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Harp seals — an amazing animal. About its features, habits, habitats we will cover in this article. Differently this mammal is also called lyson.

Where is this beast?

The habitat of this animal is quite extensive, it is common in Arctic waters. Found harp seals in the Arctic ocean in the White sea, on the coast of the Labrador Peninsula and the island of Newfoundland. Representative of this form can be found to the North of the island Jan Mayen. Outside of the breeding season and other animals is a territorial spaces, for example, in the Barents, Kara seas. Also this kind can be found even in the Atlantic parts of Canada and Greenland.


Harp seals-the most numerous species of the family called “earless seal”. Despite its wide diversity, of lasuna very easy to distinguish from other members of the “true seals”.

harp seals

The First and most important point to note — this is a specific and unique color that has this Arctic resident. At the birth of harp seal pups have a greenish colour. After a few days the colour of the baby itself, its structure changes. It becomes hollow and transparent. The sun's rays through such hollow fibers are easy to get to the black body and warm up the skin. In habitat the harp seal is more than ever.

When the kid grows up, becomes independent and refuses the milk, he displays all the features possessed by harp seals, the photo clearly shows the main distinguishing characteristic — it is pronounced stripes on two sides on the back. In males it is more pronounced than in females of this species. Form of stripes resembles a Crescent moon, color - dark brown. Despite the fact that the coat color of a seal — grey. The strips are joined at the sacrum area in the upper back. By the way, the head too is different from the main shade of color — brown, is another distinctive feature of such a beast, like harp seals, a photo of which you can see in our article.


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The Second thing I would like to note — this is a fairly large size of this Northern representative. Length of harp seals is at least 180 cm, the optimum size is from 180 to 185 cm of Course, come across as larger specimens up to 190 cm and the relatively small — 160 cm.

harp seal photo

Many representatives of the animal world, there are sharp differences in sizes of males and females. In the case of this species almost no difference there. Females of this seal can be much smaller than males. The weight of these animals ranges from 140 to 160 pounds.

A Large share in the formation of body weight is a significant body fat. Thick layer of fat — it is a kind of guarantee of health. It enables to support the severe low temperatures that are not uncommon in Arctic waters. In addition, fat gives the most perfect shape, the body of these animals. And this fact is directly proportional to the speed of movement of the animal in the water and other parameters in swimming.

How to migrate the harp seal?

The Type of migration we will consider next. Now note the fact that harp seals are almost always located in the resettlement process, he constantly moved along the edge of the Arctic ice. Static — a relatively stationary position - it is only when one of three conditions: in the pairing process, in the period of giving birth to cubs, as well as during molting.

harp seal pups

Migration of such animals is associated with the relocation from the open sea to the stationary rookeries. Females of this animal almost to the moment of birth, babies swimming in Arctic waters. Birth of harp seal happen in early March. Choice for giving birth to offspring should be spacious, durable and thick snow cover.

After giving birth, the females gather in a special pack that is similar to the “manger”, but they are huge in size. The most scientific name — of whelping rookeries. Here in these conditions and appears harp seals interesting facts about this animal we will share with you a little later. So, the first week of life the female lying with a cub, and later, after 7–10 days, she begins to go to sea and most of the time spends in the water, on the ice only goes for dairy feeding.

Interesting facts

The First — twins are born very rarely, mostly the light is on one cub. Its dimensions are: length - 1 meter, weight - about 8 pounds. After birth, the baby harp seal on the day, gaining about 2 pounds. Essential nutrients are passed from mother's milk which is very fatty, in fact, it promotes rapid weight gain.

harp seals interesting facts

Another interesting fact is associated with the shedding of lasuna. The molt of this harmless animal - a long and painful process, which happens in late March. In addition to hair, brushes himself skin. During molting, the animal loses weight much, because it almost does not eat. Upon completion of this action and the resumption of an active lifestyle weight is quickly restored.


Harp seals — it's an amazing animal, harmless, which only goes after fish species in its habitat. Enemies from the inhabitant of the cold Arctic waters are almost there, the main mammals that are a danger, — it's polar bears and killer whales. But it's hard to catch on the ice floes of the seal due to its maneuverability. Orcas are seldom pose a risk to these animals from their habitat. Usually when the water sail orcas, the seals migrate to a safer place.

seal bowhead migration type

The Main danger for these animals is a person — it unconditionally and undoubtedly. The damage of harp seals man causes both directly and indirectly. Such animals are killed directly for the sake of fat. But this trade is limited by quotas, which allows to keep the population. Much worse is over-fishing. In fact it is the main diet for Lisunov, by the way, and not only for them.

Now you know who harp seals than it eats and where it lives. In addition, we will tell you some interesting facts.


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