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There are a huge number of insects. Ant-lictores, a photo of which you will find in this article, its interesting lifestyle and appearance. Its name speaks for itself. Once it becomes clear what his counterparts. But that's why they need to cut the leaves?

ant lectores


These ants Live in Central and South America. Their appearance is remarkable that on the face has a pair of large and strong jaws. They are tough and sharp, slightly curved inwards. On the inner edge, they have several notches. These devices help the ant-listorezy to nibble the foliage of tropical trees. The head of this insect is large. As it should be. After all, little head it would be hard to keep the massive jaws. The size of ants leaf cutter is not very large. At length they reach 5-20 millimeters. The color of their body is brown. The uterus also differ in their size. They are large, with wide, developed chest. In the lower part of the head of the uterus ant-listarea is a special pocket. Before mating, she grows wings, and after he bite off their own.

ant lectores photo

Original title

To have good understanding of the process of creating a new colony of ants, we must return to why leaf-cutter ants are called so. Watching these insects, people have concluded that they feed on plants. This happened due to the fact that the ant-lictores common in the United States, destroys the leaves of plants. If the colony took up the matter, over a short period of time from the tree leaving only the branches and trunk. What do they do with leaves? Eat? This assumption was incorrect. Yes, indeed, leaf-cutter ants, the description of which you will find in this article, chew the leaves, but not to eat.


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Your garden

The Process of destroying foliage happens to them is very interesting. Some individuals cut sheet cuttings, then it is approached by other ants specializing in vyrizeni small pieces and utskebani them in the house. Separate rooms of their nest are reserved for the cultivation of mushrooms. And the leaves serve as a nutrient medium. To make the mushrooms grow better, these insects use special fertilizers – their excrement, which they put on each leaf. But ants don't just eat mushrooms. They ensure that they have not grown too large and cut them regularly. Then in the notch drops, which serve as their food. The ants lick the droplets, and their saliva contains a large number of antibiotics that destroys harmful bacteria and fungi that can damage the mycelium. To supply enough of the whole colony, these insects can grow to about 100 mushrooms. One weighs about 500 grams.

ant lectores description

Females in charge

The Ant-lictores, a way of life which is certainly interesting, propagated also original. To grow able to reproduce insects, special individuals fed larvae in their food by adding special substances that stimulate sexual development. Females and males that derive from these larvae mate among themselves. And the female needs a large number of sperm, so she will mate with several males. After mating, which lasts only one day, the males die.

Own home

Building a new family begins with the departure of the female. She flies not with empty paws, or jaws. In its special pocket she carries a piece of the mycelium below, settling in a new place, start a new planting. Finding a suitable spot, the female digs a passage into the earth. There it makes a hole, in which planting the mycelium. Next she lays eggs. Initially, she cares for children and “garden”. Moreover, the female eats her eggs and partially-born calves. Over time, the ants grow up and begin themselves to watch over the mushrooms. Then the uterus is retiring. In one nest should be one of the uterus. If she dies, the eggs begin to care working individuals.

ant lectores lifestyle

Will become

Seeing the larva of the ant-listorezy, the description of which you already met, never will say that she will grow strong ant. She looks like a little white worm. She has no eyes, limbs, and without special care it will die. Moreover, for proper growth and development it is necessary to follow not only the correct way to feed larvae, but also the conditions in which they are located. Temperature and humidity must be maintained at a certain level. The larvae of ants are fed their own eggs, gradually translating into the mushrooms. Interestingly, of the unfertilized eggs grow up to be males. From fertilized – the females, who will eventually become the work of individuals or Queens.

The Scientists examined how the home looks ants. Even became known why they build it underground, not on trees, closer to the leaves, which they desperately need. The fact that the depth of the soil almost never the temperature drops, which can be dangerous for the growing mushrooms. Also, in such conditions, the mycelium is protected from moisture, destructive acting on it. To understand how the house ants leaf cutter, it is necessary to imagine a giant egg in the slit. The safest place is in the center. It was there, and located the cell where lives the uterus. This chamber is surrounded by special children's “rooms”. In them eggs grow larvae. In the outer cells grow mushrooms. Interestingly, some leaf-cutter ants clean their homes and take out the garbage out. Others put it in a special junk “rooms”.

ant lectores dissemination

Something for everyone

Interestingly, ants of different species perform different functions. Among them there are those who care for the uterus, behind the house, with the farm. Others guard the nest, mined leaves. Even the size of these insects differ. The smallest – the working ants. The biggest – the uterus. It weighs 700 times more small individuals. But the soldiers are not in each colony. Only in the largest and most powerful protection is available. Interesting insects leaf-cutting ants. "Why do they need?" - interested in someone.

ant lectores why do they need

Difficult pests

At first glance it seems that these insects bring harm to one. Indeed, if there will be too much, perhaps they will be able to eat the whole forest. That is, over time, will turn our planet into a desert. However, it is not happening. Apparently, nature keeps a balance. Because ants leaf cutter there are natural enemies that do not give them much to spread. People also struggle with these insects, preventing them from coming to the cultural plantings. To do this, destroy their nests with chemicals and arrange around the trees with metal, plastic or water obstacles. In natural conditions, underground activities of ants leaf cutter even contributes to the enrichment of the soil layers and the acceleration of exchange processes of ecosystems. In addition, leaf-cutting ants themselves become food for humans. Fried insects long been eaten in South America and other countries.

Nowadays only some Pets do not contain! In some people this leaf-cutting ants. Of course, they don't live in the garden, and in special insectaria, which created special conditions. These insects are interesting to watch, but still they have to live in their natural habitat. If you are not going to go in the near future in South America, ants leaf cutter you can see in the Moscow zoo.


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