The trail of the bear. Traces of wild animals


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If you log in forest in summer day, it will seem that it is home to only birds and insects. In the winter he generally can appear uninhabited. However, there is something? what gives an animal's presence — the prints of their paws. The trail of bear and moose, foxes and wolves, hares and mice clearly tells the observer that these beings inhabit the forest.

trail of the bear

What is the freshness of the track and how is it determined?

The Watcher interested and the hunter is important to know, when was left a particular mark. The animal passed here a few days ago, maybe hours? Or is it still running somewhere ahead of? This is evidenced by such a thing as the freshness of the track.

If, late in the evening or night passed the snow, the trace of the paw of the bear, discovered in the morning, will say that he is the night and he was not more than a few hours. Should beware, because in winter, your fingerprints can only leave the bear.

footprints in the snow animal

Experts suggest to determine the freshness of the track to the touch. If the street is cold, and the snow is dry, the first of its boundary will not vary in looseness from the rest of the surface. Over time the walls of the track harden. This process depends on air temperature. The stronger the frost, the faster the borders of the print become hard. But this applies only to a large animal, for example, if the signs of the brown bear or wolf. Because small animals leave prints on the surface. And there curing is not noticeable.

How to determine the direction of movement of the animal?

You need to carefully consider the footprints in the snow. Animal, fairly large in size, it is easy to determine according to the size of the print. The observer may notice that the walls are different.


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From the side where the track will be the back wall, will be visible to more gently sloping land. This is because the animal puts the limbs are hollow, and pulls them out of the snow almost vertically. These borders even has its own name: the languishing and vivalogo respectively. Vivalogo always shorter than the fabric. That is, the front wall is steeper than the rear. Therefore, the beast was moving, there where vivalogo.

trail of the bear's paw

How to find out the gait of the animal on his trail?

In Other words, the allure of movement. It is of two types. The first describes the slow and moderately fast pace. It highlighted the walk, trot and amble. The second was to run a quick sequential jumps. Here are already talking about the canter and career.

Footprints in the snow animals left at a moderate gallop, represent sets of prints of the hind limbs. This is because they repel the hind legs, and put them exactly into the recesses from the front. A gait characteristic of an animal with an elongated body and short legs, for example, marten. If the animal is not in a hurry, he may not bring foot prints. Then there are groups of three or four tracks.

There are small animals that can jump into the quarry. It is squirrels and rabbits. Their gait is characterized by the fact that its hind legs are thrown forward front. And the prints in the snow look the same: point the front behind the prints back.

trail of the bear in the snow

Exciting bear tracks

These prints are alarming. Especially in the winter or early spring, when the animal is hungry. The trail met a bear in the snow, you can be relatively quiet only in the middle of autumn, when it is placed in hibernation. But you can see his prints and summer on the soft sand Bank of a river or other body of water where he would go fishing.

And indeed, to meet a bear and cause his rage is dangerous. Because it stands about two and a half meters, and its weight can be more than three quintals. It is better to bypass the beast party.

About the track polar bear

Because of the peculiarities of the environment his fingerprints are always visible, unless it was on pure ice. Footprints of the polar bear is not like his dark kin. The imprint of his front paws are clearly visible fingertips. Moreover, due to the fact that the blisters had less shape of the track looks neat. As the claws of the polar bear is almost not bent, they leave barely noticeable marks on the snow. And this despite the fact that the size of these claws are very impressive!

Hind paw of the polar bear leaves a pattern, like the foot of a person wearing a fur coat. If the snow is loose, it will be seen the striations of claws. The animal fur leaves stripes on the snow near the track clutches. It turns out like on the track next to the prints held broom.

How does the imprint of the front paws of the brown bear?

The trail of the bear always has a clear imprints of the pads of all five fingers. Before these spots are clearly visible five deep grooves. They are formed from a long and slightly curved claws. Behind them is drawn distinctly wide footprint, in form resembling a kidney. It remains a crumb from the metacarpal. This print on the inner side is narrower. Its outer edge is wider.

What kind of imprint of the hind legs the brown bear?

The trail of the bear will always consist of a complete imprint of the sole of the animal. It is akin to the pattern obtained if the snow stood barefoot man with a pronounced flat feet. But there is one major difference. Toes on the human foot decrease from the inner to the outer edge. On the paw of the bear, everything is exactly the opposite. Finger in the inner part of the foot is the smallest, and the others are increased as approaching to its outer part. Claws on hind legs are much shorter and stronger curved. But here, they leave a visible pattern on each finger.

footprints of the polar bear

The age of the bear on his trail

If we talk about the age of the animal, it is possible to determine the size of the footprints. An example is the value of metacarpal crumb front paw. Its approximate value is given in the table.

Width in inchesThe Age of individuals
5-6Bear percolator
8-10Bear the second year of life
11-18Mature bear
20A big bear

The length of the imprint of the hind feet of an adult bear can reach 31 cm And the characteristic “bear” the bear got a reason. It really puts feet so that the toe inward and the heel outward.

What marks still leave the bears?

In addition to the traces on the ground and snow, in the forest you can see different labels which make these animals.

The First thing you should start - footprints in the feeding grounds. For example, in the spring when hungry bears come out of the den, they often empty the warrens. Animals destroy their tops in order to reach the insects and larvae. In the fall bears are not averse to eat fruit from the trees. In place feeding them always remains a lot of broken branches.

The Following visible signs of the bear are marks on the trunks of trees. It could be a scratch or eat, abrasion or bullies.

Attrition formed by friction on the bark when a bear stands on its hind legs. Scratching tree pet the withers or neck, back or chest. Eat the bear does, standing on his hind legs and grasping the bark with their teeth. Bullies beast does the same standing on hind legs. Then pull up the front leg and pulls her down the shaft. As a result, the bottom of the tree appear a narrow strip of cut bark.

bear traces

Bear crawl up trees. While they are grasping the trunk with its front paws. On the bark remain oblique four long deep scratches. The fifth claw in the process are not involved. Scratch be directed downwards and towards the middle. For convenience, the cubs Balk at the trunk hind legs. While the claws dig deep into the bark.

Traces of other animals in the snow

  • Wolf. Traces of it can be difficult to distinguish from the dog. The main feature is the extreme fingers. The canine unit they are retreating from the heel forward. And ends also at the other distance. If this is the trail of a wolf, the ends of the side prints of the fingers barely reach the beginning of those in the middle. In dogs, their end will be nearly half of the inner fingers.
  • Fox. Outwardly, her tracks are very similar to a dog. But they have a peculiarity: they are extended in a thin chain.
  • Wild Boar. Their hooves are small and forked. If they are left in the snow, the marks are deep. Because this beast is heavy, and the snow it does not stand up.
  • Alces. Similar to a boar, but much larger. And a step of a moose is noticeably wider.
  • Mouse. It leaves a chain of two parallel strips of small traces.


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