circuit

Diagram of the Central stadium of Kazan

Central stadium of Kazan holds more than thirty thousand spectators. Four stands are equipped with a comfortable plastic seats. The stadium is equipped with a colour television display wide format, and because of the match in real time easy to see anywhere. The VIP lounge has a capacity of 133 seats for most important guests. The size of the playing fields covered with this grass, is 110 by 73 meters. On perimeter of a field located 8 circular track, 400 meters long, and 2 straight.

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